Adam Jensen Walks Into a Bar... | A Deus Ex: Human Revolution Montage смотреть видео бесплатно

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There is no "sense of humor" upgrade for Adam Jensen, and he doesn't get the joke. In fact, he feels threatened lol...

"I don't always go to clubs...but when I do, I enter through the ladies room" -A.J.

Just a showcase of Adam's abilities, lethal and non-lethal, edited together to look like a bar fight over a bartender's "harmless" joke : )

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Дата: 2017-03-25 14:34:36

  • Rayan Mestiri

    You should make a Mankind Divided version

  • Thoranzalar Vhazen

    Oh you can tell by the way I walk I39m a stupid man n

  • Kat Reynolds

    this gets referenced in the dev commentary

  • khamza111

    Killer editing this guy is a real talentI haven39t seen a video this good since ME Andromeda trailer xD

  • SilverMetal24

    haha what a masterpiece well done

  • ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    This isn39t the drink I ordered damnit I never asked for this

  • Francis Pritchard

    I can39t fix you Adam I can39t fix stupid

  • Nick Riddman

    Maaaaan you MUST do the same video about MANKIND DIVIDED111111

  • Vadim Verenich

    Wait a minute I could39ve sworn I saw a Bioshock Jukebox at 104

  • Nicolas Cage

    231 Did that civilian just try to roundhouse kick him lol How come I never remembered the civilians fighting back like this during these animations xD

  • Saint Link

    That ending killed me lol

  • gaptoofgranny

    Because a visit to a bar run by a soontobe dragon head isn39t complete without at least one bar fight

  • Domovoi07

    Adam Jensen walks into a barThere are no survivors

  • Rosie Phoenix

    i never really understood the purpose of drinking booze in this game or is it just me

  • Banana Cyanide

    I wish I could find this particular mix of Stayin Alive

  • Jonathan Pimentel

    Time to make a new one man lol

  • Raging Raving

    Ha whenever im down I always watch this and Safety Dance and it always cheers me up

  • The Law

    All the bars in Mankind Divided were there for nothing if Adam can39t get a Shanghai Gutpunch

  • Helen Fotopoulou

    This should NOT be funny BUT IT IIIIIIS

  • Banansa47

    120 and 218 best moves ingame

  • Aleksandar Bradaric


  • Valikdu

    I39d like to make a GEP gun takedown

  • Shannon Byrne

    I wish he was real I39d marry him lol

  • Pratik Hazari

    This is what happens when your funny bone is replaced by a sword

  • Omar Manan

    This video is what the machinima channel should39ve been like

  • metallicaman4able

    Adam Jenson quotBLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GODquot

  • Redem10

    Man Adam going to be starving after so many take downhe39s going to need to eat a million power bar

  • your bro

    What is the song pls

  • Chaos89P

    But what does he do to Tong

  • CoolSnowmanJoe

    Lesson learned Don39t fuck around with Adam Jensen

  • Matt Witkowski

    Am I the only one noticing how Adam is using lethal force on men and nonlethal on women

  • C. D. Carney

    I LOVE how you use the song from Virtuosity 1995 as Adam39s kill theme LOVE it This is the greatest video I39ve seen in a month since the DX Unreal video

  • edgajam

    Song at the start of the video JoeE amp KloneZ Virus Attack BeXta Remix

  • Trevor Philips


  • Fartrulz209

    just got to love those take downs


    how do you get this many fights lolHow do you have enuf energy to fight this much lol

  • peterkinjls4

    116 guard I got your backimmediately gets ass kick lol

  • Skynet

    I wonder how do you feel knowing the devs themselves referenced your video in the commentary of the game

  • The Twiton

    got a link to that remix I want it possibly to use as a song reference

  • Ryan P

    I ended up being forced to do this because I kept getting seen when trying to hack the panel for Malik39s quest So I just said fuck it and murdered all the guards then hacked it I call it quotbeing proactivequot

  • Falco Vetter

    Hilarious annoying barkeeper 39yeah yeah39 lol

  • The Twiton

    the song remix is Teddy bear remix

  • Athraxas

    How does someone even come up with this It39s brilliant I also do alot of shit in DXHR for fun after I have saved the game xD But I never started a killing spree in the Hive Need to do that as soon as I am back in Hengsha in my current run xD

  • Npm23

    this hilarious piece of work deserves way more views

  • jahahahaha

    Better stay off Adam39s dance floor

  • Messofanego

    Along with Deus Ex Recut I watch this every 3 months for the best of videogame comedy D

  • Kilaknux

    Adam Jensen walked into a barThere were no survivors

  • PixelFoundry Gaming

    I39ve been playing Mankind Divided and I think the CQC is better in Human Revolution than in Mankind Divided In Mankind Divided he doesn39t perform all the cool finesse he just does one attack to takedown an enemy I want badass jitsu Adam back

  • Amiir White

    3939Gimme a Shanghay Gut Punch39393939Talking about the drink right3939I39m not getting the joke Must be an anglophone thing that39s why I a foreigner am not understanding it Could someone enlighten me please

  • Revan

    Now every time I hear this song the first thing that comes to mind is Adam Jensen beating the living shit out of people

  • Magic

    Get me a Shanghai gutpunch

  • Maryanne Connell

    when he uses the blade on the up thigh are it looks like his going for the cock when he stabs and kills them

  • Umar Saber

    This guy must have had a LOT of candy bars

  • generalscylla1992

    i like it its real good are they any other videos like that

  • T1544767

    That39s a lot of candy bars

  • James Scheppert

    One oft the greatest games ever made

  • mastaplaya29 Prime

    He didnt ask for this but the bartender got it

  • Jordan Kidd

    This is one of the best vids on YouTube deserves way more views

  • Felipe Ruas

    His sense of humor isn39t augmented

  • GoddessofMurder

    There really should39ve been decapitation graphics in this I love my Deus Ex but not having body parts flying like Deus Ex 1 makes me miss it a bit

  • RamYouUptheButt

    He never asked for this

  • Caroline Wheeler

    Does anybody have a link of the remix used in the video