Deus Ex: Human Revolution Soundtrack - Tai Yong Medical Data Code Ambient смотреть видео бесплатно

  • MrJherime

    This moment in the game was so surreal and atmospheric Pure art

  • mediumvillain

    Mankind Divided soundtrack is pretty good but there39s no standouts quite like this or the LIMB theme where you just stop playing so you don39t accidentally cause the music to change

  • Magnanimous

    Still gives me goosebumps

  • ummiehummie

    This soundtrack the view the atmosphere One of the best moments of gamingIt was awesome

  • maromo1

    Mirror39s Edge Music Kate Puzzleis somehow similar if you like this kind of relaxing soundtracks

  • Abon Bon

    arg really need a extended mix of this

  • Londin j

    this is not right there is something left out or cut off of the end here i cant find theextended version of this song or whatever i should call it

  • Solaxe S

    2 bilion years I doubt we39ll even survive to the next 2 centuries lol

  • MsTheGreatD

    I dream about a long version of this theme

  • Knight of Omicron

    I love Adam39s apartment and the end theme personally even if we hear the main motif a million times over

  • Exist64

    it is D and i remember reading about some quotexpertquot saying that humans eyes will grow much bigger and also the size of the forehead will increase greatly evolution will know whats good for usunless we dont take evolution in our own hands like it happened in a certain game we both rpobably played but to be honest i would have myself augmented if i could

  • Exist64

    Welll spoken and i agree the utilization of the recources we have will increasy so greatly that we will be able to postpone an end caused by the lack of resources by a long time but still i dont want to think how far we already could have advanced with that if some very mighty people wouldnt oppress progress in order to profit by it

  • Braden Bradshaw

    I find that quite intriguing actually What will we look like in the future In 2 Billion years I hope we have the technology to travel to other planets This song feels perfect when discussing this

  • Dubby

    The handling of the finite organic resources will probably improve dramatically over the next few hundred years However the handling of water and heavy inorganic resources will probably spiral wildly out of control shortly after companies begin mining asteroids en masse Earth may have 39limited39 resources but compared to what39s out there in the rest of our 39house39 we39ve barely spent a few minutes digging around the kitchen39s silverware drawer so to speak

  • Dubby

    Nah we probably will still be around Except there39s no way any of us would recognize us anymore

  • Dubby

    China invading the states Sorry excuse me for a moment ROTFLMAO

  • RevereTheBlackSun

    i think grand theft auto would be more to your liking

  • UnendingSwarm

    What did Asians ever do to you

  • Noro

    I think this was the music that marked most on this gamejust fantastic

  • BPJ John

    show your face so I can rip off at you no you39re just a faggot coward

  • BPJ John

    ooh look its one of those COD fanboys whos thinks they39re a veteran soldier

  • Laembort

    It39s as if the placement was intentional

  • Ell

    you do know down the hall there39s a vending machine if you have lift heavy objects specialization you can grab it and kill the guy xD

  • Fiddlestickz1

    Soo athmospheric made sneaking around there so much better

  • rogueshdw

    Grab and consume the whiskey in one of the labs and then look at the view Thousand times better XD Great piece

  • Exist64

    I love how there is so much sorrow in that voice

  • pixiearmy0

    This track is on the 25 track retail soundtrack It wasn39t included on the shorter soundtrack that came with the collector39s edition Not sure why so many missed the retail release it was advertised everywhere like a year ago check iTunes

  • clamchowder138

    Wow just wow This game probably has the best soundtrack ever

  • EyeWatch

    How pointlessly tragic

  • cocojumb0

    this theme feels like waking up after getting your mind enhanced now you can understand things no regular human could ever think of

  • Homophobic Horse

    quotDeath by vending machinequot

  • blastanoizz2

    Too bad this isn39t on the OST album LDXHR has so much tracks that are so beautiful

  • Tim Suetens

    Sunset over Hengsha seen from Tai Yong Medical lt3 I just stood there for minutes marveling at the beauty this game is made special by its soundtrack Just like Adam Jensen39s apartment gosh that was haunting lt3

  • Thomas Z

    That39s no childish dream It may be inevitable for survival in fact We will eventually have to move or join the millions of extinct species I39m dreaming that dream also

  • Exist64

    nd before that happens i really think we alrady have expanded to another place i know that sounds like a childish dream but there is no other way the resources of our beloved Earth are limited

  • Thomas Z

    Seeing as the sun has around 2 billion years left I39m not sure me and you will be around to see that moment but I would bet money that humanity will not have to wait for it39s father the sun to die to destroy itself

  • Thomas Z

    This is so memorable and such a beautiful anthem Wat to go Michael McCann

  • Exist64

    exploring jensens apartment was one of the very greatest moments in my career as a gamer i really love this game for being so special

  • kaino1990

    two moments that stand out and hit me are rising to the tai yong medical building and seeing the sunlight hit you amongst the beautiful skyline so much darkness swept away along with this theme playing The second moment is walking into jensens apartment and seeing the bright lights shine through the window across the detroit skyline

  • Yuriy Lehki

    This and Zhao39s penthouse are the best in the game

  • punkwasher

    One of the few games where all its elements harmonize together to create an experience that exceeds any motion picture

  • App33

    Exactly my feelings aswell Tai Yong Medical was the pinnacle of my Deus Ex experience

  • Tiranozauras

    I don39t see how candybars contradict with core gameplay either then

  • TheColorfulPube

    I39m talking about gameplaylevel design not how accurate it is to real life

  • Tiranozauras

    A lot of people find candy bars to regen energy stupid because they dont know that most today39s prototype artificial limbs and organs use body39s own energy chemical energy like our own cells To power them you must consume food Peeps at Eidos implemented this exact method I guess it wasn39t too obviuos because people asociate artificial limbs with artificial energy

  • Cayreesha

    Well JC and Adam had two different kinds of augmentations Adam is more like Gunter or Anna a mech JC had nanotechnology quotboostquot his body Nanotechnology is easier to handle and seemingly less dangerous for the body since you don39t need NeuPoz obviously But you are still quotrestrictedquot to certain limitations you can39t simply grow an armblade With quotclassicquot cyberware you can be supersuperhuman including implanted weapons but if you39re not Adam you slowly poison yourself

  • CCTV9

    Tai Yong means sun or solar

  • TheColorfulPube

    When they go to make their next game they need to reverse some dumb decisions between the two games Add lockpickingmultitools back in change the augmentations so you have to find them again and you can only pick one of the two add stats back in remove sites unless you have an attachment remove arm blades and add melee weapons back in ditch regen health and the stupid candy bars


    best part of the music starts from 045

  • Kuba Michalski

    I was feeling the same dude as You said it39s mindblowing

  • MrJherime

    Yeah this track is my favorite in the game thanks for uploading

  • manuhack99

    wow this is the gem I39ve been looking for for so long like MalphosAoC beautiful

  • secondgate

    I think I just stood there for about 10 minutes when I first heard this track Amazing

  • arglactable

    Dicoluc It was incorporated into the longer track Hengsha Daylight Part 1 on the official release

  • Tiranozauras

    Double post but if you like this track check quotKate39s puzzlequot from Mirror39s edge OST d

  • Tiranozauras

    Some of the tracks and this one especially really remind me of some ambient tracks from Mirror39s edge

  • Lenariet

    Axapez I disagree I think A seemingly quotperfectquot place such as Upper Hengsha has no place in a dark gloomy cyberpunk game such as Deus Ex at most only to be identified as a dystopian place that in reality is no better than hell Even if they intended to make it a playable city hub I think it was a good idea not to do so You are not supposed to quotreachquot such a beautiful world it must remain unaccessable to serve the overall setting such a game wants to put you in

  • Lord Psymon

    Axapez It was originally supposed to be a city hub apparently

  • Puglous

    Are you sure it39s not Data CoRe

  • Puglous

    Ah yes this was probably the iconic moment of Invisible War for me The Tai Yong medical level was fantastic

  • LovePeaceAlways

    This song makes me feelalive

  • Columbia Hipster

    Tai Yong Medical is definitely my favorite level in the game I love the progression in this one Being at the bottom and have to go at the top The music gradually becomes more beautiful as you progress