PROJECT ARBITER (2014) Short Film by Michael Chance смотреть видео бесплатно

Buried within history lies a secret war. PROJECT ARBITER.

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1943. Thousands of feet above Northern Europe a small plane carries a skeleton crew of the Allies best, including special operative captain Joseph Colburn. His handler, major Thomas Hardy does a final review of the mission's grim intel: infiltrate a mysterious villa on the Polish border and uncover its secrets. Colburn emerges donning a prototype suit, which can temporarily render its user invisible. As the plane's bay doors howl open Colburn begins to put on the skull-faced helmet when the plane is rocked by an anti-aircraft shell. Rapidly losing air pressure and altitude, now there's no question... This is a one-way mission.

Burning Ideas presents
in association with r&r Studios and Never Static Pictures
a Michael Chance film

Joe Colburn: Lex Cassar
Tom Hardy: Jake Lyall
Dr. Ernst von Reiner: Tim Coyne
Lieutenant-Colonel Heinrich: William Charlton
Ulrich: Andrew Dillon
Fritz: Artem Mishin
Pilot Walter: Zachary Gossett
Co-Pilot Toby: Zak Waters
Krystyna: Terra Flowers

Written & Directed by: Michael Chance
Produced by: Vicki de Mey
Director of Photography: Jason Beckwith
Composer: Ryan Leach
Sound Design: Steve Boeddeker
Editor: Nelson Nunez
VFX Supervisor: Jesse Boots
3D VFX Supervisor: James McCarthy
Production Designer: Traci Hays
Character Designer: Robert Simons
Costume Designer: Jennifer Filo
Suit Fabrication by: Blue Ream Studios
Executive Producers: Michael Chance, Vicki de Mey, Jason Beckwith,
Robert & Elizabeth Chance, Kimberly Lane, Barbara Carbone,
William A. Peterson, Michelle Ahern, Tim O'Neill

Full credits at:

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  • Anthony Carrasco

    I haven39t seen the whole thing up until his helmet gets knocked off by a tank shell but I LOVE how he says quotYou have got to be kidding mequot to me it just makes him sound more human then a shell of someone walking around shooting people

  • californiadragyn

    i wish they would make this into a full length theatrical film D

  • Deniz

    As a German it39s weird to watch because the nazis have a horrible english accent

  • Yawuot

    A more realistic Cpt America D

  • David Rodriguez

    What is mixture 9

  • SpecialOps728

    Love some good diesel punk

  • Farjad Zaman

    I thought he was a reaper and would throw grenades mines and jump up cliffs

  • DrunkenSoviet

    Did a Panzerschreck seriously get through the front of an Elefant And then what 20mm cannons got through the side of it haha Good film though

  • Simon L

    It didn39t answer the question What is mixture 9

  • Derek Bright

    817 Fuck this shit I39m takin39 my shit and leaving

  • Mad Max

    nice concept excellent scenarios and dialogues but i couldnt understand neither German or English at some points CGi was ok but FerdiandElephants just didnt had the power to go on rockyhigher terrain rate of fire of the tank was wrong and destructability We are talking a about a long barreled 88mm gun shooting for less than 50 meters seriously could have used any other vehicle why a Tank destoyer open a book next time i am waiting for part 2

  • Bass Brain

    WHOA HE HAD A TEMPERED KNIFE not every day you get to see one of those

  • Jamie Krutzfeldt

    at 1600 I thot he died somehow

  • YetAnotherRandomYoutubeChannel

    quot And your german is quite badquotWell so is yours D

  • Tommaso Urbisci

    that helmetmask is insanely cool did you custom make it or buy it or what

  • Markus Wolff

    For people who clearly don39t speak German their German ain39t too shabby I39ve heard much much worse

  • Jamie Krutzfeldt

    can someone PLEASE explain the story my brain melted

  • Antwan Dorm

    what kind of weapon is that


    If this was a film on Netflix it would be a great hit like 6 stars hell is better then Avengers

  • TheDubstepAddict

    that german has such a bad accent lol

  • Benno Neumaier

    Since when Can u penetrate 15cm steel with a fucking browing 50cal That is mountet on a plane I am leaving

  • kaiser sozei


  • Autobot “The yellow Medic”

    This is a great video and your german is really good sometimes it sounded like swiss german greetings from germany

  • Gomezz z

    i see 762 kill one thank

  • Dothurnaax

    Boi I want that suit so badly

  • Alex Royce

    looks like someone got superearly halo 1 access

  • Peter “Pëter” P

    it39s still a Nazi German technology lol Dam Americans never could be original oh yeah they have McDonald39s haha

  • twitchyflash333

    811 The Ferdinand probably wasn39t the best choice of tank to send considering its inability to effectively fight infantry and its lack of maneuverability

  • CoolGuy 87

    What were those black bumps on her

  • Matthew Gallegos

    Omg they did 1000 degree knife vs German

  • Hirdzan Frost

    i really like the concept man Subbed

  • Shadow wolf army

    where is reiner where is reinerthen batman comewhere is she

  • The Phantom

    That man looked like a combine from HalfLife 2 Or i have just a good imaginationD

  • Master Davicous

    1000 degree glowing knife O

  • jose luis armenta

    Can you do a short of My cmics Ciudad obscura ultra pingino y conejito nudo more info on Facebook

  • Nygamer

    I wish that this was real becuz im tired of the old history what our teacher is teaching to us

  • Lucille Crosby

    I want one the body armorcan39t wait to see more

  • Brandon Nguyen

    Fallout 5 is looking good

  • Ragga_Muffin_84

    from thetrue epicness of quotpaths of hatequot to this bullshit

  • Jack Huo (TimeMasterGaming)

    I saw an image of the guy in the power suit standing and a Ferdinandelephant tank destroyer in the back ground in World of Tanks39s latest magazine Are you aware of this There wasn39t any caption describing it just the image

  • obj. 277

    Ww2 Sci fi film My wet dream

  • mars ruhl

    I like it but the Elefant Assault gun wasn39t designed until 1943 I know it seems silly in a short like this but im being nit picky

  • Jacob Rucquoi

    Just how did you get your hands on a real German half track

  • Austin Gavin

    Am I the only one who knows that plane is a p61

  • Ja frost

    wtf why is there not more ffs I would watch a series of this

  • garuburn the raging pheonix

    For a short film this is pretty long like a normal episode of a tv show long but I would love to see more and I have an idea a Soviet version of this where the armor suite is based off the kv2 tank and has a 50mm howitzer gun on the chest

  • felixader

    A little bit constructive critique There a little bit too many slow mo scenes and scenes that slow down the flow in this

  • Tyler Dollarhide

    The shot of the house reminded me of Interstellar

  • Trevor Brown

    this would be a great movie

  • Soviet Onion

    Either the Elefant is operated by a veteran crew or it may just have downloaded reloading hacks

  • let's fix it

    holy shit this would be the greatest history syfi movie ever if they could make it a full cinematic

  • Sid the Jet Dslr Filmmaking

    Love the cinematography what a cool story idea love sci fi shorts Happy Holidays Sid the jet

  • BandXTube

    What kind of shitty tank crew can39t hit a target moving at 5mph thats only 100ft away

  • Wolf of Rose

    Props for actually speaking German as far as I can tell

  • Ghetto Garage

    Awesome job guys Really appreciate it As a german guy it makes it so much more enjoyable cause you can understand both sides D

  • Marino Gutierrez

    For the errors and budget this is one badass short the people behind this should have no problem for backing to go full

  • misstary13

    there a part 2 in production perchance

  • Dave

    God damnI was watching this quotShort Filmquot as if it was a real quotMarvel likequot movieSomething like a mixtureofIron Man Ant man and Captain AmericaThis was well doneexcellent work

  • Sierra Monti

    I would love if this was made in to a full movie film this work absolutely Wunderbar

  • Rebalgaming.

    OMG make a part 2 plz

  • John Polo

    wtf how die the bullet of his modified M1A1 went through the German vehicle

  • ImSupreeh

    Looks like some Battlefield 1 Trailer xd