Deus Ex: Human Revolution All Cutscenes (CHOOSE YOUR ENDING) Game Movie 1080p HD смотреть видео бесплатно


TRUTH (Darrow) - 03:19:00
LIES (Taggart) - 03:31:35
SHIFT BLAME (Sarif) - 03:25:30

We included 4 endings here, so when the time comes, you can choose your own ending with the annotations on screen, or if you're not on PC you can click on one of the links above, and it'll take you to that ending in the video!

Mankind Divided is only a week away so we thought it was the perfect time to do Human Revolution. This is the Director's Cut version of the game, which was a re-release with mostly better gameplay from the original. It's not a "Director's Cut" like the type we do on our channel, with custom angles and all that.

On the eve of unveiling a new type of augmentation that will negate the use of Neuropozyne, Sarif Industries is attacked by the Tyrants. Adam Jensen attempts to save Megan Reed and her fellow scientists, but Tyrant leader Namir critically wounds him and apparently kills Megan and the scientists. David Sarif uses his most advanced technology to save Adam, giving him superhuman abilities: he also learns that the augmentations are bonding to him naturally without the need for Neuropozyne. Called back to deal with an attack on a Sarif Industries warehouse by anti-augmentation extremists, Adam discovers an augmented hacker attempting to gain access to the secret Typhoon weapon augmentation.

As always, we used relevant gameplay, important dialogue, and all cutscenes to create a fluid cinematic experience. We hope you enjoy!

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  • Jeremiah P

    This was one of my absolute favorite PS3 games I really like the fact that I got it quotfreequot with my PAID PSPlus subscription Why can39t we get more games like this I39m so tired of all the overhyped trash that comes out this gen

  • Cubed Media Canberra

    Man this game was incredible

  • Trevor7775

    deus ex is more than a game

  • James Freeman

    Wow i never knew Bob Page was in HR until now

  • James Freeman

    Wait Chuck Lidell only shot Adam in the head Why did he get prosthetic arms and legs also The fuck

  • warren byrne

    Great game but very hard especially stealth

  • Exoclypse

    WHAT You can save Malik

  • Mau Vasconcellos

    Now when is the new one coming out

  • Mikael

    Completely missed the Jensen Apartment Aesthetic

  • RustyGhost

    2058 How in bloody hell did you get that sniper rifle

  • MrBank325

    Damn I love this game so much Just brilliant

  • Luiz Fernando Silva Santos

    E simples pressionem a youtube para dar resposta para vocs porque estou desde ontem pedindo a explicao de que bilhete de identificao que eles esto falando e no dao resposta E se querem saber no tenho nem palavras para o que estou sentindo trabalho de graa com boa vontade para a youtube do nada cortar nossos sonhosQuerendo dar diverso para vocs que so alm de tudomeus amigos

  • ACEdualblade


  • darcy031685

    This game is a work of art Love it

  • Luiz Fernando Silva Santos

    Ate agora eu respeitei todos os acordos de privacidade agora inventar esse bilhete de identificao que a youtube esta iventando para me impedir de jogar se algum hackiou alguma coisa com certeza no fui eu Tenho acesso aos jogos que refiz ate o presente momento ningum me viu ou ouviu falar Sniper Furia Fao uma pergunta para youtube esta e a sua politica de privacidade E melhor todo desligarem seus computadores e vdeo game se a politica da youtube e tirar do ar quem fala a verdade sem nenhuma explicao Ate que isto seja esclarecido no haver mais jogo neste canal Se vocs quiserem assim como eu cobrem da youtube Ela tem explicao a dar Ate maisLUIZ FERNANDO SILVA SANTOS

  • RaizenToguro

    This game hasn39t aged well

  • ummiehummie

    Damnit 125 I just realized That39s Hugh Darrow

  • NeoRocket001

    There39s another game movie where Jensen fails to save Malik I can39t stand not saving Malik as I always save Malik If you don39t save Malik then just hang up your augs and quit

  • Roman Wolf

    why does Dr Farherty have the worst texture in the whoooole game XD

  • mwood10480

    I39m hearing a little bit of Alex Vega in Janus39s disguised voice I39ve have had my suspicions it could be her It makes for a great plot twist and would fool a lot of fans

  • Raymond Ngu

    How did you get the cutscenes to be in 1080p In game it39s still the shitty 480p resolution

  • Seb Zz

    I Never Asked for This


    Funny thing is Barrett eventually kills himself if you wait long enough

  • Jo Kwon

    The game is defly amazing but having the illuminati rly creeps me out n gives me the chill


    4440 wow who knew you could just beg I literally just murdered everyone secretly

  • A Bad Player

    Not gonna lie i played this game over about 20 times even bought the directors cut version I also bought Mankind Divided already The wait is killing me

  • Sigsbee Sheffey

    When Is The Mankind Divided Movie Coming

  • ClarkeSLR

    GLPamazing video as usual You guys forcing me to buy another drive to save future content Keep up the awesome work Looking forward to Mankind Divided Game Movie

  • Jack Millington

    Can you free roam after you complete the game

  • George Bush

    ok so i pass out to a splattercat playthoug off this and it kept going and this is on when i wake up

  • daemon lupusrex

    wow the illuminati really really wow unepected

  • zlostnypopolnik

    Have you try it with this httpwwwmoddbcomgamesdeusex3addonsdxhrcinematicmode2016

  • Mark XD

    why you trying so hard to sound like batman

  • Brabus 76

    Gives us the normal Golden version

  • Fosi94

    Was amazing thank you very much Best 33743 in a long time

  • Gabriel Silva

    1 A comentar que foda CanalIngnuidade Loka

  • TheQuiescentGamer

    Thanks for the upload and the hard work as it is just over a week until Mankind Divided drops I haven39t played this game But through your efforts I39ve been able to experience the game where I was not so fortunate to purchase it Keep up the good work love you guys and peace

  • creapsmantic

    which ending is cannon


    You didn39t save booth in the video why The scientist amp the civ39s Somewhere in the 24000

  • A very nice videoWell madeI watched from the beginning till ending

  • HyPOTenuse Owl

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