Deus Ex: Mankind Divided | PS4 VS PS4 PRO | GRAPHICS COMPARISON | Comparativa смотреть видео бесплатно

  • Phuck You

    Is the frame rate solid on the pro Deus ex39s frame rate is shit on plain ps4

  • Mr Schultz

    I see a lot of comments here from people who39ve had permanent eye damage from Xbone resolutions

  • Moses815

    Huge improvement in Image Quality

  • fighterhg

    hay mucha diferencia con los fps

  • August

    i was going to buy a pro this weekend and they had this running as a demo in the shop 5 minutes of this and it felt like i had stage 3 eye cancer lol quotProquot my ass

  • Massimiliano Elia

    Is this the 4k version of the game How is it using PS4 Pro at 1080p Are there any improvements over the standard ps4

  • Jon Snow

    Anti aliasing has been activated

  • Felix Velazquez

    its subtle39y beautiful

  • Hawksta AFC

    Has the screen tearing been sorted out for the pro

  • Txus-_27

    Buen vdeo Vuestras comparativas seran perfectas con un apartado medidor de FPS a lo digitalfoundry Un saludo

  • Neikbar

    es lo mismo mas importante es el fps 60

  • Salva Vera

    Yo no veo casi la diferencia

  • BlackDragon

    Buen video que otros ttulos tienes pensado subir En lo personal me llama la atencion ver skyrim y the last of us

  • Jedediah Milachi Lebowitz

    So the PS4 version looks better than the pro