PARKOUR AUGS VS. POLICE: DEUS EX IN REAL LIFE (Deus Ex Mankind Divided) | GoPro HERO4 смотреть видео бесплатно

Follow me on Snapchat for daily craziness: @MichiLeber | The police is trying to raid the hideout of the rebelling Parkour AUG party with heavy arms and drones. But we are resisting. ↓ Open the description for more infos + my social media ↓

Snapchat: @MichiLeber

Directed, Filmed, Edited by Michi Leber.
Sound Design by: Michael Rieker
Aerial Videography by: Moritz Müller
• Camera: GoPro HERO4 Black
• Drone: DJI Phantom 4
• Editing: Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects (CC)
• Intro Track: Deus Ex Mankind Divided - Trailer Music 101
• Main Track: Deus Ex Mankind Divided - Announcement Trailer
• Outro Track: Deus Ex Mankind Divided - Announcement Trailer

I upload stunts performed either by trained athletes or under the supervision of professionals. Michi Leber insists that no one attempt to recreate or re-enact any stunt or activity performed in the video.

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Дата: 2017-01-24 00:03:03

  • Michi Leber

    Still can39t believe this video is finally out Make sure to follow me on Snapchat for daily liveinsights into new productions and into my life MichiLeber lt3

  • Pres Tan

    I can watch this 99999 times without getting bored

  • Maysey

    Wasn39t much parkour but that was amazing editing keep it up

  • DoubleU159

    Parkour vs police Really misleading This is just running A lot of running

  • Miss Enderman

    what39s that on your arm did you hurt it or somethin

  • Jonas Fuschlberger

    Wie kann man so ein Meisterwerk nur Disliken

  • .Nexusx3

    also keine deutschen videos

  • Halim Uchiha

    cool vid but dude I didnt see any parkour in this short movie all you do os running and playing far cry

  • Hateshinaku

    hmm gut gemacht 3

  • Lᴜɪsᴀ Fᴀᴢʙᴇᴀʀ

    ich wusste garnicht dass ihr deutsche seid lol

  • Doofy

    Wo befindet sich der Drehort wenn ich fragen darf sieht richtig niiiiice aus


    Echt sau hfige Arbeit Jungs Echt mega wnsche mit mehr aber last euch Zeitlt3

  • .Nexusx3

    also keine deutschen videos

  • tokaller

    I don39 t know why it have only 50kYou are awesome yep i am following u on snap D

  • .Nexusx3

    also keine deutschen videos

  • Gavin Mayo

    kind of disappointed with this but i can tell a lot of effort was put it keep it up and something great will happen

  • krazykidgaming

    This reminds me of the beginning of waw

  • Jack A Boy

    did you actule kill those police peple

  • agustin sauco

    me guto cuando le iso un ecchot al poli

  • Dinora Mendez

    There is no blood so it fake

  • Tzj Gaming

    Jo maak zo mooie filmes

  • boy archi

    Hebat parkour nya asik

  • Rocketboythe1st

    Good video Can you do Assassin39s Creed Parkour video with you r friends

  • Yaneudys Martinez

    their is no parkour in this video just Acton and running

  • DiggiTV

    Kreative Idee amp gelungener Schnitt Leider ist der Titel irrefhrend Mit Parkour hat das ganze wenig zu tun amp die Handlung war sehr unbersichtlichAnsonsten ein groartiges Projekt

  • Love U.K. And golden state

    Was this real or a skit I think skit

  • Ricky Egeileh

    Its fake why are you wasting your time

  • L Bolt

    mirrors edge in a nutshell

  • Oliver Rähmonen

    This is nothing although no it39s bad

  • aslf yonfsg

    Can you make longer videos

  • Nadine Kuhn

    als ob das real auch wre

  • Timothy Trujillo

    oh good he was able to jump the ladder laying on the floor god forbid he trips on it

  • Jennifer Barnes

    Bro running from police lol

  • Emilioo94 lmao

    dude you are awesome like

  • DieBattelBeets

    Mich verfolgen die nicht mal ansatzweise so lange xD

  • TypischerTyp

    Ich brauche Abos frein Projekt wr cool wenn ihr mir helfen knntet ich bin sehr beeindruckt von Michi und wrde sowas auch gerne machen

  • alejandro olague

    Quiero esa mierda guante que cubre todo el brazo

  • MR. Nice guy

    Is loot like call of duty

  • Andy Nguyen

    Even tho I been practicing parkour for 3 years I39m not ready

  • Bananenboy 123456789

    ich hab dich grad entdeckt und ich finde das video megaa D