Deus Ex: Mankind Divided [Part 4] - Richard's Cult of Personality смотреть видео бесплатно

Jensen finds a cult. In the sewers. Yep, it's that kind of episode.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is the action stealth sequel to Human Revolution, by Edios Montreal, played on PC.

Deus Ex Mankind Divided Gameplay Part 4 - Deus Ex Mankind Divided Walkthrough Part 4 - Deus Ex Mankind Divided Review, Intro, Mission 4, Trailer, Playthrough, Ending, and more!! Deus Ex Gameplay Part 4 begins here, I've got the FULL GAME and I'm bringing a full series and a giveaway your way!! This series will include all of the Missions, the Ending, the Prologue and Intro, the Cutscenes, a Review, and much more!!

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Дата: 2017-07-26 11:38:38

  • me2olive

    I love the fact that while you do all these side missions you39re still supposed to be on your way to the office Shaun Ciri Your job What are they to a man with side missions to do

  • Zachary Roberson

    Jesse loving this but come on man where the hell is life is strange

  • FortuneHatter

    quotCan39t let crazy people have stuff The minute you do that you let the crazy go to their headquot As PAT Jesse proclaims while wearing a USB stick around his neck claiming it has Satan in it and still leaving a halffinished witcher series after getting high grade PC parts shipped to him for selling out his body and soul to the Satan he trapped beneath his grizzly beard

  • Otto

    Hey dumdum you can access things like computers even if you can39t hack them The password for that computer in the apartment of the cultist at the beginning of the video was literally written on the wall in giant letters right in front of you THEVOIDWHICHBINDS

  • omni games

    are the cultists the beginning of the omar

  • The Artist Of War

    i did not think i would be able to do thisso soonPRAYS THE OMNISSIAH

  • kopitarrules

    I am just rewatching the playthrough to get caught up since Jesse is doing new episodes and I had a thought What if the quotmachine godquot is really Eliza Cassan I mean technically she IS all knowing in that she is always watching pretty much everything that happens and she IS an AI which would fit the quotmachine godquot39s descriptionJust a weird wild wacky thought that occurred to me while watching Jesse ummmm quotJessequot his way through the game lol Nuthin39 but love JC nuthin but love

  • Multimorten

    did anyone else notice the voices from the cultist when Jesse used his vision

  • Baas Black

    I guess he isn39t going to finish Life is Strange

  • Arthera

    quotthere has never been a cat person apartment this clean fact they39re not up to goodquot hahahaha whahahahaa spoilers

  • Scott Stickler

    Where39s Life is Strange Jesse

  • Major Badger

    Why doesn39t he use his multi tool to hack higher level ones

  • TheStupendousM

    Jesse seems almost overwhelmed and appears to be rushing through the game I guess he wants to keep things interesting for the viewer but I wouldn39t mind him spending more time looking around I know I might be in a minority on that

  • Namoth

    case and study jessie coxleet crazy people have stuf it goess to ther heads as this specimen evidently proves robign evryone blind that he can get away with the second he got augmented XD

  • Nogitsune

    Starting to think Deus Ex would make an interesting tabletop RPG

  • Brent Justice


  • Hyogail

    quotthere has never been a cat apartment this clean Factquot looks around my spotless house Welp


    Just finished this game tonight It39s fucking trash Such a boring ending

  • Koatam

    3732The choice YOU madeI didn39t ask for this

  • uberkogle

    2512 Is is that Little Finger

  • Edohiguma

    Episode 4 Jesse has no clue how multi tools work

  • irllcd13

    I always use the naturals trains Fuck the police

  • amacare123

    Jesse fyi the wireless hacking aug is absolutely worth it

  • StickyTank

    jesse try stepping into the nonaugmented train section 39D

  • Makro

    Someone has to build the walls And it39s Donald Trump Trump2029

  • mkdfan1990

    quotYou don39t see Englishquot That cracked me up

  • Whitedragonking Ocola

    I like how this Dialog option kicks the teeth of fallout 4 lol

  • Evermoore

    omgif only jesse knew about that cat ladyif only he bothered to check the other rooms

  • Russianzombie

    maybe one day jesse will learn the cover system maybe lol

  • Joshua Sweetvale

    Whoa whoa whoa Rabi39ah is a geofront That39s bad That means it can be sealed off to live out atmageddon

  • Chinga3000

    I don39t see the micro assembler aug in your UI I maxxed mine asap Being able to break down anything is brilliant

  • ワルキューレ

    why is everyone bitching about life is strange he will finish it when he finishes it the man is just enjoying deus ex let him

  • Angelo Petrillo

    wait am i paranoid or where the scribbling in the machine god apartment very rudimentary projects for Helios

  • Jani Beccharelli

    Sell the guns Jesse cash is good for you Also for exploration and stealth purposes try taking remote hacking you wont regret it

  • Lyubimov89

    So let me get this straight They have a city in the desert where you have to pay to get into presumably emptying your coffers you work there and then there is a quotlotteryquot for a place They are going to make slaves of the augs that go there because they have nowhere else to go to Calling it now you39ll see i39ll be on point

  • OverkillRabbit

    In that Cultist appartment there was something quotwrittenquot on the walls over the supposed angellike statue The Void Which BindsThe Void Which Binds is a concept from the SciFi novel series quotHyperionquot by Dan Simmons It describes the plane which unifies all of existence unlimited by space and time While it39s not clearly defined it is used by various AI entities in the Hyperion universe for travel communication and even habitation It is also heavily implied to be a place in which all artificial and some human consciousness is connectedThe Machinegod if directly inspired by the books could be an AI called UI Ultimate Intelligence developed by AI which would surpass the evolutionary stage of manmade artificial intelligence and would be able to via the Void Which Binds reign over Time and Space Or it might be the connection of all of human consciousness resulting in equal power However it seems that the preachers of the Machinegod in this game either just use the clever rhetoric and abuse a kind of electronic telepathy as a knockoff Void Which Binds or that the AI made UI already exists and is trying to enlist the Augs to its cause which is doubtful considering the relatively realistic style of this game

  • LumaGolem

    Yooooo Felice Ullmann is the owner of the first apartment you broke into and stole from I remember the name from her computer Good to know she isn39t pissed off or dead due to all of her credits and medications being stolen yet euughh

  • TestAcct46

    Does the whole game just take place in Prague Geez

  • ShantyLady

    I love playing the same video games as you Jesse because you39re able to snoop out locations that I never thought of going to You39re like my bloodhound for treasure hunting Seriously awesome playthrough so far keep up the great work

  • Eberhard 1991

    I39ve not played DEHR in many years now so my memory is a bit sketchy but wasn39t there a DLC or something in the first game where the whole quotGone in Alaskaquot event took place

  • me2olive

    Can someone explain all the quotI39m not going to jailquot replies to Jesse39s TWD tweet earlier

  • Zandandido

    I seriously need more

  • Double Awesome

    What games are you playing for Coxtober

  • Nyghtking

    Not sure how correct it was but i heard the sin eater is part of a practice where when a person dies their friendsfamily set out food for each sin they committed in life a person then comes who is the sin eater and they eat the food and it is believed that by eating the food the sin eater takes the sins of the other person into themselvesSin eater because of that are usually not liked and treated like trash any time they aren39t required to eat because of all the sins they supposedly have

  • Gentlemanly Heretic

    The lack of editing in these let39s plays is becoming disturbing seriously a lot of these let39s plays would be a lot shorter if you cut out the quiet literally silentunnecessary sections just feels like padding to make the video longer YouTube analytics and all that and maybe we39d have less Skyrim let39s plays sometimes a little worrying to watch as it seems you may never finish it and feels like a waste of time if you aren39t going to fulfill the story why I like watching Jesse he39s a massive story nerd yet rarely completes large story games 39

  • Heavens Eagle

    That apartment Is that a goddamn Outsider shrine what the shit

  • Aitch

    Real question Would you eventually explore through the majority of these areas and this stuff during main and side missions rather than going everywhere possible as soon as possible

  • Bishop

    JESSE JOHN BOYEGA SAID HE WANTS TO DO PODCASTS You have to try and get him on SWNCBC The Jesse Boyega confrontation needs to happen

  • Jayne Kyra

    Jesse feel free to visit my spotless place and say hello to my cat anytime D

  • Dylan Sunday

    Finished the game last night awful ending

  • ぽぺせくぇ様

    What if Jensen is the Machine god

  • Steven Rotnov

    I have deus ex human revolution directors cut but I need this game to complete my collection can u tell me if my October specs can run this game

  • Sheaxer

    man Jessie39s pronounciation of czech words is sooo funny to hear D

  • Limon Tree

    Ugh I wanna play this game for myself but I39m so strapped for cash for the next few weeks

  • DrunkBearzz

    Hey guess what Fuck life is strange How about them apples

  • Michal Bernášek

    Don39t they mean the missing link DLC when they talk about Jensen beig out for a year

  • Joeyfield0

    4025 Dang Jensen that39s good

  • Jak Dexter

    It39s them Illuminaughtys man

  • Willem Mouha

    there is no action in this game

  • Astraoth

    god has to be one of the most boring play through i have ever watched

  • littleroot100

    Does Viznik look like Josh Hutcherson to anyone else

  • Major Rico155

    literally my favorite part of this game is yelling quotOH YEAHquot when Jesse breaks a wall

  • xbb1024

    Jesse you sell the guns you don39t want I got both praxis packs from that vendor using funds from gun sales

  • robertnogva

    well one thing is for sure It39s so annoying seeing Jesse fail at stuff that I want to buy and play the game myself

  • Aiath86

    Machine God we Warhammer now

  • Zenryu7

    So I kind of skip most of that side mission by using a multi tool at that lv 5 door while exploring the place lol