Deus Ex: Human Revolution Speedrun Former World Record - 39:27 смотреть видео бесплатно

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Дата: 2017-07-26 11:35:48

  • Strider-Ragnarok

    Changing the type of language to shave off time The insanity of speedrunners to consider every possibility to take advantage of is beyond impressive

  • SpaghettiandSauce

    If I ever see someone going down the street constantly jumping I39ll know they39re speed running their life

  • Oscar Velazquez

    Laser tru glass wow never imagined lol

  • Rossiyskoe Kino

    IT39s a Cheat Run

  • TheUnchainedMind

    The Barrett part actually made me laugh D

  • Nick Spann

    Great video man Speed runs are serious stuff and very entertainingAlso that Barrett fight was epic quotAnd That was Barrettquot For some reason I laughed really hard at that

  • kiIl-chan

    well played and awesome commentary

  • Reilly Jensen

    Why not get the implanted re breather so you can sprint longer

  • KJ 43 loquendero

    tuve que pasar tardes enteras para pasar este juego 39v

  • Um No

    how quickly choices are made and button pressing happens very fast

  • camcamille970

    pourquoi les dialogues sont en franais

  • BangingMash

    Deus Ex Mirrors Edge edition

  • Gonzo Chimus

    what a stupid way to play a game

  • lamar matro

    your voice is so nice to listen to

  • Challah Bread

    That vent in the prologue I39ve played this several times and I never knew that existed

  • MioRaem

    quotDeus Ex Human Revolution in less than half an hour just how did you do itquot quotAncient Chinese Secretquot

  • amazingdany

    Holy sh After playing three times never ever knew the entrance at 114

  • ButtZilla

    39mins huh Took me 39hours to complete the game LOL

  • VandiPL

    Secrete tradition chinoise

  • Krzysztof Zbrojewski

    You have your own Companion Cube around 1600 lt3

  • jemil 06

    Holy Shit man How the fuck did you figure out to do all that That was incredible dude

  • TheGarage Gaming

    slow down I can39t even keep up watching O nice video haha

  • budadoo NV

    1712 quotSo I shoot him in the head grab his grenadesquot I think that39s the most nonchalant way that could be said

  • Ratentaisou

    the way you shot sanders is hilarious lol

  • Jack Slate

    1412 That39s some Mythbuster shit right there

  • 林朗新 PHLLY

    hahahaha fckn barret was such a pain in the ass nonlethal mode

  • Matthew DeFaveri

    Do you not run faster if you press w combined with a or d

  • Vadim Kishko

    I appreciate you actually explaining what you39re doing ever since speedarchivedemo stopped adding new speedruns like half the speedruns around have absolutely no explanations attached

  • Praxitilies

    Deus Ex Jensen in a hurry

  • furydeath

    I need to get back into this game Back when we didn39t have our fancy box cliping well we did mainly in china tho xD and I sucked at box jumping

  • AKheon

    This is one short gameNice commentary and run

  • John Stevenson

    Are these glitches patched in the Director39s Cut Build 2000

  • ErasenX0X

    Glitch Ex Wallhack Revolution

  • Jared Willebeek-LeMair

    there39s an easier way to get the card than the hacker

  • Jared Smith

    How did he skip the entire prison part

  • vikingdeath1

    I Highly appreciate your commentary here I love watching speedruns but it can be hard to follow every little glitch or workaround with everything going so fast So Kudos duder

  • MyAcoustic MetalImproBlues

    more like glitchrun

  • Harold Haroldson

    is the french dialogue quicker or something

  • Eppiox

    That was a killer run awesome jobO I wonder how different it would be segmented

  • Spartan043

    Literally augmented IRL

  • Nguyen Viet linh

    i just can39t do like you i drop the box and notthing happened

  • Rozza

    505 really REALLY EIDOS REALLY

  • GodBlessYou2008

    Super Mario meets human revolution

  • Sini

    110 whaat I never knew there was a vent there

  • Caleb Ogeto

    Quit lying to us2hrs20hrsvery fast39 minutes is insanity

  • ThatBlindGuy247

    kurmit did a speedrun

  • Ian C

    Excellent video not enough speed runners take the time to explain what they39re doing like you have here which I appreciate

  • Steven McLean

    how come you get the ghost and smooth operator after the enemies become hostile

  • BrainSeepsOut

    1620 Adam Jensen Time Lord quotBarrett You39re already deadquot

  • Fuck Google+

    quot3927quot Video is 4338 Talk about fucking fail

  • Sophie d'eon

    quotand uhh that was beretquot massive explosion Omg i laughed so hard at that part

  • JAG

    Lol And that was Barret 1625

  • xD roflmao

    You let Malik die you bastard D All in the name of time p

  • Kale Serpent

    and you only started speed running how long agoCongrats

  • Greg Dixon

    Man your so freakin good at games its unreal love the commentary

  • Cam Par

    This is my fist time watching a speed run Whats the point

  • F13RY FOX

    haha wallsThere is no such thing

  • Ren Ski

    How to skip the intro

  • Sneak Thief

    Bogus using glitches amp cheating does not count towards a world record Fun game but the speed run ruins the point of the game

  • Oshaoxin

    Boxwrangler that39s a title for your achievements collectionEDIT Laughed so hard when you 39battled39 Barrett and got the 39smooth operator39

  • dsagent

    You can actually save malik Although would take too long for a speedrun

  • KaosKrusher

    using glitches is kinda cheating a speedrun without the glitches might be better I think and more quothonestquotbut it sure is impressive