Deus Ex Mankind Divided Live Action Trailer (PS4/Xbox One) 2016 смотреть видео бесплатно

  • Freddie Mercury

    That thumbnail made me think this was a different kind of video

  • Jenny martinez

    Fuck a game just make it a movie

  • Zoidberg

    What the heck I39m genuinely depressed now

  • endrizo

    fuck yeah please its just about time for a deus ex moviechristian bale as j c denton please

  • tahna dana

    can anyone name the actress

  • Cynic

    140 is straight up Alex Jones on gun control 3939We will not relinquish our guns do you understand3939

  • Raven Hawk

    The sad part is that people actually suck this much

  • ShoopDaWhoop ShoopDaWhoop

    042 warcraft 3 death sound xD

  • cujo mar

    So we39re going to be fucking robots in the future well better start now

  • Nihilanth Non Serviam

    Infowars and Anonymous everywhere

  • rjh60

    Thatwas very good they should make an entiremovie out of it

  • cucko

    Lmao Alex Jones at 221

  • Crice Rysth

    Why do you put wireless access to cybernetic limbs It39s like they wanted them to be hacked

  • ShadowSaberBaroxio

    Oh look a nonFurry nonDisney Zootopia

  • Ekfantos

    They should 39ve made a wall

  • Azhari Azhar

    Yes Kill those cybernatic fucks And long shall rise a new nation Free from those pesky quotrobotsquot SIEG HEIL

  • jonathan smith

    So basically if u in future maybe add an artificial limb to the place where u lost one and lose control of them for a while pepole probably might start to treat u as mutantsmankind is indeed falling

  • Rab carn

    all this real pics and videos just for a video game nice

  • Th3_Watchman

    My penis brought me here

  • Giovansiva

    i want this to be a movie

  • William Garcia

    Ah sweet Can39t believe I was near missing this live action

  • Klay Z

    Well we know wat to expect from the year 2045 a bo3 life style I39m low key scared tho

  • Noor Abdelrahman

    That39s better than most movies 39 trailers these days

  • Achillez

    I never asked for thisto be so epic

  • Jeb! 2020

    man this looks good but knowing square enix ill have to wait for the full edition to come out in a year

  • Titan filmz


  • soul1d

    The moment a group says lets put a smaller group into concentration camps I say nerve gas the larger group

  • CDN salsa

    wow looks like they got the worst and cheapest 39actors39 for this lame video this was supposed to make me excited for the game

  • Carl Horton

    The cybersquad are coming for you D

  • Jacob Silvas

    Will smith was probably shunned after the robot attack because of his arm

  • poisonedtanto

    My dick chose the right video for once

  • Bleex

    Ugh no gameplay footage All I wanted was just a glimpse of gameplay footage not a movie

  • darkfalcon9

    I love the concept of this game how deep it is

  • ether

    that chick looks like gal gadot

  • Casey Cothron

    Treated like gun owners or Muslims


    who clicked to see the half naked black chick lol then i realised she was a augmented bitch

  • Jay Marsh

    This made me uncomfortable

  • Ethan Villanueva

    Honestly I don39t see this being too far fetched of an idea With the growth of people wanting to be more quotpolitically correctquot and the growth of augmented limbs and enhancements I can see something like this being a real social issue

  • Generaal


  • Diptajit Karmakar

    i wish the robocop movie was like this

  • StruttinStrayCat

    Wow I really hope this game can live up to that trailer

  • Vidictive

    take off the synthparts are not a option mhh

  • Cadza

    What is going to happen to quotVenom snakesquot hand now 0

  • RoboticSystemz

    mani want a deus ex movie so bad

  • Saber is love, Saber is life

    I39m more hyped for this game than Final Fantasy XV

  • Ilman Fakhrizky

    holocaust or something happens on eu now

  • iEmbarcadero

    This would make a badass movie

  • Tainted soul

    God this game looks cliche as fuck

  • Spooky Gaming

    This Will be happing to mankind If we do roboparts on humans

  • The Horrible Gamer

    I can39t be the only one who fapped to this Right Please you guys tell me you did too

  • Detman101

    Greatapartheid in real life now apartheid in video gamesi39ll pass

  • Xxlegit knightxX

    the storyline to this game will be so fucking detailed and very deep This game will be good got that last of us vibe too

  • Ze Nguyen

    Hello i would like a robot penis please

  • dylan3838

    this looks so bad like a shity bgrade scify film

  • 2000maichel

    holly fuck that was amazing i thought it was a movie

  • Goldiron

    That woman on the billboard looked she was masterbating Haha

  • no

    a bit less impressive compared to HR live action trailer meh

  • opinionated gaming dot jay pee

    Yeah We can be politically correct or we can build concentration camps and make the AUGS pay for itPage2016

  • Space Soldier

    i didn39t asked for this

  • Maria Roman

    Can anyone say quotRussia 2045 Transhumanismquot Kinda creepy real life parallels if you ask me Someone should share this to ron johnsons39 channel

  • VoluntaryAct

    Not to complain but why is this happening i Czech Republic exactly

  • Partisan Black

    quotTechnology is advancingquot cliche

  • Callmecamkk

    Is this even a game Graphics are amazing

  • sc0pl355

    Silly They are just augmented people39s recall the augments until they are safe to use