Troll and I - Story Trailer | PS4 смотреть видео бесплатно

In the majestic mountains of Scandinavia, a boy finds himself alone and fighting for his life when brutal hunters tear through his village…that is, until he meets a mythical creature he believed to be only a myth. Troll and I follows the adventure of a teenage boy, Otto, and the unlikely friendship he develops with Troll as they struggle to find their way back home. Pre-order the upcoming action-adventure, Troll and I, today at

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Дата: 2017-08-22 23:21:13

  • ShadowDragon23

    Did we even asked for a Last Guardian Ripoff

  • Morxplays

    If you want to play with a troll just play competitive Overwatch

  • Numan Harith

    Dammit The Last Guardian we don39t need a remaster just after one month

  • gio_duude

    Made in the Microsoft Paint Engine

  • Blade Mastr

    People make fun of games like these that are released on PS4 but do you guys not understand how open PS4 is for small developers It39s awesome how they support them unlike other people

  • Tochukwu Udu

    500 on metacriticsurpasses the last of us and half life 4 wins goty for 10 years straightcan39t run on gtx 1050 cardsneeds higherI39m calling it now

  • Don Bethman

    my ps2 should run this game smooth

  • Kronos

    SPOILERS The troll dies at the end

  • Bingo Bongo

    best game of 2017 calling it right now

  • tauhida ali

    So this is ET and jabba the hutts child with a mix of bob marleyK den

  • Tom Green

    anyone who has disliked this game just on its graphics should not consider themselves a gamer

  • WildSpartanz

    if you39re actually looking forward to this game consider suicide

  • Ryan Salmasi

    It looks cool but the graphics are for the early years of PlayStation 3

  • dtumassov

    is it PS2 game remake or what

  • Beezyo 200

    People Graphics don39t always determine how good a game is Just look at Undertale and Pokmon

  • Louis Nevers

    That Troll has some nice dreadlocks

  • ESKANDAR The great

    its the killer of the last guardian

  • Miguel Angel

    a king kong with gremling face This games looks awfull lol

  • tat Suya

    Hope they release a sequel D

  • MrProteeus

    Gremlin 3Gizmo deadbeat dad

  • Zoid Berg

    who even asked for a Last Guardian ripoff

  • Ikr Mister

    Can it run native 4K on my pro

  • dutchschaefer

    Looks like a Rastafarian lol

  • elisons

    Perfect game for sony fan boy kkkk

  • Turan X

    Looks like a PS2 game remastered

  • Final Boss Grim

    This looks more like a PC game tbh

  • TappatopShotta

    Sony gotta be trollin

  • MrBasketballMD

    Can39t tell if it39s supposed to look i like a rip off Telltale game or if the graphics are just that bad

  • TroyTroodon

    Hmm the graphics look very under whelming and the voice acting isn39t all to impressive either

  • Sou Suke

    esos graficos no te la compro ni empedo haha

  • That One Guy

    The last Guardian is such a Troll

  • jaylove


  • REDmonster RO

    plase game Forza Horizon 3 in ps 4 PLASEE

  • angrybirdsking123

    i didnt know they still created ps3 games

  • Borderlands808

    Trolls exist I Seen a real live documentary on Netflix

  • Michael Gutierrez

    It39s ET with a full body beard

  • Gareth Thomas

    Just to clarify the voice actor in the trailer is voicing the Troll39s companion and not the troll

  • Karin Blum

    That game actually reminds me Of quotMajin and The Forsaken Kingdomquot not quotThe last Guardianquot

  • Firstname Lastname

    This seems like a great game but god those graphics are just bad

  • Kbaili Driss

    the background soundtrack makes the trailer great

  • liveFinalFantasy

    Ludo Is that you Did you make it out of the Labyrinth

  • Cash daddy Bling

    King Kong has left skull island

  • amine oran

    the game is troll a perfect name

  • Sigaze

    They really need to start leaving game dev to the professionals

  • Kolnar

    cool game i remember seeing it at e3 1998

  • HopOnTheHype

    I39d like to see more gameplay to have a feeling how it plays but it has potential

  • GuyOnCouch

    This comment section is proof that the PlayStation fanbase is cancer

  • Stephon Williams

    it a ps4 game but look like a ps2 game

  • Paul Copeland

    this trailer is hard to watch

  • libatako

    Looks like Scalebouoh wait

  • God Goku

    the graphics are so bad

  • TeoCRO

    Is Bjorn from Vikings narrating this trailer

  • FaZe Race

    psn do a bo2 remaatered

  • Romain Soula

    Is this The Last Guardian39s movie

  • acheron187

    It just screams budget title

  • Revoladin

    SO this is next gen 15fps and ps2 graphics

  • Jesus Christo

    The graphic looks orrible

  • Milhouse Van Houten

    Can39t wait for Guts to justshow up and demonstrate the tremendous forceknown as theDragonslayer