Deus Ex Human Revolution Storyline Recap / Storyline Synopsis смотреть видео бесплатно

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Дата: 2017-07-26 19:25:32

  • FlyingChinchilla

    I love Jensins voice narrative but the music was too loud They needed to lower it Drop it to atleast half of the loudness

  • Sarg Lallis

    Too many non essential unimportant plot features Should have streamlined it more

  • Comrade Necron

    Remember to play on I never asked for this difficulty

  • uuamenator

    I love how he calls heavy augmented people quotTanksquot Rubs my rpg bone the right way D

  • Life of Kate

    anyone else found that the background soundtrack was too loud compared to the voice over lmao

  • Kaname

    I remember the very first deus EX on pc It was badass

  • nik Bahtin

    1223 well what message will you send

  • ipi ipi

    By odd reason this video doesn39t work for me just this

  • Tactical Fatty

    I love how teh Aircraft was named B00BEE

  • J'aiq the sly

    Sounds a bit like Clint

  • Lobair

    Deus ex is batman confirmed

  • cocoman11111

    Didn39t take you for a Deus Ex kind of person No offense

  • TheLast Spartan

    Too much information XD I had to research this video 3 times before I actually understood the hell was going on

  • Temisk

    Information Overload D

  • Brandon

    Is splatt going to play this I39ve been away for like 4 days so I haven39t heard him say anything about it

  • Khurram Masud

    anyone else skipped this video after 3 minutes

  • Colin Thompson

    Detroit holy crap to this takes place partly in my home state wooo

  • Fish Gaming

    Every like shows respect for Harambe

  • quizzlie

    Four minutes in my eyes glazed over Is this a recap or a full memoir

  • Air Run

    Im guessing a Twitch release he will port to Youtube in segmentsLike it regardless

  • HonorableAssassins

    YUP This is the series i wanna watch

  • Mrpear234

    Thanks for the recap ep aaaand uh oh brain meat thinkword quotgeneral viewquot lol

  • Robert Sturm

    More like clickbait revolution

  • Umuahjoku Amadi-Obi

    He looks like rhett from GMM after he shaved his beard

  • Hessling

    He never asked for this

  • TLCBonaparte

    Dammit Splattercat I didn39t ask for this

  • DrPotatoMD

    Never had the pleasure of exploring the Deus Ex games before Very excited to see you play Especially after this intro

  • Patavinity

    I hope in the next game they get rid of the horrible piss colour all over everything

  • Peter Feher

    I39ve noticed something interesting here Part of the story looked oddly familiar as if this story inspired an other one we39ve seen recently Think about it There is a large but probably still minority group of people who are both feared and despised by others although not by everyone who were turned savage by a mastermind tainting them all as dangerous to let live with others causing riots and hate towards them Familiar Yes I39m talking about ZootopiaBut let me take one more step BTW spoiler alert for the movie Should39ve said that earlier Remember where Judy apologized to Nick after finding out what the night howlers are That was a slum Since Disney built an entire world with the movie additional information can be found on the net that were not even implied in the movie Well turns out that that slum was a predator only district Had Judy and Nick failed to stop Bellwether this slum called Happytown making it even more sad probably would39ve been turned into the equivalent of Golem City

  • Brandon

    I39ve never played any deus ex game but this shit looked like an amazing story

  • Metal Storm47

    Splat will you be playing Deus Ex Human Revolution or the third game

  • Lost Centurion

    When youtubers post the recap but you choose splats just cause hes the best to give 1 view XD

  • Pres. Comacho

    is that timothy olyphant39s voice

  • Trislab1

    As a person who have never played any Deus Ex games this vid really helped me in understanding the series your playing THANKS SPLAT