Norwegian Heat смотреть видео бесплатно

In order to smooth over a fishing dispute between Norway and Canada, this project was funded with $20,000 to make a top quality buddy cop pilot involving an actor from Norway.

High profile actor Sander Dang was given complete creative control, directing the pilot himself.

The show was cancelled.


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Дата: 2017-04-24 00:38:21

  • Audiodump

    Hey look a rare appearance of the notfat brotat

  • GHOSTfalcon

    whens the sequel coming out asshole

  • MrSpiderRoos

    Back when Brote was still a mortal being not yet transcended

  • Michael Burd


  • Rafael .Padilla

    Is this what your film school degree has wrought

  • Eric Doepel

    Shit I almost forgot to watch this today

  • Wrangle McDangle

    Well he DOES have a film degree

  • Matthew Justi

    i didn39t know this gold existed

  • McDenis09

    Yeah but where was the fucking Finn Brote Fucking hack

  • LostLocal7

    Will Capt Nelson and Dr Sweed be in part 2

  • Bobatemycake

    So Brote took the role as fucking Swede and not Captain Sanders What a fuck

  • thebaker525

    Sweet you guys got Simon Pegg in this

  • hoho330

    tfw when brote am pill probably won39t make anything like this again

  • MrSkillns

    thank you broteam thanks for disgracing my race

  • Evan Canham

    Sean Wever ehhhhSound like a fuckin39 nancy

  • SteeScribbles

    Nelson for presodent pls

  • Rasmus Back

    You are not real so put out a sequel

  • Bussy

    I love how he was waiting in the doorway long enough to make it seem like he was actually not right behind him

  • Skye Troy

    How about Norwegian Heat South Patrol

  • Simen Iversen

    I39m drunk and wtf is this p

  • Anix McNally

    Someday I hope to make a video even half as professional as this one

  • Sam Atherton

    Please someone tell me there39ll be a sequel

  • Wadiarius RmnT

    that was the germanest Swedish accent ever

  • hovsep56

    aas you can see they spend alot of money on this video

  • gfyusebfuigdn

    Being Norwegian I39m not quite sure whether to be insulted or honored by this

  • LordEsspresso

    Thomas as the norwegian what an honour

  • r3g3d17

    Nothing is better than this

  • Sam Atherton

    Inspired me to write produce act and film THIS amazing film in half an hour Dare I say it it39s WORSE made than Norwegian Heat watchv4cb3eUAZrXg

  • Aria Ghazavi

    This ain39t something you39d joke about

  • rooster993

    Anyone know what video Bro Team did where at the end of the video he like does a real talk and leaves i been trying to find for a friend cause he said it was funny lt

  • GhoulMine1

    You know the world39s politicians are screwed to shit if their fighting over memes now

  • Lofty Skinner

    Actually Norway is known for the same tactic Canada39s most recent war crimes have been stealing Norwegian internet memes Image macros like quotMeanwhile in Canadaquot are actually Norwegian Norway is expected to respond with a saturation of Lutefisk on the Canadian market no doubt killing the entire population in less than two weeks

  • Lofty Skinner

    Massive props for probably the most accurate portrayal of a Swede in history From the metrosexual hair feminine and oversized sunglasses and pasty complexion to the girly throwing arm and tight jeans You39ve got the Swedish male nailed Hmm Malenailed

  • integ3r

    I39m impressed by the authentic portrayal of norwegian fighting style

  • MrTwiggums

    403 to 410 looked reallyodd

  • tisroc100

    Ha the accents in this are hilarious that quotCanadianquot sounds like a thickly accented Skalvian

  • GhoulMine1

    Canada and DISPUTEWhat are they gonna doPeace treaty Norway to death

  • xamphor

    my money39s on bro team being the swede

  • MrMastercatfish

    Watch out for them Swedes man

  • Ayndrew Ryand

    I39m Norwegian this is super

  • xyrofy


  • Chrysalis


  • BrotherOfBullets

    The soundtrack is very good

  • Dovahderp Productions

    I39m Norwegian my self

  • SaproPhycs Derpy

    thats because you don39t understand Scandinavian people

  • Alex Mack

    ah the deadly scandinavian art of butter knife throwing

  • Eirik Hagen

    Norwegian and I39m proud of it

  • xyrofy

    Just a normal day in a Norwegian office

  • xephonics

    The average Swedish Norwegian encounter

  • Sam Atherton

    35000 of the 36608 views are mine

  • Dirty Rivers

    I think the sewer levels are starting to get to them

  • TheFreakyFredii

    is the guy name nelson i think