Norwegian Heat смотреть видео бесплатно

In order to smooth over a fishing dispute between Norway and Canada, this project was funded with $20,000 to make a top quality buddy cop pilot involving an actor from Norway.

High profile actor Sander Dang was given complete creative control, directing the pilot himself.

The show was cancelled.


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Дата: 2017-07-22 11:40:20

  • Vince Williams

    Fat YouTube baby imortality in the making

  • Alberto Fleitas

    This took 12 years to make

  • Audiodump

    Hey look a rare appearance of the notfat brotat

  • GHOSTfalcon

    whens the sequel coming out asshole

  • MrSpiderRoos

    Back when Brote was still a mortal being not yet transcended

  • Wrangle McDangle

    Well he DOES have a film degree

  • Michael Burd


  • Rafael .Padilla

    Is this what your film school degree has wrought

  • Eric Doepel

    Shit I almost forgot to watch this today

  • Matthew Justi

    i didn39t know this gold existed

  • Bobatemycake

    So Brote took the role as fucking Swede and not Captain Sanders What a fuck

  • Evan Canham

    Sean Wever ehhhhSound like a fuckin39 nancy

  • hoho330

    tfw when brote am pill probably won39t make anything like this again

  • MrSkillns

    thank you broteam thanks for disgracing my race

  • DarlingDaily

    Sweet you guys got Simon Pegg in this

  • McDenis09

    Yeah but where was the fucking Finn Brote Fucking hack

  • LostLocal7

    Will Capt Nelson and Dr Sweed be in part 2

  • SteeScribbles

    Nelson for presodent pls

  • Rasmus Back

    You are not real so put out a sequel

  • Bussy

    I love how he was waiting in the doorway long enough to make it seem like he was actually not right behind him