Deus Ex: Human Revolution - The Missing Link (Part 1): ...what the hell? смотреть видео бесплатно

Jesse plays through Deus Ex: Human Revolution and hopefully evolves into some kind of decent FPS player :P

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is a first-person stealth RPG developed by Eidos Montreal and published by Square Enix, originally released in 2011 for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. This is the PC version.
Дата: 2017-05-24 20:43:04

  • DeMar DeGoatzan

    Adam Jensen escaping captivity helps repair ship malfunction

  • Toffeehammer

    808 Hey check it out It39s the language of mages in WoW

  • J-Man

    Let39s sneak now clocking system why you want this

  • GaiR BaeR

    They all have one bullet ooh suicide rates must be high How39d he die He was so bored he started playing with his revolver


    your the worst player ill have ever seen

  • FesterHDGames

    WHAT Jesse missing loot W

  • UchihaGin

    why do people whine so much If you don39t like it than don39t watch it or watch someone else play it

  • Prachetas Patel

    That39s entertainment right there sir You can39t laugh at pro gamers we got Jesse for that xD

  • Nayad

    What software do you use to capture video I would like to know please Thanks

  • Playtimeuk1

    I don39t need you to speak for me Myself and everyone else can express our own opinion of what we39d like to see Jesse do I love the stuff he does he grabs the stuff I can39t be bothered with on my playthrough

  • sorrek328

    For some reason I thought it was the name of the colonel who died in the pilot episode

  • ZachGamez

    god i want a pair of those sunglasses XD

  • sorrek328

    Johnathan Shepard Declan Reynolds Stargate Atlantis

  • Episcopicide

    That Super Jump comes in BIG handy later on But I39m sure you already know by now

  • Conner Milhoan

    thats why we watch his videos for all that stuff no editing of the quotstupid stuffquot

  • Michael Crutcher

    I missed those praxis kits my first time through

  • John Henke

    Seriously a freaking third of his video length for every video is him reading something that has no use Half is him looting and screwing up and the remainder is where he actually gets something done Jesse you39re funny but you subject everyone to pointless reading and mistakes Maybe read on your own time and upload the parts where it actually has storymission functionality We did not need to watch you go through the 250 freakin39 ebooks

  • UmaraiL The Stealth Bastard

    jesses english pirate voice sounds like the dark elves in skyrim

  • Trivialise

    MrMischiefTheShark you39re talking out of your ass have you seen the RIDICULOUS amount of augments in this game sigh

  • MRODST22

    i didnt say im marrying jackie burkeheart just jacalyn burke and its not all about stealth now please stop trolling i dont want to comment back to you its just i know im right

  • MRODST22

    they didnt want to make a stealth based game they wanted to make a suitable game to justify the piece of shit called invisible war my name is rhett allen and im getting married to jacalyn burke

  • MRODST22

    i hate people like you an rpg role playing game means do what you want how you want you can sprint around and be a tank or sneak so eat shit retard and stop calling people kids you look like a tool since im getting married next year

  • MRODST22

    actually no stealth is a choice thats why they have other augs not just stealth augs i own the game i would like to say this now fucking idiot kid

  • MrSodea


  • Stephen Broughton

    wait a minute wasn39t there already a meme like that for chuck testaNope just Jensen

  • MRODST22

    thats what im trying to say i love the randomness and run in guns blazing playstyle that jesse has

  • wasptube1

    At least Jesse is having Fun Games are Supposed To Be FUN quotWhy So SeriousquotLet him have his Fun the way he wants to we don39t judge the way you play games do we1

  • wasptube1

    Lol although my augs are combat aimed if you close doors when needed hide bodies and plan an escape route and hiding place when alerted to you39ll be as Stealthy as possible Jesse is funny tho lol

  • Elaine

    lol stupid people getting angry at jesse below his piraxis decisions werent certainly bad for a stealth centered player but we all know jesse cant just sneak by from anything D

  • Charles

    1shut the fuck up2don39t be a pussy

  • DjBranco

    flikker toch op man nederland speelt gvd slecht dit jaar die halen de ek niet eens meer dus die grolsch reclame kan wel van youtube

  • chickmcjr

    Well it depends how strong the EMP is It also depends on the range

  • MRODST22

    shutup yuore the person that cant play the game unless youre pussy ass sneaks around with op augs

  • Fredrik Hansson

    Really I read it up alittle and it says that EMP in more simple terms short circuits the electric components It39s recoverable to an extent I39d have imagined the EMP at that time had advanced

  • Frazer McIntosh

    Nope it fries the components they become lumps of useless silicone

  • Mintake

    to this day i havent been able to zoom out on hacking cant find the damn button

  • Fredrik Hansson

    Well in real life EMP doesn39t destroy electronics it disables it

  • sollicitudo

    quotAll I wanna do is fit in therequot THAT39S WHAT HE SAID ABOUT HER BOOM

  • Jørgen H

    Butthole so cleeenched

  • MrBox009

    Ceazyface You obviously don39t get it So why ask There is a song called quotJane Doequot by Within Temptation

  • meanwhileintheshire

    Jessie You just said this was a stealth mission then you take SUPER JUMPTAKE FLIPPIN39 CLOAK

  • Filip Sz

    Sucks that this isn39t actually part of the game having to download it is a disappointment

  • MrBox009

    Jane Doe Within Temptation anyone

  • foist

    quot195039s logoquot

  • Potato

    i think he missed 2 praxis

  • chris easley

    Jesse i would like u to play Mass Effect 123

  • MeesterWaffles

    MUST NOT WATCH MOREI want to buy this game but your videos are so enjoyable I find myself not being able to stop 3

  • RMJ1984

    Is there still not a mod out that adds this DLC into the main game so you can play it in one playthrough instead of this being a seperate game

  • MrEmbersDembers

    laughing uncontrollably at the end

  • Cyanide

    All these soldiers were knocked out cold Sounds like Solid Snake to me

  • Top Tier Pleb

    please just get the fucking cloaking system its like invisibles and such

  • Douglas

    i have the same feeling about those names and it makes me think stargate atlantis although can39t think of a reynolds in that

  • Zan kin

    quotNothin to see nothin to do except when I come from behind and I go Qquot Probably the best rhyme I39ve ever heard in my life

  • Adam main

    birds 1950s logic most people in England still use it don39t no about other countries

  • thebean35130

    I just wanna fit in thereMe LOL

  • RoyaltyGaming

    jessie no offfense you do not look on your map IT SHOWS YOU WERE TO GO GOD DAMNIT

  • Goldkodak

    babababird bird bird bird is the word

  • Björn Falkner

    quotin the next 2 days we39re going to finish this story linequot khm

  • Elena Shropshire

    just saying if you are going to go sneaking maybe you want the thing that turns you invisible so you can get past the guys that you can not sneak by

  • Dummweltschutz

    vegnagun1 geez take your pills

  • Daniel Jellicoe


  • vegnagun1


  • John Smith

    Im getting flash backs of MGS2

  • Rune Hammer Juliansen

    quotI39m on a boatquot

  • Sander Postma

    9 minutes into the game and jesse39s dead XD

  • Sammyshel

    i would just q people just to shoot them in the head