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Дата: 2017-03-29 04:18:49

  • KrAziiPwNaGe

    Wasn39t the last Deus Ex or the one before the last like completely awful Never played any of them either

  • TmarTn2

    Psyched to start up a new series with you guys Deus Ex today Madden comes tomorrow Still keeping up with all of our other series too

  • Dr. Ghoztz

    quotSo I39ve never played a deus ex game but its been around since the 200039s and to have development for that length of time it must be goodquotlol bye

  • Milo Sosa

    Square Enix releasing Deus Ex when I39m here waiting for Kingdom Hearts

  • Kevin Beyer

    Almost starting watching and then I realised it was Tmart Nice try

  • ZeniTh - Overwatch Clips

    so is this game worth playing SP

  • sebastian tanyan

    Do mor video of deus EX Mankind Divided

  • Jake S

    who can get me overwatch for the ps4

  • Jack Vickers

    Anyone want to give me gta v

  • Tricon44 Blake

    Does it have multiplayer

  • TGC P

    Any help Trev I am here some missions are in Arabic and I am from Egypt and I speak Arabic so whenever

  • Joshua Honeycutt

    Don39t judge a tartan by his cover He may be handsome but he39s a devil

  • Carter Gran

    I39d love a code And I39d like to talk to you lmao

  • Michael H

    Those dudes that cloak at 2550 are pretty sick

  • Shepard

    quotwhts goun on gus tmart herequot

  • Trixx

    What does it mean to be augmented

  • Tech Demon

    anyone else think of colossus from black ops 2 when the saw the hotel

  • Strpaher

    yiannianderson is my Twitter

  • Daishawn J

    I like the special abilities in this game they look awesome

  • NevreNt

    My twitter is NevreNt

  • courtney lavere

    Trev you should open loot crate pets and regular loot crate or gaming one for a extra video each month

  • Heloisa da Pqz

    metal gear detected 1150

  • NcBaLL3r

    What are augmented guys


    Dont know if i should watch tmartn or cartoonz gameplay of this game

  • InkDropFalls

    Would have been great video to watch if i did not have to see or listen to that sheep in top corner rabbit through it allIf only there was way to turn him off

  • CHProdigy

    Oh boy another 900p 30fps mediumlow settings game on the consoles

  • Hydro Reefer

    after 2 years those bodies would have decomposed

  • Troopercat

    someone needs to make a compilation of Trevor rubbing his hands together

  • Dylan

    Pronunciation of Deus anyone

  • Dillon Rijsinghani

    U should start playing titanfall 2 when it comes out

  • Patrick Gigerich

    PatrickGigerich is handle Keep up the good work Trevor

  • tech Art

    hi how can I buy need for speed rivals for my pc

  • LazarBoy

    Is this on Xbox one as well as ps4

  • NoobModeEngaged

    NoobModeEngagedI want that deus ex lol

  • Gamerz Wit Attitudes (G.W.A)

    pablopatelito is my Twitter thanks for a code

  • ar1hk

    AHAHAHHAA 2year before 3d engine

  • mig33pakforce

    If you didn39t play Deus Ex 1 and HR you don39t deserve MD

  • MarylandTACO

    When u took the elevator u could have jumped downed and slam

  • Claudio Hofmann

    please can i have the code


    mcAAAssassins would love a code

  • moist_nana

    Wat the Is Jensen39s boss an AUSSIE

  • Nathaniel Washington

    tmartn you were supposed to jump down you wernt supposed to take the elevator

  • carpet cleaning hacks

    he looks like neo from the matrix

  • Hunter Beach

    if youve been so hyped why didnt you at least try the previous games stupid

  • Exotic Blitzz

    Twitter lanceatienzaKeep up the great work Trev

  • Luke Steffke

    I39m prob too late Twitter LukeJS35

  • Kevin Hicks

    that moment when he took the elevator down but he could39ve jumped down

  • Chris Britton

    Twitter name 39ChrisB69x39

  • SerbanSpireify

    Get to the CHOPAAAA

  • Lara Mendes

    i39d love to receive a free game Trevor my twitter name is quot l2002blara quot thanks for the giveaway anyways

  • Omar Rodriguez

    my twitter is Omarrodriguez1

  • Krazy

    I watch all your videos Trevor D

  • Battleneter

    So another generic shooter with far too much story filler

  • SimonNelsonCoekieGames

    I dont have twitter

  • iPlayzGamez

    dimitrmargastwitter ily

  • Liam Standley

    I39m getting a PS4 soon is a PS4 good