Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – The Mechanical Apartheid Trailer | PS4 смотреть видео бесплатно

In 2027, mechanically-augmented people all over the world suffered from extreme psychotic delusions, lost control of themselves, and started attacking people. Millions died. Hundreds of thousands more were injured and maimed.
In the wake of this global catastrophe, society has become divided by hatred, prejudice, and fear, with many countries now enacting harsh laws. The most notable of these laws is the highly controversial “Human Restoration Act”, aimed at isolating “Augs” and keeping them away from “Naturals”.

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is coming August 23rd, 2016 on PS4. #CantKillProgress!/games/deus-ex-mankind-divided-digital-deluxe-edition/cid=UP0082-CUSA01799_00-DXMDPREORDDEL001

Rated Mature: Blood, Crude Humor, Intense Violence, Sexual Themes, Strong Language

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  • George Andrikopoulos

    This trailer was actually pretty scary I mean the concept the quotMechanical Apartheidquot

  • Madd Hatter

    This trailer is awesome Wow I could definitely see this happening in real life when the time comes when we can augment ourselves

  • Robby White

    This could be a movie I want this to be a movie

  • Kilberto Beardface

    ok you win I39ll buy it

  • Joshua Hetherington

    I still watch this video

  • Dovahken

    With race religion sexuality nationality etc we39re pretty divided as it is

  • Nelson W.

    It39s a good thing Big Boss didn39t have to go through any of these

  • Heroic Love

    This is going to happen It39s already happening

  • Moon

    This trailer will be better than the whole Assassin39s Creed movie

  • Matthew Devey

    I wish this was an actual movie or tv show I think it could make for an interesting plot

  • Criterion Games

    Why don39t y39all just wear long sleeves

  • Steve H

    Deus Ex has such an amazing world it would make a great film

  • ThatGuyNamedElliot

    Looks great but the acting was dreadful

  • Pillar

    We want full movieDeus Ex Movie by Tomasz Bagiski

  • solrave123

    if i had seen this before i bought the game i would have kept my receipt

  • Fabulous5

    Pretty intense and well made for a gametrailerBtw this should be a movie

  • Ali Zafar

    its amazing what good writing and acting can do in 4 minutes what movies can39t do in 230 hours get you emotionally invested

  • Franko Zrilic

    I thought this was a movie smh

  • xXSilentAgent47Xx

    After watching this trailer now i understand how it all happened But still don39t know how did president of the countries allowed something like this and didn39t see what happened to humanity Was he dirty too

  • JAGGEDcut

    That was a wonderfully done video People quit shitting on Alex Jones give him a chance and he has some interesting points That39s all I ask God bless everyone May love joy and peace reign in all your lives in Jesus name Amen

  • PCOverkill

    I wish this was a movie

  • Elmos Mayora

    what year is thisThis blow my mind

  • Preston Garvey

    Sounds like something the American MediaPublic would do in real life

  • PCOverkill

    A bit too late but i have to say that this trailer is amazing

  • Fernando Vela

    Please make a movie of this the movie of the century

  • Saperino Kripperino

    nice work a g36c in deus ex

  • ScarFearz

    To be honest I want a movie now Not just a game

  • Son Goku

    wow these graphics are sure fantastic it looks so realistic

  • Sunesen

    Why put people into camps Didn39t they consideryou knowtaking the prosthetic limbs off again until they figured out how someone hacked them Maybe upgrade the firmware

  • Andrei Nosatîi

    They make tomorrow look like yesterday That39s our near future Evolve yourself

  • Premium Music HQ

    Would be awesome if they decide to make TV series or movie based on this trailerThis looks much better than any movie trailer I have ever seenAlso music by McCann and Sonic Mayhem ads a lot of emotions in this

  • Irma-C ☆


  • Ionut Cocu

    now i hate humansand i want a deus ex online open world game

  • Reno Gregory


  • sopapoman

    Just like the Ember teaser of Black Ops 3 this video makes us think about the future of mankindWill we be accepted among others if we appear quotsuperiorquot with augmentationsWill there be racism between augs and normal puristsWill there be a situation similar of World War 2 with the JewsThe most scary thing is that the future is getting closer every second

  • Thales

    Legenda que bom nada

  • Titan_filmz69

    I39m pretty sure that this trailer takes place during black light when Jensen woke up from his yearly coma

  • Operator Husky

    Racism racism never changes

  • Auxin relari

    dats y we ned ARC n Rucker

  • Blackrose 78

    filmed in ma cityboi

  • MidnightSundowns

    Having finished the game multiple times seriously this trailer is amazing Better than some movies

  • Emina _DuoyChu

    this gamecould be a good movie

  • Eru Guaranì

    this issue has a lot of potential for a good scifi movie

  • Rob Van Zwieten

    hope that will never never never never happen

  • Bag Daddy

    Let39s segregate all non whites from the glorious whites

  • Vivek Singh

    not enough jensen not enough jensen sigh

  • Ambitious Wolf

    They are building concentration camps So the augmented people are the new quotJewsquot of this century

  • Ioan Rad

    Actually not too bad for a live action trailer For a game But now let39s get real 39who would still do the blonde with the augmented legs I would But I wonder if the right parts are still there Or have they been augmented

  • Aiden Pearce

    Everyone well almost everyone is right this should become a movieEIDOS MAKE THIS HAPPEN

  • J D

    JJ Abrams is already in deep progress with making this a very big budget movie I wonder who will be the main star quotand he better do a good job of it

  • Ryan Rod

    so much wasted potential

  • Angel Diaz

    Whoa this is a lot to think about and an amazing trailer kinda scary because theoretically the scenario could happen IRLI39ve played Human Revolution through already


    круто я щас прохожу ее на канале игруху

  • Nike G

    they should make a movie or series of deus ex

  • Cythro Hawk

    At the end I was kinda hoping to see Adam show up and save them all but no This video had such a dark ending I hope the game gives us choices to be able to save them later on

  • Eddy Charles

    Technology should have no limits Technology was never meant to have limits Anyone who is against scientific progress and technology advancement are the one who deserve to be discriminated against and segregated


    apartheid is an dutch word we dutch people cant be proud of

  • RaiiZeR

    where are the exo suits

  • Destructocorps

    Well it39s only fair to want augmented people to give up their augments if they can so easily be forced to kill against their will if you chose to lose a limb for an Aug it39s your own fault the only thing which shouldn39t happen is to force the augmented who haven39t refused into concentration camps