Deus Ex Mankind Divided Gameplay смотреть видео бесплатно

  • lzuniy

    17 Minutes of NEW Deus Ex Mankind Divided Gameplay httpswwwyoutubecomwatchvlpw1PlTBJik

  • Lethanial

    Deus Ex Crysis edition

  • Daniel Crowley

    I love how awful the HUD always looks in these demos

  • Namynnuz

    Materials and lights are questionable

  • Achillez

    Dayum the police force have some badass lookin gear

  • DjBranco

    i love the music from this game

  • Art Rangel

    Horrible game do not buy or rent You39ve been warned

  • Linkenski

    Love these games but I wish the humans didn39t look so weirdly proportioned

  • Christopher Epperson

    Anyone else see how this can connect to Bioshock Infinite If so I want to speak with you

  • Odemil Uyan

    That realtime reflection is that actually an ingame graphics Or are they just like planning to show off again and then when the game is release game39s downgraded

  • Sentruos

    340 That39s it attention to detail this is why games like these are so amazing I didn39t actually notice it the first time but the guy that walks from left to right behind her with a yellow hood and augmented digitigrade legs is the same 3939terrorist3939 that has appeared in all the trailers leading you to believe that he was the one that planted the bomb Fantastic and subtle storytelling

  • Pure Armageddon

    Adam39s voice sounds like Keanu Reeves

  • SHALL-0

    I39m waiting for the live action movie and Keanu Reeves to play Adam

  • ForceOfWizardry

    This is the closest to Half Life 3 we gonna get lol

  • OhMyBooda

    God damn this game looks incredible Just praying my laptop will be able to handle it

  • PhantomPh1re

    At least this time around Adam got rid of the cheap rechargeable D batteries that powered his takedowns and abilities

  • tubekyle2

    I don39t particularly gush over games but damn This looks very good I39m very eager to see how this game turns out So glad they got rid of the battery cell crap

  • believeitornick abbott

    Whatever happened to good ol39 Malik as your pilot

  • peacefulyetviolent

    Adam jenson looks like such a fucking douchebag lol

  • BrainSeepsOut

    I39m not quite feeling the quotprejudice against augsquot storyline I just can39t buy it Discriminating someone because they39re a cyborg

  • LegendaryLifts

    this looks phenomenal loving the way the guns are

  • ThunderousWrath

    I can39t hear Adam but he sounds like David HayterOh please oh please oh please

  • Cory Mills

    so is this a freeroam game or na

  • X - Name

    In HR I tried to combine both stealth and combat action If I see there39s too many enemies I just turned the cloak mode on and passed them by or knocked them out If I couldn39t do it I39d to kill them or tazer if I could But completing all the additional missions I used all the lethal force I could XDD That39s the shame I don39t like games like that when you can do stealt or do combat I39m very confused what is better all the time It39d be nice when the gameUmmm not forced but like advised going stealth or combat And all the levels were made more easier to stealth or combat to complete IMHO

  • Grim Reaper

    God the Hud looks horible now They really should have kept that simplistic orange feel Even if reinventedAnd the hands still look like chubby buckets when he holds the pistol God I hated that in the first one too

  • Daniel Daw

    I like the mix of first and third person First person is good for firefights and such and is decent enough for navigation but it always feels weird and clunky doing stealth activities in first person IMO

  • Akisame Koetsuji

    Graphics looks old metal gear 5 ftw

  • oliver hayward

    The real question for me is will Jenson39s ex get any payback for stealing your cells causing him to be fisted through the stomach and running around with Page who is clearly an jerk of biblical proportions A Jenson tapslap special should defiantly be administered

  • Scythe Blood

    Illuminati definitely confirmed

  • SkyrimEs5

    Who is the voice actor of Adam I swear I have heard his voice in other games besides Dues Ex

  • Demonsaurus McCarnage

    I39ve played the first Deus Ex loved it I39ve played Conspiracy it was ok And I39ve played Human Revolution and it wasn39t a perfect game but I had a lot of fun Now this this just looks so uninteresting I don39t care how good of a damn story it has I39m all for complicated story lines that go into great depth and detail but seriously the story here is so convoluted and the gameplay mechanics feel so average forgive me if I don39t find this game interesting at all I think I39ll rent it

  • Michael Vincent

    Adam39s face looks like Robert Dawny Jr

  • Xiang yue

    the cut scenes look so much better this time

  • AJ Singh

    When did this become a linear first person shooter

  • The Veneficus

    The Illuminati Are you fucking serious

  • Neo Te-Aika

    I like how they kind of took the best parts of the hacking from Watch Dogs

  • Mod Playthru Channel

    This is a major improvement upon the first game I can39t wait for this Thanks for sharing

  • vincy galiss

    this is only in first person mood

  • Raven

    Don39t fuck it up square enix

  • MyNameIs Nate

    Did he seriously talk about the illuminati LMAO wtf in a video game Anyone having the same thoughts

  • Marcos Pradel

    Ok time to play Human Revolution again D

  • zombieman2821

    If you39re wanting to be stealthy I would hope that you where more silent with destroying like ac vents n such

  • Kyle Page

    Deus Ex Dishonored WatchDogs Crysis and Thief in one game O

  • TheStickyGamez

    The character models look really good

  • Ben Phillips

    As soon as I heard quotIlluminatiquot I was out

  • M3ales

    Ok so Apartheid and the Illuminati in one gameWell

  • leonardo griffin

    I39ve played the original but did like to much and this one seems promising

  • Alexic94

    controller makes it look so fluid and so SLOW

  • Yotsuba

    I39m pretty fucking stoked to be able to play as Adam Jensen again I totally asked for this

  • Eric Hugh Hero

    Is the voice acter for Adam Keanu Reeves 00

  • Richard Risa

    czech police actually speaking czech and they had to pick Cartmans cz voice actor

  • Gurkero

    Commentator quotMaybe this NPC needs to stick arround for a little timequotMe Badum Tzzzzz

  • Abdullah Jimmy

    Did they say Dubai 445

  • Ascendance

    Looks amazing Nice video

  • Thu Collist Kid

    it literally the Illuminati Really REALLY

  • kemuael

    I like Alex eyes they look very Seductive

  • Amari Sengsavanh

    Isaac Clarke became a cop i guess

  • Cthulhu The Fabulous

    Very crysis dishonored inspired

  • I never asked for this but ill happily take it

  • Jumat

    I aint gonna watch movie anymore

  • Kind Old Raven

    Chick39s got big pores though

  • Kumkhat Vegabond Productions

    his head is bigger than his torso

  • pyro sky

    it looks really great but the ammo display is really annoying