Rythian Tries Deus Ex: Revision - UNATCO 4 Lyfe смотреть видео бесплатно

Deus Ex: Revision is a free mod for Deus Ex that remasters the graphics and the soundtracks, putting in widescreen support, and generally making it nicer, easier and simpler to play on newer computers. I figured this was a perfect time to try it out, and ramble a lot about Deus Ex as I did so, since it's one of my favourite games of all time.

Apologies if the video looks a bit weird and artifact-y. The raw file came out VERY dark, so I had to tweak the black/white balance a bit for the render, which makes it look a bit worse. It's not exactly an amazing looking game in the first place, though.

A final note: Most of the things I was kind of iffy about on Revision can be turned off - and Biomod and Shifter comes with the install, so you can use them as well. So even though I probably would use the old DX because of nostalgia reasons, Revision is an excellent mod, that's highly recommended.

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Дата: 2017-07-26 19:34:47

  • CuriousMoth

    There39s a reason Deus Ex is one of your favourite games of all time it39s one of the best games of all time

  • SPOD

    Evening with rythian I like it Keep doing this

  • Skyler High

    Good god this game is ANCIENT Looks good for it39s age though

  • CuriousMoth

    Oh and err the prod just makes them wiggle about then you want to use a baton and smack them in the head for a takedown or just hit them in the head from behind with the baton I guess it39s been a while XD

  • JP 23

    keep up the series please

  • wakesake

    what a piece of shit mod this turned out to be you can barely see anything

  • naphackDT

    The UNATCO theme just sounded weird

  • Tachi Plays!

    Is that John de Lancie voice acting at the beginning

  • Sir Tristan

    611 Oh boy the reasons for that

  • Cubic's Rube

    Old men running the world A new age

  • Miklosh B.

    Deus Ex awesome choice Maybe you39ll do Vampires The Masquerade next time

  • Zipzeolocke

    revision is much harder than the original lots more enemies it39s the same game with a totally different stage layout for all the stages And the gun turret was not glitching through the wall there are actually 2 gun turrets one on the inside and one outside The one that was shooting was inside And the lock pick that you were looking for near the start was inside that small shack that you Walked past multiple times and did not seem to notice it had a door

  • kellen liame

    man going back and thinking about how ive used crowbars in games I39m a brutal mother fucker a gun is a quick clean kill but a crowbar you need several strikes to kill the target and its bloody its like a crazed killer weapon or a life or death survival item

  • Viktor Božičević

    Why the hell did they changed original soundtracks that39s the primary thing that made the original game39s atmosphere lively P

  • JP 23

    ps anyone looking for good deus ex mods either use the shifter mod or the nameless mod the nameless mod is a story in its own right so if you want the original then use shifter

  • Idonthateyou

    Did they speed up the dialogue for this one It sounds so forced especially with Bob Page39s intro unless I39m remembering the original audio wrong

  • Justiciar

    Paul I I I thought you were a GEP gun

  • DynamicMatter

    Me and my brother used to play invisible war a lot when we were kids I would love to see you do a full play through of it So hyped for the new game

  • Roland Belcourt

    wow this game has aged really well for what it is it has pretty decent graphics

  • jacob cohen

    Plz continue this as a series

  • renamorcen

    8 mins into the videoRythian you fool quot

  • Mat Nope

    do a playthrough it would be so awesome

  • Baeron Bubba

    quotI will hit you with this because I am BatManquotwhacks target with crowbar apparently named quotcrossbowquot

  • Andreas Demetriou

    play all of them please

  • JP 23

    are we the only ones looking forward to the new deus ex WHAT A SHAME

  • Borys Pomianek

    The PS2 version is way superior imho

  • Cowon Theplane

    Is the protagonist in this game same with the new deus ex

  • Ranmaru Richu

    Aw man I39m Let39s Playing Deus Ex Revision on my channel too and my first two videos also came out pretty dark lol I managed to fix it in OBS though