DEUS EX HUMAN REVOLUTION Director's Cut Features Trailer смотреть видео бесплатно

Features trailer for Deus Ex Human Revolution Director's Cut !
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DEUS EX HUMAN REVOLUTION Director's Cut Features Trailer. Release date : October 22, 2013 for PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Nintendo Wii U. Subscribe now to get the latest game trailer, gameplay teaser & cinematic video, videogame walkthrough and ingame videos with Game News Official (GameNews) !
Дата: 2017-04-25 02:11:11

  • TheGoku1984

    It39s not the end of the world but you can see it from here

  • HerPerfect

    324 on Steam right now 39

  • Skillfulstone

    does the xbox 360 version have the new game feature

  • Commisariant

    I never asked for this

  • LJMiho

    lol I got 80 don39t know how xD

  • TimmyTheAnarchist

    BTW if you like this game and haven39t played Alpha Protocol play Alpha Protocol It39s a criminally underrated game

  • TimmyTheAnarchist

    Real Deal on featuresBoss Battles still Force you out of Stealth in cutscenes and force you to kill the bosses with no evasion and no nonlethal takedown option all they39ve really done there is add new ways to kill the bossesCommentary makes for an interesting playthroughThe ending is still a slide show press button ending but at least the developers admit in the commentary it was far from idealThe DLC is really well integrated and there is some new cutscene content

  • Diggy246

    I got 80 with the preorder bonus and dlc sweet

  • Sebastian Ojeda

    Thanks eidos for the 50 off

  • Darth Postal

    This is exactly the kind of video I was looking for Thanks

  • Darth Postal

    Are there any videos of new graphics or boss fights Exactly how did they improve them Graphics I saw no difference in this videoI know that it39s only 5 although it says 1199 on Steam for me for some reason I own the game and every single DLC still I want more detailed info about why I should rebuy something I own not just a typical marketing adI mean remember Doom 3 BFG edition It was one of those quotnever againquot moments for me so I39m cautious now

  • Rafahil

    They said this won39t come out on other platforms as of now they lied

  • KandZgaming

    you are the fucktardi bought the game on release and up until now it doesnt have a new game pluswhich should have in the first placeso why add it now like its a new feature when it should existed with the games 1st release since day onei have the original release not directors cut money making bullshithow old are you btw 1518

  • ChimeraKing555

    Not comparing them just saying I had a more complete and fun experience with this than any Cod game

  • joseaca

    im sure it was 10 and 5 but hell if its cheaper even better

  • Soco de Mesa

    Better AI better graphics better boss battles among other things and you don39t need to quotrebuyquot the game you just need to upgrade the version you already have 5 dollars if already have the Missing Link DLC if your game is the Steam version of course

  • Richárd Forster

    It will be 9 and 5 dollars respectively based on the Square Enix statement

  • joseaca

    i dont know about euros but when it comes to dollars the game is 50 dollars on the wiiu 30 dollars on ps3xbox 20 dollars on PC 10 dollars on PC if you already have the game and a mere 5 dollars if you already have the game and the missing link DLCthats one tenth of the price on PC if you have the game alreadyDLC and during the last summer sale on steam you could grab both for less than 4 dollars not each the combined price of both things was less than 4 dollars

  • Richárd Forster

    For those who have the main game the upgrade will be 8 Euros and for those who have the Missing Link it will be 4 Euros This is on Steam of course

  • joseaca

    looks nice but id rather pay one tenth of the price on steam hehe probably less if its on sale

  • TravenousMaximus

    It takes a little time to get used to the gamepad but now I wouldn39t go back to previous controllers

  • TravenousMaximus

    I39m guessing you39ve never played Wii U dual screen play makes games faster and seamless

  • Darth Postal

    I39ve yet to hear a reason why should I rebuy all this on PC

  • Matt

    i39m buying it for ps3 D

  • KandZgaming


  • TheEliteGuy

    im fucking getting this game

  • Alfred

    its one of the best fps rpgs ever made k thanks bye

  • Alfred

    it is on ps3 and xbox 360 were you not paying attention and wii u is slow paced how its more advanced technology wise

  • Mac Orelus

    Would be 10x better on Playstation or Xbox Wii U just makes it extremely slow paced

  • ZodiarkEclipes

    I am so totally getting this game

  • D.R.P

    the touch looting thing looked awesome if they had a game like diablo or made games where theres loot and levelling and grinding and bosses D i think the WiiU with that touchpad would be awesome

  • Bogidani

    to be true this looks like shit

  • Kawaii Leonard

    the wiiu seems like an ass to play

  • ChimeraKing555

    This game is better than any Call of duty ever released

  • Galo Maricalva

    Puta mierda de quotSagaquot