Deus Ex: The Conspiracy (PS2) Liberty Island Gameplay смотреть видео бесплатно

This is gameplay of the entire Liberty Island Level of Deus Ex: The Conspiracy on the PS2. This will be the longest vid I've ever uploaded, and I tried to show as many of the paths, and secrets as i could.

I figured that since Human Revolution just hit, gamers who have never played the original might be curious as to how it played. I also though that PC fans, may be interested to see the changes that they made in the PS2 version (One life bar instead of a life bar for every limb, augments can be equipped at any time during gameplay and not just at medical bots, the levels were redesigned to to deal with the lesser Ram of the PS2, and the load times are more frequent to name a few).

Again, I showed all the different paths I could remember, but if I missed one or two, forgive me. I also edited out most of the load times, because I hate watching load screens in youtube vids too, though I missed one or two.
Дата: 2017-04-25 03:57:10

  • Dana Corterri

    Crazy how this is supposed to be the same game as on the PC but some parts are completely different haha

  • Ethereal Psyche

    Enemies really don39t deal much damage at all in this version Also the redesigned levels more loading screens extremely rare in the original Deus Ex and the choppy framerate They39ve made some improvements on the graphical side with some better animations and textures but that is as much as I can say

  • Nulevoe Krylo

    The framerate is quite pathetic I must say

  • marylain69

    Try smashing a wooden box in real life with only two shots using a crowbarAlso when you walk holding a crowbar hold it way out in front of you at a ninety degree angle

  • Tio Xela

    Isso era divertidoS os graficos e movimentao ja esto ultrapassados para o PS2

  • Carlos Felix

    cara como alguem joga esse lixo affffffffffff

  • funky comentador uchiha cat

    eu estou em todos os lugares huehuehuehuehue

  • Traior246

    My opinion The graphic of characters improved significantly but the interface HUD and the font look very disturbingThe movement looks very stricted and the health system is weird to me

  • Kousaburo

    One of the best games ever made Fact The new one is good as well but not as good as this one

  • MisterHeroman

    Well at least it got SOME things right I like the animations for falling over enemies

  • Ashley Pomeroy

    Ah video game acting of the early 2000s Back when characters waved their hands for no reason at all except waves hands to indicate that waves hands they were talking As if it wasn39t apparent from the fact that they were well talking

  • Brett Bates

    Would be nice if they included a straight PC port of Deus Ex 1 just with better controller mappings packed into Mankind Divided when it comes out on console


    great game however I never finished it way too much loading every time you go thru a door or around the corner did not get more than about 3 min game play without the annoying load

  • Gonzalo Vanini

    The levels are different Dumbed down for the PS2 but they do have a charm to it Might play this if I ever get the chance

  • XgamerGR

    I freaking like this game

  • Thornbell

    According to Designer Harvey Smith JC Denton is a descendant of Jesus Christ

  • Vagrant

    I like how this PS2 port is clearly different from the PC version due to system limitations but it manages to pull it off in a way that makes sense and gives it is own flair and on top of that also has things the PC version doesn39t like motioncaptured animations Same thing with HalfLifeThe early 0039s were magical times

  • SouthOx

    I39m pretty sure you can get this on psn now I had it on ps2 and it was pretty good

  • me

    Yeah I39m pointing out how there are many FFX fanboys who get mad when their game is criticized There are a lot of better RPGs on the PS2 and FFXII has a much better story and great gameplay

  • me

    Many tears are shed by FFX fanboys in the vicinity of this comment

  • Pedro Alejandro

    That and the new models and animations very weird

  • Pedro Alejandro

    The map cuts are weird

  • Showingtheway y

    you39re fucking dumb cunt

  • funkotronian

    oh yeah well then why when you switch an item the game pauses FUCK YOU

  • Showingtheway y

    the gameplay is identical retard

  • Showingtheway y

    it was originally a PC game so please don39t make it seem like it39s a PS2 exclusive

  • majema007

    I sense a butthurt PC fanboy

  • TheChicken1337

    The textures are actually worse in detail than the PC version I39m surprised

  • Monique13666

    The people look better but the background space has been reduced but yeah JC looks much more handsome

  • funkotronian

    pc version is much better wtf is this gay ass shit

  • DankFinder

    How did this game fly over me undetected

  • Frankxx87

    I would like to see how the dreamcast manage this game since it39s running on the unreal engine

  • Optiluiz

    It39s on the european psn now it39ll probably be around 10 bucks whenif it hits the american psn

  • ChromeLiger

    yes PC has a much more indepth health system with limb damage and whatnot The levels are larger and more open as well It39s really the superior version but the PS2 version isn39t bad

  • Brokensteel216

    Is there much difference between the PC and PS2 versions of this game

  • RaiRaiRai999

    I always preferred this version over the PC original the health system was bullshit

  • ebbderelict

    I39ve never played the PS2 version but Deux Ex on the PC is my favourite game of all time I couldn39t get into Invisible War but Human Revolution was pretty good

  • Knut Kniffte

    ferretlord2177 i got a copy last week for 10 euro without manual but it is really worth every cent fuck off the gfx i am not a graphic bitch i wanna PLAY a game and have fun with it

  • Frankxx87

    Looks like dreamcast graphics

  • prulcan

    Ah Deus Ex I need five days to finished PC version on hard lot of exploration Also i have PS2 version and i like it and loading times are not pain in the ass For me Deus Ex is one of the best PC port for PS2

  • Dragonfury3000

    synthem That movie inspired alot of things

  • Dragonfury3000

    wow the character models look much better than the PC version

  • HarpoTheVillain

    I like your videos and your taste Skimmed through your list of vidsgood stuff This video really makes me feel like picking up that copy from that net auction site I frequent

  • Wieprzow

    SohJinh yeah there39s even song about it by Corey Hart

  • synthem

    setting and scenery reminds me a bit of Escape from New York

  • teh2Dgamer

    conortehgamer I own both last gen ED games I forget which is which but the first one I own on the PS2 and the one that has a DMCish feel I own on the Xbox

  • teh2Dgamer

    ferretlord2177 I39ve seen it around multiple times Has the price really been jacked up to 40 It should be more in the ballpark of 310

  • SohJinh

    In the future we will all wear long black coats and sunglasses at night

  • Krismac242

    conortehgamer yea that was pretty fun

  • FacestabMan

    I kinda wanted to play this after having played the PC version But it seems like it39s a watered down version

  • Burner2K0

    On a 2003 issue of Gamepro I don39t remember this game looking like that oO maybe it was the PC version I was looking at

  • teh2Dgamer

    I generally tried to keep the killing to a minimum but once I get low on life all bets are off Usually I can get through without Paul scolding me for killing quotA lot of Peoplequot

  • Sid Menon

    They didn39t compromise too much on this version and it actually has some improvements The PC version is still worth it for the mods that change both the game balance BioMod is one of my favorites and The Nameless Mod which is a HUGE fan project

  • El Prezzy

    This is so fantastic You are my favorite youtuber man I used to play this shit with my dad I remember having such a fun time in this game Picked it up for 7

  • RiouInsuiko

    Very timely release in light of the new Deus Ex game Well played sir