Space Scene - Tattoo Timelapse смотреть видео бесплатно

  • teambronski

    Really eye catching work Space is a hard concept to get right but your guy nailed it Way to sit like a champ too I know how much of a mind crunch it starts to get after like hour 4 for me anyway Wear it proud

  • Jodey Joe

    Them Skinn breaks was just don39t perfect

  • pyro 079

    hi when im 16 i whant a moon but my mom dont whant me to do it how can i convens my mom

  • Roosa Gaming

    How much did this cost

  • Mickey Kauffman

    I know I39m late to the party ahaand I hope I don39t sound like a tool No worries I acknowledge tattoo artists differ their price by the hour size etc but how much did this approximately cost If I may ask And did you do his inner arm as well

  • rhys dummackin

    nice art work man just wondering what type of style is it been wanting a space tattoo for years now but struggling to find out what style a space tattoo just like the one you have done in this video

  • Clayton Prouty

    How long did this take

  • Universal S&F

    looks great man actually getting mine done the 15th

  • I am Ghostie

    I39m 17 years old and I would love to be a tattoo artist Any tips I39ve never used a tattoo machine before or anything I usually just draw My mom is going to buy me some practice skins and a machine