DEUS EX MANKIND DIVIDED Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 FULL GAME (HD 1080p) - No Commentary смотреть видео бесплатно

DEUS EX MANKIND DIVIDED Walkthrough Part 1. This is a DEUS EX MANKIND DIVIDED Full Game Gameplay Walkthrough that will go over the main story, ending, boss fights.


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Дата: 2017-08-24 00:31:21

  • RabidRetrospectGames

    Be sure to leave a like if you enjoyed the video It helps the channel grow and I greatly appreciate it

  • RabidRetrospectGames

    Note I39ve noticed some comments disappearing For whatever reason Youtube is moving some to the spam and we typically just delete spam If yours was deleted apologies

  • Rusty

    No bs commentary No exploration Straightforward through story That39s what I like it I will keep an eye on this channelin a good way

  • RabidRetrospectGames

    DEUS EX MANKIND DIVIDED All Cutscenes Movie Located Herehttpswwwyoutubecomwatchv1B9bq1shkA

  • RabidRetrospectGames

    DEUS EX MANKIND DIVIDED Playlist HerehttpswwwyoutubecomplaylistlistPLYD0s9u6Ol27b1TkQCtTcUOCNb7TDg1js

  • FRG

    from 4th hour the sound is faster than the picture I mean video

  • Kiki Isabeast

    I wish Adam had more emotion in his voice but I guess he39s supposed to be dead inside or something

  • TrueReptainlove

    around 42000 i get audio issues the picture and audio are not in sync is it a render error or jus my cell phone if its my cell how do i fix it i tried everything from reloading the vid to restarting my phone

  • Bünny

    i dont like commenting Gameplays Thanks for this ABO


    great gameplay nice job

  • Nick Name

    imo too much talkingwandering gameplay39s slow as hell

  • embodiment of evil

    u play 8hrs nonstop woah

  • Luiz Fernando Silva Santos

    O conselho que eu dou para vocs meus amigos no virarem marionetes da Call Duty pois no tero a sensao de um jogo real e tudo o que eles querem

  • Xander Kane

    I hope Aria39s face is based on a real person she39s lovely and those lipsWOW

  • Nick Nevco

    The animation in this game is so weird everyone has some sort of nerve damage as they twitch like they are on 5 shots of espresso

  • Luiz Fernando Silva Santos

    Vocs no imaginam a dor no corao que estou sentindo trabalho de graa com prazer para dar diverso para vocs cobrem da youtube este tal bilhete de identificao que ate agora no entendi o que seria

  • RoCCo CarmeLL

    where is killing this game is all about talking and serching stuff lol

  • Robert Strickland

    wait when did this game came out

  • Math Rocket

    This game is way too short and only 1 boss Seriously

  • Chirikato Rukino

    sound and video out of sync at 4 hours 10 min

  • 谭松韵

    tks very much greetings from a Chinese who lives in Sydney now

  • Saint Barthélemy

    NEW GENRE quotBla Bla Gamesquot

  • Bitten_By_Frost

    Dude you played the whole 8 hours in one sitting without using the restroom That alone gets my like

  • rain wav

    I dunno why but I don39t have any objectives marked

  • MrVlogerGuy

    I39m so grateful for you RabidRetrospectGames D

  • Aaron Seaberry

    Audio gets desynced as shit what the fuck git gud

  • PrinceAnarchy

    You put a lot of work into your videos I really appreciate that

  • 司此雷

    Audio got fucked up in later time

  • Eskmm1

    if you see the hud reload you know they fucked up

  • monkeytown

    sowould u recommend thisliked HR a lot

  • Bryan Graziano

    Will you do the original Deus Ex game by any chance


    how long did you take for the 1st run

  • HotaruZoku

    I know I39m late to the party but I also know I can risk being annoying since it39s so easy to delete comments So if I come across that way hit meI can39t help but notice you quotflickquot your augments Rapidly Often There isn39t anything wrong with this of course It39s a game And one meant to be played as the player sees fit It39s that your any good at it that I bring this up at allThe mechanics for augment bioenergy are setup in such a way that you are vastly rewarded for less frequent longer uses of augs vs more frequent shorter uses Thankfully we dropped the batterybiocell mechanic from HR and in it39s place we have a single pool of energy When an aug goes on you loose it39s quotactivation costquot then it39s quotdraining costquot What this means is that if you flick augs the majority of your energy loss is going to be the activation cost which you can only counter with biocells what happened to the energy bars of varying sizes I loved those as opposed to drain loss which not only regenerates but is the only kind of energy usage 4 of the 6 energy aug upgrades effects at all There are several moments IE 54704 your caught short on energy that you39d never have had to deal with which you always do well if you39d regulated your aug usage differentlyDid I mention I overthink things

  • mussatorre

    13504 that guy looks like the guy who plays hawk man in legends of tomorrow

  • Oshaoxin

    Turns on the Radio quotBoo yah quot Turns off the Radio

  • Hashim Risaldar

    the game39s not worth the hype

  • Kellie Wallace

    I have the glitch in mission 14 ps4 where I can39t go anywhere from the train station Im watching your video until the update comes in

  • bryan scroggins

    the watch tool i think its called a multitool lets you hack devices without doing the minigame

  • crabbyboy sam

    Is this game linked to the other games like the original Deus Ex from 2000 and Deus Ex Invisible war like the same story line or something

  • Auxin relari

    is it possible to finish the game im playing Give Me Deus Ex without kill without pacify KO Disable just only distract amp evasion

  • PrinceAnarchy

    Wtf happened to the guy at 25440 He just superman jumped away Lol

  • Bryan Graziano

    By the way love your work

  • Gastronomic Disaster

    Thats what i like to see So fitting to the deus ex style cut and dry gameplay wo yuppie commentary It feels like the game does not accept it the Moody music the immersionGood upload Thank youPsthey kinda dropped the ball in the music in MD HR did so much better

  • Tomáš Rožič

    you will play dlc system rift

  • Rusty

    No stupid commentary No exploring Straight through the story that39s what I like

  • Bolek Lolek

    Thumbs down just for being a casual sheep and playing on a game pad P

  • Pearlie McCann

    I enjoy exploring the environment to Specially for Hard to find loot amp praxis rewards etc All side quests done early helps too

  • Davian Steiner

    Wait a minuteSo Elias Toufexis reprise hisrole as Adam Jensen Right



  • kittenkisses

    Has anyone else had the issue where it lagsmouth moves a few seconds after the audio o

  • TOT777SOS

    I39m really undecided about this game Should I buy it or skip it I really liked the cyberpunk kind of setting but is the story any good

  • DEMONGAMER 49330

    holy shitI wanted to watch this walk through foreverthank u so much

  • Cyrill Art

    Should not play this game30 fps

  • Darktommy3

    but ist normal at the beginning have 15 kit praxis

  • BY the People

    I just noticed this was out I might have to play it

  • Pedro Miranda

    I like how on the Rucker scene at 304 you just take his whiskey and leave lolol

  • Dana Radosa

    How on earth were you able to afford so many upgrades so quickly

  • traitorouskin

    or more probably total coincidence n i39m wrong again

  • Cyber Imp

    The Machine God it39s the Emperor

  • Nismon

    Great play through man thanks


    was the audio messed up for anybody else or just me the audio was ahead of the actual visual

  • mwood10480

    How could a chick that dumb have the brain capacity to fabricate even one of those bombs