Mad Max - Gameplay Overview Trailer | PS4 смотреть видео бесплатно

Enter The Wasteland, and get your first extended look at the car customization, metal grinding vehicular combat, brutal melee combat, and much more that awaits you in Mad Max, available September 1, 2015 on PS4.

All footage in the trailer is in-engine, comprised of actual gameplay and in-game cinematics.

May contain content inappropriate for children, visit for rating information

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  • cardinal151515


  • Kam Majid

    Bought it 3 months ago and regretting why I didn39t buy it before This is an awesome game

  • Solid Snake

    can you get hungry because ill die 12940 times

  • Robe Espada

    Can I be the guitar player XD

  • NinjaPups

    Was not expecting this to make me want to play the game so bad I need this right now I really cannot wait after this video

  • daalpujr3

    srsly Let the sad mad desert man keep his car

  • Troopper102

    Just bought it wondering why I didn39t get it sooner

  • Chris

    Hopefully there39s a button I can press to make him go quotJASOOOOOOONquot

  • Jabir Manaa

    I like these game mad max

  • Mac Dee

    The game is just as good as the movie

  • lobsang collazo

    this game is incredible

  • Ammar Zaxo

  • DenBergs

    Who is here from Roman Atwood

  • Mariam

    It39s very good i like this game

  • Psytrance

    just bought that foe ma ps4 lol

  • Danielle Rauscher

    i cant blev it it is fiely haping


    I fckn love this game

  • Selahattin Asilturk

    This game is very mad

  • blvck

    quot710 Too much sandquot IGN Logic

  • Simon B

    Hope and Glory OK But not Chumbucket

  • TrollzorArcades


  • VanZepplin 01

    way better graphics and gameplay then fallout 4

  • Jodo YT

    suscribe for my Chanel minecraft gta v etc

  • Christian Polychroniadis

    I saw this game on sale in amazon and I jut give it a chance the game totally rocksgreat game

  • Adel Chelsea

    one of the best PS4 and Xbox one games so far

  • jyoti Maharshi

    this is the most f game I39ve ever playedeven bulletstorm is good than this

  • Kaleb Chidester

    I beat the game pretty sad but a fun game to play

  • TheSpartan117

    yesterday was my birthday got mad max today i want to see the new mad max movie really bad

  • Kostas Askotis

    i can see that warner bros pictures is the one to get the gaming world to a brand new generation

  • Asylant

    If any developer at Avalanche reads this Please give us console and PC players a patch which makes dead bodiescorpses and car wrecks stay on the ground until the player reaches a great distance to them Instantly fading away bodies and cars massively break the immersionThis kind of game design is absolutely not bearable in the year 2015 Most games these days offer permanently visible bodies and blood stains which increase the realism and immersion considerably This otherwise great game suffers badly from this issue please Avalanche adress this problem There is nothing that gamers hate more than disappearing corpses It feels so 1998 We have next gen consoles and PC39s which could run NASA simulation software smoothly so why do bodies still have to fade away into thin air after 20 seconds Another huge atmosphere killer is the eyesore that covers the top left screen corner the mission objective text reminder Does it have to be visible all the time and ruin the vista And what39s with the floating destination marker that is always visible in the distance Isn39t the minimap enough to find my path do I need to be reminded by a floating circle within the game environment all the time No I don39t Ubisoft does this yes But they think gamers are stupid But we aren39t We love playing most games with HUD entirely disabled as we want to discover the game world by ourselves So please give us the option to turn off unnecessary things and instead keep the dead bodies in Thank you very much for reading this and I honestly hope in the name of all gamers that you guys listen to your customers and fans and release a patch soon

  • Mikelange Ngakala

    top 5 ps4 games 20155 Fallout 44 Batman Arkham Knight3 Mad Max2 The Witcher 31 Metal Gear Solid 5

  • Cezar Zanotto

    Oh what a game WHAT A LOVELY GAME

  • Time Patroller

    This freaking amazing

  • Junaid Abbas

    can39t wait to play this game so cool

  • sotha manith

    Goshh I cant stop playing this badass game

  • PolyPunch

    They say the new Mad Max movie is supposed to be so good that you39ll even forget that Mel Gibson hates Jews

  • Jonathan

    Is this game heavy on the driving Or does it have a lot of mele

  • progaming 5544

    what is the trailer song ps make it on android plz

  • Lucios1995

    When Max gets kidnapped at the very beginning of the movie it39s like x10 more dudes and cars getting to him lol

  • Point303Operator

    Whats with all the American accents

  • Teh BrownieMixx

    I39m only feeling kinda 39meh39 about how this game will turn out only because I39ve seen the new movie recently and can39t help but compare everything here to it undoubtedly unfair of course as I don39t think a game based on the franchise would be able to top it But hey who knows I had a similar feel for Shadow of Mordor and that game turned out pretty good

  • Kidee Doo

    Goddamn the cutscene graphics on the ps4 SSSUUUUCCCKKKK

  • Marco Antonio

    Incredible wonderful game

  • G0atboy

    So is this game as good as the film

  • MrMiamiswaggz305

    So the guy decided to eat a dead corpse 253

  • Ivano Satriani

    great game if only they would add more story and maybe bikes instead of just cars Not that i dont like the game its great but once you39re litterly done with everything its kinda empty and i wouldent mind spending 20 bucks on a descent mad max dlc or a sequel instead

  • WhiteTuxMafiaAndFilms

    I hope the five wives furiousa and Nux are in the game

  • raponegod3


  • TomCat Xsl

    anyone else reminded of Fist of the North Star

  • baselTV

    i still play that game untill now on pc

  • ghada eldabah

    2 bad this game sucked

  • Carter Smith

    1010 best game ever seen

  • Glodus Mc

    Who is narrator So amazing voice

  • Nikhil Jose

    I39m missing out on so much just because I couldn39t wait for 2 weeks to buy a ps4 instead of a PS3

  • Paulnewmankun

    Woahhhh YeahhhhhhhhhMAD MAX