Keep Calm and Get a Tattoo смотреть видео бесплатно

January 21, 2012; I got a tattoo along my collarbone that says "with everything"
I love it!!!!! For me, it signifies how awesome Jesus is! Im happy to live my life for Him!
I got it in Tyler, TX at a local parlor called Kelly's Tattoos. I definitely recommend it, Kelly knows whats up! Thanks Audrey for videoing!
Enjoy :)
Дата: 2017-04-24 06:38:21

  • How High Can You Fly

    Im getting my collarbone done in a few weeks Shit its going to hurt lol

  • tranquility

    Ppl kill me with their lack of real information The reason the bible states to not get a tatt is to not worship the dead or to honor them in an unhealthy fashion My friend is a reverend and she has twoto remember her dad and for her sister who passed So if anyone knows the bible it39s her Also back in the day ppl put tatts on their bodies to signify worshiping of something other than Christ That is a sin The tatt in and of itself is not

  • blindasabat

    I39m getting expecto patronum favourite harry potter spell along the same place on may the 8th its an 18th birthday present I am so fricken excited This video made me feel a little better thanks

  • Donna C

    I live your tattoo And the reason why you got it

  • Freya McRae

    For me i would rate the pain a 3 i had it done yesterday and it was easily the least painful tattoo ive had the only bit that stung was when it was getting closer to my neck

  • Jodi Hoffman

    i love your tattoo and the song

  • Ashley Winstone

    for me i would rate it a 6 i could tolerate it most of the timebut some pots closer up to the collar bone hurt bad Good luck

  • Noelle Sapon

    Hi i39m planning on getting a tattoo on the exact the same place and I was just wondering how painful it is on the scale of 110 10 being the most painful and also whether your just good at tolerating pain xP

  • Andrei Popescu

    did you know its a sin to be so retarded

  • Krystal Goff

    I39m getting a collarbone tattoo next week and watching this I just realized the guy39s arm will be enfolding my tits great

  • Jaclyn Hammelswang

    did you know its a sin to get tattooed

  • Nik Love

    i got one in the same spot and it hurt about a 6 or 7 and my rib tattoo hurt about a 2

  • theradgab

    She39s so pretty Lol cool tat

  • Elizandra Perez

    Imma get mine tomorrow ughh does it hurt alot or jus lil

  • Hilary Harper

    Hi Im getting my tattoo in the same place From a scale from 110 how bad did that hurt