How to install Just Cause 2 and all dlc's for FREE (Working) смотреть видео бесплатно

  • Goaty Gaming

    Why can39t you just get the DLC files and up them on a download site Much easier huh

  • Spongebub

    Hey i have just cause 2 on steam can i use the dlc39s when i have just cause 2 on steam

  • 81089mrme

    Yes this is just the regular JC2 for pc just came with the dlc and you need to install yourself this is not a special version or anything

  • That Fuck Tonnato

    Guys there is another repack with jc2 and dlc but problem is that you have to do something to make it in english because there is no english button only russian so you must do something in regedit or something

  • Lukas Muler

    does the dlcs work with the original version of jc2


    My connection has problem with torrent Any direct link or adfly or whatever