SPONTANEOUS TATTOO CHALLENGE смотреть видео бесплатно

  • Gen C

    I live in Chicago and them saying quotOh my god it39s so coldquot makes me laugh so hard Still love y39all tho xD

  • Anastasia Weiß

    122 Charles is in the mirror Oo

  • Sarah Costello

    658 Yellow Tongue How


    Me Virgo Scott Virgo Beyonce Virgo SQUAD GOALS

  • Besty1201 Videos

    When the rest of PTX realised Mitch got a tattoo

  • Rachel Bazilian

    who was he saying was his boyfriend lol

  • Grace A

    I39m a virgo and my best friend is a leo too haha

  • Eva Meleena

    quotCicadas on our arm No jackets on our backquotFor Mitch and Scott there is no you and me there39s only uswe

  • Jenni Murphy

    Two years later arms covered in tattoos

  • Sunset&La-la

    we39re going on a baby hunt and don39t think we don39t know how to weeeeed 39em out

  • sassy grassi

    628 i can39t stop replaying xD

  • Beebo_ Lover

    Beyonce and I share the same birthday September 4 I39m years younger though

  • Anabelle Boffey

    I39m on 201 on flappy bird love u super fruit

  • Sara Shively

    this video and the last one are so weird to me because watching the videos from the beginning scott and mitch are like totally different people than in 2013 like mitch seems to look totally different than he did just three videos ago

  • WolfFox2005 Gaming

    OMG IM A LEO TOO who knew me and my favorite one from PTX would have alot in common

  • Andy Simmons

    quotGirl that39s a roachquot

  • Colin Jerista

    It39s a person in the background at 120

  • giaesthetic

    i always think about this video

  • Inger Haugland

    I39m a straight girl and I do the bro voice too no idea why didn39t even know it had a name until now Interesting that it is a thing

  • Analander '

    121 you could see avi in the mirror

  • WolfFox2005 Gaming


  • Emily Armstrong

    around 120 who was that in the mirror

  • Tiffany Puskarich

    at 124 avi is in the top left corner

  • Kay

    Scott39s face change at 513 makes me DIE every time hahaha

  • BCFs And Stuff

    I love how scott has to duck in the cab bc he is so tall

  • dannii197911

    Mitch you the same birthday month as me which is July

  • Vinícius Sarmento

    Beyonce is having twins If you want Scott you can adopt me and my twin sister so you have twins just like Beyonce

  • Irinaplaysmc15

    i39m a leo just like mitch

  • YourYoungDigitalSketchpad

    WHAT WAS THAT SHADOW O did anyone else see that creepy shadow in the background

  • Chloe Drew


  • Thalia G

    Aww 2014 Mitch without tatoos

  • Buggy Sky

    Was that Avi in the mirror 121

  • Kathleen Frey

    Welcome to Chi Town where it is currently 1 degree

  • Andrew Morris

    Oh my god SCOTT hahahahahaa that subtle gurn

  • Brooke Bos

    Scott at 251quotWe39re gonNA SHARE ONEquotHe is literally four years old XD

  • Lynn Weatherby

    Mitch has the same zodiac as me YAY

  • oriana aravena

    they are 100 under an influence LOL

  • Violet Greenfield

    The zodiacs i guessed them

  • lily ludwick


  • Francisca Silva

    bro voice yea yea yea yea cool ye see ya later it is lirlly sooo cool omgit feels like a burn

  • Macie Dawn French

    121 Avi in the fucking mirrorSOILED IT

  • Jocelyn Johnson

    Why did Mitch say quot That39s my boyfriendquot

  • Yruiz2004

    When you live in Chicago and they39re funny to you because they39re like WHY IS THERE SO MANY CARS WHY IS IT SO COLD

  • anthony gutierrez

    At 223 you can see someone or something walking in the background to the right of Scott I low key freaked out and I have watched this video 10 times and haven39t seen it until now

  • Officially Agatha

    does it hurt when you get a tattoo well during the process

  • miss mary mak

    I know this is a very late comment but ILYSM and I am also Virgo please follow me on instagram missmarymak

  • Lea Welch

    MitchScott who was that in the background at 120

  • TheRadicalRazburry woodham

    Anyone see avi in the mirror at 123

  • Fluffypuppy2007 Aleah Lobaton


  • Chelsey Renee

    Love the spontaneous vibes here also side note love how Mitch is a Leo Because I am a fire sign myself I39m a different sign I am a Sagittarius but still loving that he39s a fire sign

  • Kate l-/


  • Audrey Grace

    Virgo squad where u at

  • 2009kirby

    OMG they39re in Chicago my home D

  • DarkSpiritMorrigan

    I love the sound of a tattoo gun I can39t wait to get another one

  • charris beavers

    Mitch I39m a Leo too

  • Nolan Call

    Who was the dark figure in the background at 224 He looks scary It is Charles isn39t it Or is it just Ryan wearing a scary cloak for no reason Please tell me

  • NightmaresWonderland

    why is Scott beatboxing so hot to me ugh

  • Cynful Kitty Squad

    my sister is a Virgo I39m a Libra

  • Marilyn Asencio

    Ok no ofance but I think Mitch is gay

  • Beebo_ Lover

    I39m a Virgo and my best friend is a Leo

  • Lorelei Wade

    Did anyone else notice Mitch39s tongue was orange

  • wyatt blue grassi-hoying

    does anyone know where scott got his shirt at