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-Discovery Hit by Kevin MacLeod

Piano song
-Fig Leaf Rag by Kevin MacLeod

-MACINTOSH PLUS - リサフランク420

Not a history of video games
-Time Passing By by Audionautix

The review start
-Candlepower by Chris Zabriskie

Bullshit Deaths
-Strange Ways by Silent Partner

HK hell
-Dance Dubber by Audionautix

Boat level
-Far away by MK2

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Revision Credits
-Epic Unease by Kevin MacLeod

Maps that didn't change
-Jeopardy theme

Final music
-Ending Theme of Super Mario World
Дата: 2017-05-29 07:07:13

  • Gyro

    Well you convinced me to use GMDX rather than Revision congrats V

  • gangstalishis

    installed it and it ran like shit on my machiine gonna go with GMDX

  • LMTR14

    ahem a 2011 game looked better than a 1999 game WHAT A TWITSand that is ALL it did better than DX1 sure the world looks good but it is also completely static you can39t even shoot most glass I39d rather take a world I can interact with than the most hd graphics possible

  • Archenson

    Liked for the random insertion of Super Mario World ending theme

  • Engineer Apocalypse

    To be fair dude this mod was in its LATE BETA at the time of this video it was not fully complete until march of 2016 PSo could you please make an UPDATED review of this mod it would be much appreciated It39s much better now

  • Tore Aabø

    Very bad review seem to miss 90 of the changes

  • HunterShows

    What the hell were you thinking

  • GravityZero

    That new soundtrack is terrible

  • Cigol Simons

    Disliked but mainly for the use of unfunny autist memes

  • Mad_Scientist

    i wanted normal colors it gave me orange

  • 1man Productions

    the revision has gotten way better than it was in this video and it has a great rating on steam the biggest change from this video is that the AI is way better now

  • RandomlyDrumming

    my 2cI agree with everything said in the video Revision to original Deus Ex is pretty much what Cinematic mod is to original HalfLife 2 all show no substance IMORevision is rather sloppily designed to the point that certain types of playthroughsare borderline impossible ie nonlethal type mostly because the enemy NPCs positioning and patrol routes are not well thought out to allow you diverse gameplay styles the hit points problem Guys at Caustic obviously spent so much energy in putting all the pretty textures and newupdated models in the modthat they managed to lose focus and completely miss the pointessence of the game New maps are huge yet uninteresting for exploration and so much stuff has been put into environments that they feel cluttered Sometimes less is more guys And don39t even get me started on the AI and combatIMHO if you39re looking to quotfreshen upquotDeus Ex then I recommend theGMDX mod as itis far FAR superior to Revision Comparing to GMDX Revision feels like a mess with quotquantity over qualityquot philosophy in the center GMDX actually fixed outdated mechanics and bugs and added new interesting things to the game while Revision is basically just redesignedoverhauled levels slapped together riddled with amateurish design decisionsIn conclusion if you want a quotdefinitive Deus Ex experiencequot GMDX is where it39s at Revision is an interesting experiment but nothing morecheers

  • nombre675

    what do you recommend me revision or gmdx

  • Chris Vellrath

    Nice review I very much like your logic and point system method Subscribed

  • kingofkilps

    OHH MYY GOOOD Well at least you go plenty of Arnieee useage

  • crazyrabbits

    All I can say is this Revision is impressively bipolarFor every good or interesting change there39s a level that39s either needlessly complex bizarrely empty and devoid of interesting pickups or lore and additional material that feels amateurishThe weirdest part is the enemy difficulty on Realistic mode quotOverzealousquot is a good way to sum it up I39m walking a floor below enemies and they39re losing their shit trying to get to me while other enemies flawlessly headshot me from a halfclick away

  • Moonstalker

    I think the main difference bewteen GMDX and Revision is that GMDX is made by someone who knows what deus ex is and the other one is made by people who doesn39t really know what it isAfter playing the previous instances of the mod there were many faulty level design changes like bad enemy placement and even closed paths which was kind of key if you wanted to choose your playstyleAlso the thing about using invisible walls and make areas where you simply can39t go was also bullshit there was a bit of that in the original but not at Revision39s degree It was made during that much time because they had to recalibrate the maps redo things that39s the whyIn some areas some remade places had potential but were utterly broken due to bad enemy placement turret placement so they ended up to make more flavoured of the same place I39m a huge fan of blowing up stuff but Deus Ex is a game where choices are key and playstyle elements tooYou can play it as a first person shooter and a first person sneaker as wellThe level design options given to the player were made for that The AI was also built for thatPersonally if Deus Ex had one thing to change is the gunplay most of the weapons handles terribly and only few mods fixes thatThat doesn39t mean going guns blazing should be easy but at least be as pleasant as sneakingI don39t hate them though but some weapons are a bit not that useful IMO

  • Vincent Wood

    Gunther finally gets orange

  • Small Chao

    It gave me orange I wanted lemonlime

  • BoxedPchannel

    Mkaelus What are your most favorite mods for Deus Ex the original is there any that are sequels ive been playing mankind divided and it just makes me want to play the original

  • Kelvin Casing

    Harsh but fair There were some things to like Paris but most of the redesign failed hard because they focused on the bling when they should have focused on gameplay Sad if people experience DX for the first time in this state just because it39s prettier Just installed gmdx v80 and it seems superior so far although i have found a couple of bugsoddities there too Interesting that no mod has yet attempted to add more scenariocharacterstory elements or comprehensively redo the voice work More choices events and consequences would add a lot to the game39s immersion and interactivity

  • GreedyDragon

    GMDX is pure shit compared to this

  • Banzay27

    While I mostly agree with the broad strokes of this review the point scoring felt immensely arbitrary subjective just overall silly and not thought out even for a casual opinionI don39t agree with the gripe with some levels being reinvented and others left largely unchanged While I39m cynical as to the likely reasons why that is so it39s not an automatic downside in and of itself Maybe they had good ideas for some and not the rest and elected to leave them unchanged Maybe some levels just are better off in their default forms rather than changed up merely for the sake of changingI39d rather you had judged the worth of each individual level or not at all reinvented or otherwise If this were a paid product that39d be different But it39s not It39s a free modification They39re not being unacceptably lazy by leaving some levels largely unchanged So in view of this it always seems ungrateful to me to complain along the lines of I liked that x was made better but I dislike that y wasn39t also made better Again this is in the context that whoever did it doesn39t owe you jack shitI do reckon that this mod would be instantly better several fold if they39d simply reset the AI to its original state and get rid of the piss filterFinally I liked the Arnie clips and 705 Gunther Hermann accent confirmed

  • Findecanor

    The logo does actually say REVISIDEN

  • 40End

    All ive got to say after trying this mod myself at realistic is this Taken from Urban Dictionary websiteArtificial difficultyA term to describe games that have enemies that are too powerful to be killed even through intelligent gameplay and the player must resort to cheap tactics and exploits because the enemy cannot be killed in a straight up fight due their health and damage surpassing the player39s The difference between artificial difficulty and real difficulty is that real difficulty can be overcome through intelligent gameplay such as planning out how you will attack a group so you will not take any damage being patient and being cautious Real difficulty is achieved through enemies that have intelligent abilities that the player must learn and learn to avoid while artificial difficulty is achieved simply by raising the enemies39 damage and healthSkyrim on Master is artificial difficulty Enemies are no more intelligent than normal but have double health and damageby chiller678April 06 2013

  • Cam Par

    1130 you said 5 points from revision but you actually gave it 5 points

  • GoldfishGam3r

    I beat revision killing only Agent Navarre stealth is the same and the difficulty as well you just suck at the game XD

  • David Brumby


  • Pegwidge Fakelastname

    quotWAAHHH THE AI IS TOO HARDquotGit gud

  • ezekiel riquelme

    why you complaining about something that39s free I understand if you didn39t purchase the game on Steam but still you39re nitpicking the f out of this

  • John Millthorpe

    it looks really ORANGE

  • David Brumby


  • Filipp Suvorov

    What is the best after all GMDX or Revision

  • DeliCat_123

    So when is the face reveal And as you would say gt

  • David Brumby

    Thank you for making this sir I too was dissapointed that revision was steam only Thankfully torrents exist So I don39t have to buy Deus Ex for the 3rd time to play it Also I hear you can turn the new music off

  • Razɢgιz Ƒσυlkє ラーズグリーズ フォルク

    I belive that you were to good whit revision

  • slayerming1

    Just curious what exactly does GMDX add

  • Big Seddy

    quotas I believe my face mod is 1000x better than the HDTP modelquotYou know what I absolutely cannot argue with that

  • Anathelus

    What a trainwreck of a mod so it39s basically unplayable for the most part and you have to skip a large portion of Hong Kong which is probably the best part of the gameThis should not have been released

  • 40End

    But remember mKaelus Your enemies are now augmented This is my theory on how you felt playing this P httpswwwyoutubecomwatchvz38tZPxDekw

  • Comedic Sketches

    Nice review Now I know for sure I don39t need to play the mod

  • Someone64

    1145 quot5 points FROM revisionquot goes from 7 to 2quot wat

  • TheFrenchTrollWithC4

    Never had this orange filter I wonder if it has anything to do with the rendering system i remember doying something weird with it but can39t remember Same fot the HK hub bugs

  • Peter Hunt

    Would have been good to link to the glitch and instadeath videos again at the end thanks for making the review

  • Adam Hamilton

    I never liked steam The system crashes too much Even on fancy high tech computers I dont see why or how they continue to keep business with their system crashing all the time

  • Dev of Anj

    I like how the top rated comment on your video submission to Reddit dismisses so much of the video as quotnot very accuratequot Umm what39s not very accurate Lots of levels being barely changed and just having some objects placed around Or the music not being to your liking It39s kind of an odd comment

  • Dr. Acid

    You39re funny and you got me laughing hard on certain parts of your review I39d say you39ve got a tallent and you should definitely do more reviews like this oneInstant Subscribe

  • Kevin Van bergen

    I don39t get why they had to change everythingThe game is good as it is I just want a 1080p version and some nice maptextures really It39s nice what they did but with all the quotchangesquot 5 minutes in i was like quotfuck itquot

  • Dev of Anj

    Would you say that the person who leaked the mod was right in the endJust as a reminder here39s what heshe wrotequotDisclaimer If terrible graphics whoring mods like these are the future of games then the game industry is heading towards a great disaster By the way this mod is coming to Steam Yes the mod that barely has 15 original content uses technology from other third party mods eats up RAM and CPU resources to get running features lazily redesigned levels and has several bugs is coming to Steam Right you heard it I39m not even joking In a former life I was a graphics whore dragging a stone hype plow up a hill in Mod DB Revishit fanboysgirlsquot

  • JoeJoeFine

    Hey you can adjust volume levels in Sony Vegas by

  • Mesky

    10 POINTS TO GRYFINDOR It39s Castle Clinton not Clayton P

  • TheUnbeholden

    lol at 50 points for steam exclusive the vast majority of people only play games on steam thats how big it is However I do agree that its asshole move on the parts of the developers to make it steam exclusive its possible to play it on other copies or GoG using kentie39s launcher but the old music plays and you can39t use Shifter or Biomod with it You missed some pretty big advantages to Revision the balancing in how much ammoitemsmedkits you get quite well far far better than the original Deus Ex where I was always overflowing with the stuff Thats atleast 50 points you can also safely remove the more jokey parts of the negative scores like complaining about orange so its more like 85 points So thats more like it You can also remove the plus 50 points for them going through all the trouble to make this Quality has little to do with how much love they have to give since the mod has to stand on its own 2 feet and have the work speak for itself Yes I agree the orange glow was out of place but it doesn39t ruin the experience And I think you can increase the negative points for the game breaking bugs as they are game breaking But they patch everything already so we can forgive them for that in the end So its more like 125 And thats the issue its only 125 It should have been 1000 for remaking many maps or heavily extending them It I think does not stand on its own 2 feet because its not a overhaul its just a slightly better experience balance wise with some awkward changes

  • Blei1986

    make it better idiot they really worked hard to make it as beautiful as possible

  • Lennic

    orange not yellow nobody knows why

  • Xander77

    quotSecret graveyard levelquot What

  • frysk

    mcbanana I39m so proud The first time we talked on mumble we were just spouting deus ex memes at each other and now look at youdoing something constructive Great review by the way I personally think the addition of pizza and drinkable coffee mugs gives revision an instant 1010

  • Good Enough at Drums

    Holy shit Revision looks terrible

  • Maximus0451

    I liked the review but holy fuck some of it is biased I can39t understand how a Steam exclusive is bad beside the fact that some people have already bought the game on a disk or on GoG Though I didn39t like how much UNATCO has changed and the new music just felt wrong it didn39t really capture the dystopian cyberpunk feel of the original game So overall they made a big mixtape humboi on a lot of things

  • Igoreu e

    what do you actualy think of HR art style in new DX

  • omgcandy16Kimicari0

    I can39t really tell what you mean by new or unchanged level design when you fly through levels what39s the point of 39reviewing39 the music if you admit you just listened to the original instead tough it out and do a playthrough with the new music As someone who hasn39t played Revision I want to understand your point of view in this review but the content is so all over the place as well as the annoying quotpointsquot system you want to keep track of that I39m just turned off by this video

  • B4Brilliant

    It was 7 you said quot5 points from revisionquot and made it 2

  • Siyanadi Shanna

    Hey everyone the best success that ive had was by using the Partner Reboot Recipe just google it definately the most incredible resource that I have ever followed

  • Dev of Anj

    I guess I can39t be surprised that in the end this was a mediocre overhyped mod I mean this was pretty much their first project and they didn39t get much real feedback from outsiders only from the people on ModDB who were generally biased towards it Let39s hope that they learn from their mistakes and come with something betterOh and did you watch the video I linked in your Steam group I still think that39s the best video on this mod so far