Scalebound CANCELLED!! "Better for Xbox Gamers" смотреть видео бесплатно

So Scalebound is cancelled, and Phil Spencer thinks that's better for "Xbox gamers". I'm not sure how or why, but apparently it is.



Hosted and written by: Phil Jasicki

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Дата: 2017-05-30 04:23:24

  • Feel Good Music

    This is why you barely see any Japanese games on Xbox One

  • TheNerdyBirdyShow

    So he cancels a game says it39s better for Xbox gamers without any reason and that39s itWhat the fuck

  • J R

    Microsoft Can we make it cover basedPlatinum NoMicrosoft Can we replace the swords with gunsPlatinum NoMicrosoft Can we make it an FPS about killing giant aliens with gunsPlatinum gets up and leaves

  • Tyler Aikens

    IDC what they say canceling a game is never quotbetter for gamersquot that39s literally fucking stupid

  • Mightylink

    wtf microsoft this game was looking so unique like a mix of fantasy and modern together I wanted this so bad

  • langlest

    they most likely fell behind schedule amp ms threw a tantrum

  • HolsovanUltimate

    fuckmicrosoftscalebound was my reason to buy a xbox oneNow its not an xboxnow its just quotA BOXquot

  • DragonByte293

    Damn this sucks I was looking forward to this

  • ozeal D.

    scalebound had the potential to be a game that i would have bought an xbox one for i guess microsoft just doesn39t want my money since they can39t seem to make good exclusives without cancelling them between fable and scalebound and few other exclusives i don39t see why anyone should buy an xbox over ps4 at this point

  • Markis2bi4

    My guess Platinum got in a fight with M But M being a quotMy way or GTFOquot kind of company didn39t want to deal with whatever Platinum was requesting but neither did they wanted to get rid of them entirely So they kept Platinum but forced them to cancel the game I may be wrong and that39s fine but that39s my guess I mean you don39t make a big trailer like the ones we39ve seen of Scalebound build up the hype for it and just cancel its development without wondering what else is happening am I wrong

  • Mamimi Samejima

    eyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy fuck Microsoft and fuck halo wars

  • Antart Nord

    I don39t care about consoles but console players are doing the impossible to make us feel superior sorry but is the best approximation I39ve found to describe this ridiculous situation is sad and I don39t like it but is what it isI really can39t understand those fanboys that are celebrating the other console wont have an exclusive while in their consoles technically THE SAME they have few exclusives and that isn39t the worse I39ve been playing 1 single game for years if is good enough the problem is that those exclusives usually are sentimentalemocasualfanboyism that they easily pass in a day and then nothing moreBe serious how many of you still playing that explorer stuff or that stupid girl among zombies or whatever emomovie after finished first timeCancellations and unlimited delays happens all the time in all consoles remember that game of the giant dog announced to PS3 well you have it for PS4 with graphics of PS3 you really know how invest your moneyIf you still choosing to depend in 1 single enterprise for all you all console players deserve all what you get because you don39t care about your money your time or the quality in which you play your gamesYou will be out of this ridiculous consolefights when you decide to play games as they meant to be played in the best platform choosing among all genres in highest quality forever and with mods

  • Bow_To_Fitzy

    Phil Spencer has pretty solid grammar he39s channeling his inner Xbox 12 year old Yeah I totally want stupid fucking State of Decay 2 over some badass giant dragon game Xbox39s 3917 lineup seems like shit in my opinion but I don39t know if PlayStations lineup is any better

  • PS4 PRO

    An amazing lineup lmao did you see that shit of a list

  • ShadowDragonAxe

    platinum should bring scalebound to the ps4 just to spite mircosoft

  • Shawn Hamilton

    Fuck Microsoft quotWant an actual good game that39s not a shooter or racer Here39s a new call of duty and a pile of EA feces to throw on topquot

  • Joshua Hernandez

    Breaking newsNintendo picks up scalebound for Switch exclusivea man can dream


    its better because microsoft is saying get a damn pc already

  • kiva860

    the game looks like a copy of Devil May Cry

  • Traicionero G

    I39m officially selling my xbone if they don39t show conker at e3

  • Hero Of Wild

    honestly I39m nintendo fan and never own an xbox system but i always wanted to see this game on xbox one even tho i won39t get it

  • J.R.

    maybe Sony can pick up the publishing rights

  • Michael Doosenburg

    Damn wheres ya charisma Good lord

  • Longshots

    just get a pcps4switch xbox isnt worth it

  • theangelslayer400000

    I39m done with Xbox how many other people have stopped using this shit system

  • DmarcusBaus

    What the fuck Phil And then you have the nerve to say its better for Xbox gamers Fuck off

  • Tim the Animator

    XBone you39ve come a long way but you haven39t caught a break since E3 2013

  • James Marley

    This is why you just get a Nintendo SwitchPS4 Combo

  • lhc wresslar

    hopefully sony takes over

  • dknight xs

    quotwe have decided to cancel xbox scorpio but its good for xbox gamersquot phil spencer

  • Tizona76

    Fuck all of you pc wins

  • Andrew Kunkel

    Platinum games has a very spotty reputation with their games The game was broken and was taking too long to finish and thats why they kept pushing the release date ITS ONE GAME chill out Platinum were wasting Microsoft39s moneyI have no problem with Eastern developers but honestly Scalebound just looked like trash So MEH thats my reaction


    Microsoft need to give us original games with an amazing gripping story and longevity I hate to say it but PS4 are miles ahead in that department eversince their days partnering with Insomniac and Naughty Dog

  • SKM

    Am I the only one who didn39t know and doesn39t care about this game

  • Johan Matt

    Yo try Hop Roll I think it would be an interesting video

  • DV N

    scalebound looked terrible anyway

  • elijah gonzales

    So i preordered the game on amazon like last month so will i get my money back

  • Malcolm Torres

    Give Scalebound to PlayStation we want it

  • Smashbrolegend

    wtf this was one of the reasons why I got an Xbox

  • Argo

    Scalebound was a just reklam for xbox fck microsoft

  • meloSB

    it39ll get picked up by PlayStation under a different name

  • O'marion King

    they made a big mistake they could have made good money yo man im mad ass fuck this will be added to the list of stupid things they did

  • Mischief

    Kinda hope someone steps in and picks up scalebound and it works out

  • LunarWolf

    that honestly pisses me off cuz I39d love to play this game with my friends

  • Kenneth Sim

    Sony will buy over Make it as sony exclusive

  • Jerokhna

    This is a growing trend of Microsoft Studios fucking over the gamers by cutting out the Japanese developers in the Western markets Everyone was excited about the game and would have been fine with an official delay to sort out technical issues Instead we get a handful of ok games and a slew of these teenage girl oriented pieces of crap they are pushing forward Also when did the publisher ever own the IP to a developer39s game The publisher normally handles the financial burden and distribution methods eyes Activision spitefully We need good games with actual amounts of content and not these piecemeal microtransaction riddled games

  • carnationX2

    Next week sony picks up scalebound that would be funny

  • Grizzly Melon

    Maybe it can still come to pcs im praying for it

  • djkoz78

    Alright Sony if he can39t run on Xbox consistently then snap it up

  • Cheese ur Wiz

    Problem is that this game was gonna be something new how many copies of Halo and other remakes can you make before we all get sick of them My buddies and I stopped playing them a long time agoits like they are trying to force Karate kid extensions down our throat If newer games that bring something fresh to xbox never come and we are stuck with gears of war halo and othersthe system will fail in the future

  • LuMnOsITi

    Good video downvote because Machinima

  • Picture ME


  • Ann Marie

    Japs I blame the Japs Fuck Japanese games on Xbox anyways

  • Corey Mckee

    the devs knew how shitty Microsoft Is so they jumped ship I don39t blame themPS4MASTERRACE

  • Oskar Villagomez

    hey Sony buy the rights of the game and make it better

  • gruntdetonators

    Kek people saying that MS is to blame for rushing it Better than Sony rushing NMS and actually allowing it xD Also seeing some comments I can make my own thought that y39know the blame is actually on the DEVELOPERS

  • Niall Campbell

    I really wanted this fucking gamefuck you Microsoft

  • Darren Sanchez

    It sucks that Spencer is so out of touch in thinking that cancelling a game plenty of people were excited about and then to say quot its better for gamersquotHow is less games better for gamers My Xbox barely gets used for gaming It39s a glorified 4K Bluray player

  • Tyler Dunn

    Wow this was one of the games I was most excited for this blows

  • Zak Ras

    Fucking Microsoft suits Their interference with developers creative teams and directors is the reason the Halo franchise their now ex console king franchise is in ruin

  • EvilMairu

    Sony Better take over this new IP Scalebound looks amazing What Microsoft should be getting off is Sea of Thiefs off 2017 release list and replace that Scalebound which is going to have great sale Unless Microsoft is keeping it for 2018 Scalebound was the only XBoxWin10 game I was hyped up for but YA FUCKED IT UP

  • Matt Davies

    where are Chloe and brandon were they fired

  • DMeril

    lol no one was even looking forward to this

  • Jemiah DaPap

    Is this what this channel is now just this guy talking like a failed stand up comedian Fuck this guy I39m unsubscribed

  • PowerhousePR

    Do NOT worry Xbox gamers HORIZON ZERO DAWN on PS4 has your back for some bionic monster fights