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Deus Ex Mankind Divided is a game about the oppressed underclasses blowing up robots with the power they never knew they had all along except they don't because their hostile AI wasn't activating and the Illumaniti.

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Дата: 2017-04-25 03:52:25

  • Sugoi Use Is Moe Abuse

    Woe us rich people wow to us who can afford to be superhumans and shoot the wings off a fly

  • Decatonkeil

    As a hardcore fan of cyberpunk I totally get you I don39t like the easy racism plot that they39ve tried to go for Leaving aside that that isn39t how racism works Just look not only at deus ex but at any great cyberpunk It39s never about that In an essentially anticapitalistic genre in nature cybernetics are what you take when you want to listen to the elites that want you to be more employable and fuck I think everyone can tell the difference between a prosthetic limb for an amputee and a weaponized person Just reread the manifestos of Silhouette in the original Deus Ex and try to tell me this fits in the same continuity

  • PoliteTimesplitter

    Well sounds a bit like the 39cake or icing39 conundrum I had with MGSV The 39cake39 is the core gameplay loop and the 39icing39 being the polish narrative setpieces etc In V39s case the cake the core act of sneaking around shortsighted guards with some added growth and management had never been better but without satisfactory icing shit bosses a narrative filled with lowlights it really brought the game down below Snake Eater And this sounds the same Wonderfully tight core mechanics let down by a poorly handled story and a lack of polishI still have to finish even the original game however so maybe by the time I get round to this there will be that Director39s Cut

  • holybutternutsquash

    What is it with recent stealth games having toptier mechanics depth and level design but underwhelmingpoorlythoughtout narrativesDishonoredMGSVDeus Ex Mankind Divided

  • Eh, Canadian Gamer

    Also some of forced written racism coming from the police is really cringe Personally I don39t find the whole racism angle to being too much of a stretch I mean when you look at how powerful augmented people can be it kinda reminds me how the people in XMen reacted to mutants I kinda wish they showed both sides and handled the story allot better I actually think it39s kinda more of a jumbled mess than Human Revolution They take hotbutton topics that most games don39t cover but they don39t actally explore it I haven39t finished the game yet but I wouldn39t be surprised if one of the characters spews the cliche line quotpeople fear what they don39t understandquot

  • Kisaru1000

    Is it weird that I actually kinda miss the goldyellow filter aesthetic from Human Revolution

  • Heads Full Of Eyeballs

    In Human Revolution I cheated on subsequent playthroughs to give myself unlimited augmentation energy but played on the highest difficulty The game was much more enjoyable that wayI39m inclined to start this one over before I get much further into it and do the same Because I really don39t understand how I39m able to leap five metres into the air and carry fridges around at will but turning on enhanced vision for five seconds somehow weakens me so much I can no longer punch a guy

  • BrainSeepsOut

    AUG LIVES MATTER Oh god the cringe

  • 16dw13

    The reason that augmented people are living in poverty is because of both their dependance on neuropozyne and the Incident itself If cyborgs murdered millions of people in a psychotic rage it39s pretty obvious that something similar to what is portrayed would occur Some of the quotsocial commentaryquot WAS a little too on the nose though

  • D Birt

    I39ll give the Deus Ex UN credit they deiced to discrimate against a group of people and they chose those with super powers that takes balls

  • Andrew Joy

    Augs Lives Matter Seriously Hey i wonder if that is a racist militant organisation just like its real world counterpart

  • RTU a.k.a Exposed Snake

    So they39re now pandering video games to BLM amp cringy rejects who like to play identity politics Thanks for the heads up i won39t be touching this piece of trash with a 10ft long stick

  • FinalDragoon

    tldr Wait for the Director39s Cut Human Revolution benefitted a ton from one so the same should apply hereRemember people don39t buy AAA games on launch You only set yourself up for disappointment

  • Azure

    I really do not like how all the police every single one in that area is a default asshole No one had a differing opinion and they were so binary despite their gameplay ai Would have been nice if even the police force was split so you had areas where cops the asshole side will what your every move even follow you around and inconvenience you as you39re an aug

  • Juiceboxjerry

    To me both recent Deus Ex games were cringey exposition dumps narratively So I don39t really get how Human Revolution is being held up as some sort of bastion of the series39 great storytelling by comparison At least in Mankind Divided they fixed the voice acting and smoothed out some other rough edges to make it all go down a little smootherI play these games for the style setting and gameplay I take the story as a sort of futuristic abstraction Not something I should be dissecting and poring over constantly while I play

  • Toxic Potato

    I like social commentary in games especially when its about an issue we might face in the next 100 years However I don39t like when it ties into the socialpolitical conflicts of today augblack lives matter Why Because it feels like the social commentary was put in just to gain attention by causing shitstorms online Every mankind divided video has at least 5 BLM threads all filled with left and right wing lunatics arguing over facts no one has bothered to check

  • 123vinimaxo456

    Shit video Loved it fuck you Best video you made piece of garbage bitch dislike

  • King Harkinian

    I thought everyone considered Deus Ex The Fall to be the worst game in the series

  • MisterHeroman

    Overlooked and even an underrated gem Writing wasn39t even as bad as people made it out to be

  • Gumblert

    invisible war isn39t the weakest linkits better than deus ex 1

  • roler42

    I think the narrative issues this game has and how it seems to have a feel of being rushed out are a testament of how much of a panic Square Enix went into when the new generation of consoles launch there were rumors that Mankind Divided was going to be released with the same episodic format as Hitman there was even word Just Cause 3 was redeveloped multiple times because SE couldn39t make up their mind on itTo be honest I was worried the entire game overall was going to suffer when you said quotbutquot but if the narrative structure of this game is the only thing that actually suffered then it means this game is preety much a treat weaker story compared to human revolution but with even better gameplayI quite frankly could care less about the real world references the allegories of racism might fall flat but at the same time Who cares my opinion and the seriousness of the real life events Deus Ex is referencing haven39t become any less serious just becuase this videogame decided to make an allusion to them it39s not going to magically erase their importance in today39s society the same way something like the call of duty series doesn39t really do much to hurt or trivialize real life warfare because these games are meant for mature audiences and as a mature audience we are supposed to be smart enough to handle these things properly

  • ISureDoLikeCats

    I want George to hold me close in his strong powerful arms

  • AmericanCaesar

    Bernie Sanders is a turd burglar

  • ZeroFPV

    Oh noSeems to me they did the quotFallout 4 thingquot to Deus Ex

  • Mr. Alex

    is there a way to make the first deus ex game play less like complete and total garbage Some thing that makes my bullets land where my crosshairs are pointing and gives guards consistent sightlines y39know something that makes it play more like metal gear solid or half life and less like a gimped arma

  • Heads Full Of Eyeballs

    And yeah the game would probably have been better off if the unaugmented had ended up as the underclass They wouldn39t have to try and make you feel oppressed as a tall handsome wealthy straight white american man with combat training and amazing superpowers and instead could have made you part of the elite and then shown you what your elevated status costs others who are less fortunate Seems like that would have made more sense required no dumbass Aug Incident and been much more organic while still addressing the issues they clearly want to talk about

  • Mrlaged

    One minor point A lot of the people in the universe had no choice but to be augmented Hr is littered with texts and npc39s talking about people being forced to and being sponsored by companies to have augments Go have a wander and talk to the prostitutes and you will hear them complaining about being forced to have the procedures done by their pimps or else

  • Drew Snow

    when I hear Deus ex I think of a giant robot giving birth to Jesus Christ

  • The Dead Immortal

    For a game that took 5 fucking years to make it39s inexcusable for how unpolished rushed and problematic the game was It feels more like the game was made in 2 years when the devs suddenly realised the last game they made was 3 fucking years agoI mean I loved HR and patiently waited for this for again FIVE YEARS and I39ve just been constantly disappointed by all the reviews saying how the game overall felt rushed and incomplete

  • SavagexRaccoon

    they really made the gameplay waaaay better and i can see me playing through multipe times but the story is rather weak sadly but over all its a very gud game

  • Marcos Wicket

    1117 is why I love George so much He can see and point out similar themes in completly different games with completly different worlds and aknowledges why some people would think it39s a far stretch even tho it39s perfectly possible and fair

  • SmugPlatypus

    From what Jim Sterling and a few other sources have reported a while back Deus Ex MD is only 13 of what it was supposed to be originally It got chopped up into multiple parts as part of Squeenix39s push to make all their games episodic and sequelized to the extreme Granted that 13 of the game was then padded and expanded upon but the chopping would potentially account for the narrative and pacing issues the game has with the developer scrambling to make a portion of the game function as a standalone product

  • Hells Wind

    at least they didn39t call that 39deep throat39 although it would be most fitting You know for the scene sake

  • Hare Christ

    Racism isn39t exactly a metaphor

  • camycamera

    Man it39s a real shame about the story I didn39t like the focus of HR39s quottranshumanismquot stuff as I don39t think it was well thought out and it looks like that MD takes it to the next levelI much prefer if that stuff were to stay in the background like in the first DX and focus more on conspiracies instead like DX1 did I feel that a much more compelling plot can come out of it because I feel that having quotAugs being oppressedquot isn39t really as compelling or interesting to me as the main theme and also personally it makes it less quotbelievablequot to me Like yeah the first game had augs and nano augs but it wasn39t the focus It was more of a focus on real world shit that felt relevant and while there are obvious parallels to the whole racism here in the real world I don39t think it is as compelling as DX139s whole thing with terrorism and the governmentpowerful people doing shady shit like making the grey death so they can make a profit and kill off the poor insignificant peopleI think I39ll definitely enjoy the game a shitload regardless because I think that while I do play DX for a blend of a bit of both quotA and Bquot A does definitely take priority for me but a good story is my motivation to keep playing it not just good gameplay In the meantime I39m just going to keep replaying DX1 with the excellent GMDX mod and replay DXHR w the Director39s Cut before I pick up MD Great video

  • abysswalker

    Even after 7 months or so i have to say that you dont really need money for augsYou need money for some kind of medicine after you get augs

  • Alexander Forsman

    Which Goldberg are you referring to

  • Nicholas Boudreau

    1407 do we just not talk about the fall or are you saying that teh fall was actually good

  • dlakodlak

    I am really pissed they botched all the Czech stuff so much Too many things are so obviously machine translated and every Czech character speaks with Russian accent not English spoken in Russian accent but Czech spoken in Russian accent OMG I wonder how big a company must be so they could afford paying a translator to translate a few thousands or so words and to hire 3 people for voiceovers who could speak the fucking language there39s over 10 million of us ffsI am no die hard patriot but this level of cultural arrogance makes me really really sad

  • Timothy Shoemaker

    Super Bunnyhop have you played Deus Ex The Fall Because that39s an FPS that started out on IOS amp Android that got ported to PC And TotalBiscuit considers it worse than Deus Ex 2 as he mentioned in his Let39s Not Play on it Also shocked that you didn39t mention the microtransactions

  • Anderson Andrighi

    I had lots of energy cell in the game All you have to do is pick up enemy guns and dismantle them I did not play combat oriented I went stealth took some guys out and looted eveything I could Towards the end I had 7 energy cell Also used cloak withing reason

  • Caleb Mack

    How was the Aug Incident an ass pull It happened in the first game and they didn39t even think they would make a sequel Also why didn39t you talk about breach

  • Zzz Ssss

    Anybody wanna know why 39Aug Lives Matter39 is tasteless 1055

  • Olyphantastic

    I felt augs where more representation of muslims then black people even thought there was conotation to that Because a few augs are terrorist they believe or afraid of every aug Even thought the aug incident wasn39t the augs falt but Hugh Darrow So why not just make aug more secure so they can39t be hacked and controlled Why did they become so afraid of the aug

  • Rhaen

    While the main story points in themselves feel a little bit like it39s setting up plot points for a coming sequel there is more depth to find in the game than is first apparent and maybe the fault lies in how it doesn39t impact the story of this game whether you as a player finds out or notAdams missing time who39s a spy for who and who can be trusted are all things that seem way to disconnected as Adam is focused on solving the plot of the game and weirdly doesn39t comment or interweave any other findings into his perspectiveOkey he might not be able to recall just who was sleeping against his shoulder on his way in to Prague before the station bombing but how come he doesn39t comment Madame Photograph Even if he never sees her he finds references to her throughout the game but never once comments or sets his interest in digging deeperOverall I39d say the game is good maybe more mechanically than when it comes to story But the greater mystery that is set up behind the scenes and the end reveal leaves me with the belief that the overall quality of writing hasn39t gone down in the way some may believe

  • MrZurata

    So we went from really good social commentary to extremely lazy social commentaryI39m sticking to my principle of not touching a modern Square Enix game with a stick

  • Niko Virta

    i knew what part i disliked the most in mankind divided when i first heard about the game Transhumanism as standin for racism is pretty legit but the way they handle it in mankind divided is completely backwards and ridiculous Real world transhumanism39s maybe biggest moral gripe is that the augmented people WILL become the literal master race as soon as augs are viable option It was even set up in DXHR subtly but pretty heavily Yet they somehow turned around because contrived bullshit reason x It makes no sense in lore or in real world issue Oh well maybe it would have been TOO controversial and edgy to depict Jensen as a ssofficer allegory

  • Karl Schweinfurth

    So basically Other M syndrome

  • Antiform

    Also this game has been in development for 5 years long before BLM was a thing but Eidos Montreal employees were already getting flak on Twitter because folks couldn39t understand the concept of a quotcoincidencequot

  • Corncob Johnson real

    you39re an awful critic but you39re fun to listen to keep it up

  • Mike Mac

    quotNarrative Designquot is such an ugly eerie and inhuman phrase Simply saying quotNarrativequot would suffice

  • Elijah Sage

    quotRude Goldbergquot

  • phantommanass

    I hope the next Deus Ex makes up for the mediocre narrative of Mankind Divided at least they got the gameplay on point hopefully they don39t fuck it up

  • jlindsa

    This is easily one of the best reviews I39ve seen but I really wish you had made one for Dishonored 2

  • Huy Vo

    Despite the replay value I also found the New Game to be quite lackluster You unlock the hardest difficult after finishing the game once but that difficulty is not available if you choose the New Game option

  • Daniel England

    I think Rutskarn said it best Mankind Divided made me wonder why I liked Human Revolution so much And that is not what you want a sequel to do I could only get a few hours in before I realized that since the game had no clue what it was doing with its racism metaphor I couldn39t stand interacting with the world

  • Kujakuseki01

    You sound excessively critical and cynical AGAIN There are nitpicks here that are meaningless Describing an almostperfect game with nitpick problems as if they are bigger than the successes is much like your DOOM review Two almost flawless games that are game of the year contenders that you didn39t like for stupid reasons

  • johnyyonehand

    My problem with the game is that it lacks some kind of bridge between earlier game We should have gotten tutorials and story introduction before first mission

  • Perfect Loser

    I39ll write down an index of narrative problems Spoilers for Human Revolution and Mankind Divided followI think they could go for an apartheid story if they didn39t ripped off present time issues issues that we still have to overcome trivializing it as mere available tropes you can pick from a shelfSo Adam Jensen blew Panchaea Killing almost everyone there including the workers If not who blew it How many people were found alive along with Jensen and Sarif if anyDid anybody make the connection between the chip recall and the Aug Incident I know Illuminati Picus but someone must have noticed that people who didn39t replace the chip didn39t go berserkI would be afraid of augs too if they went berserk although I wouldn39t try to do them harm like the cops in the gameThe game is cut short so they can have the next one ready soonThis is no cospiracy story It39s a herofightshisdeclarednemesis storyYou know who your villain is from the trailers Again bad conspiracy story But when you finish the game you don39t even know his motivations because the real villain is in the next castle I mean game The game asks you to believe conspiracies are true but when you meet people who believe in conspiracies in the game they sound like complete loonies instead of being the ones who know the truth Contrast this with original Deus ExThe big conspiracy the game tries to sell you is not a big secret plot but simple exemples of class warfare Class warfare is super cyberpunk but is it a secret and unpredictable plot

  • hadi nazzal

    How long is the campaign in this duesex

  • MrNeo

    Man I39m really divided by this game

  • AirLancer

    I39d wonder since you like SNK if you39d make a video on how you feel about KOF 14 and how a lot of it kind of flies in the face of current video game practices

  • awesomebooforums

    I39m not familiar with this series So human Revolution was a prequel to Deus Ex 1 and this is a sequel to invisible war