'Firefall' Cinematic Trailer смотреть видео бесплатно

  • Silverwing179

    gotta love that super high tech armor that doesn39t even need to cover your whole body to completely protect you

  • Dan DCC91

    Welcome to the future where your very existence and right to drive large cars is threatened by oversized aphids and c39thulu and your only hope is Eastern European gym douches and pornstars

  • Chousa Heidan

    just another starship trooperstarcrafthalo stupid but really interesting tho and that armor is unique in 5th expansion we39ll only need underweartype armor to assure wholebody protection

  • Aryan Wirawan

    Even in animation black dude die first

  • TheGreatSeraphim

    I39ve seen enough hentai to know whats going to happen next

  • john doew

    got to love the chick with her ass and tits out in combat looks like she got turned on when the huge cock machine started pumping the ground or should I say humping the planet

  • James Jamieson

    real sad the see Firefallfall it was a great game while it lasted

  • Chris W

    0116 What happened to turret 2

  • TitanGear

    This was going to be such a Great Game Sadly Last Week The9 the company that ran the studios that was developing it decided it wasn39t performing well with it39s Free to play model and shut down the servers According to many of the forums and steam forums it is down for good Such a shame

  • undeny

    Those guns look incredibly similar to some Overwatch tech


    Can their boots get any bigger they looks like transformers

  • svoboda

    Жалкая пародия на легендарный старик

  • MNanme1z4xs

    Ripoff craft to the font

  • katsupoi24

    girl doesn39t diewell she gets you know

  • Talsedoom

    All they do is so incompitent1 walked to bug that just died what could of hapen WHY2 shoot to the fog maybe got sot someone3 use two rockets on 1 of many targets becase it looks baddass4 See Big Fuckg Momma dont run away stand still just DO NOT RUN AWAY5 ok he39s dead Hold on thee yer but it39s TENTACLES TIME YAY

  • MQN

    RIP one of the best free to play Quasiopen world MMO IMHO You had a great Run ogt

  • Drunkle Qrow

    what it39s like is engineer with two turrets sitting doing nothing and solos it as the thumper mines and get39s like no damage ah good times

  • All mighty Denzel

    They are hosting a T4 excavation I see

  • Marcxist Tactay

    this one reminds me of the movie quotThe Mistquot

  • Alexei Bezrukov

    сильнов стиле Gears of War

  • RagnarisFellhanded

    218 maybe start with that next time

  • Czek GM

    i don39t think this content is inappropriate for children i think it was developed for children

  • Geo Max

    Powered armor where only one leg is enhanced Makes perfect sense

  • Marc O'Neil

    I39d fuck that metal puss

  • Lars Mondragon

    Did they mix starcraft starship troopers and iron man I think they did

  • Czek GM

    Looks like Uggs got into the combat boots businessWhy do space troopers always go around without helmetsThat collar lighting must be a bitch when you39re trying to see in the darkThese guys look like they39re descended directly from NeanderthalsWhat no motion trackers or night vision in the futureWell if all you want is to shoot bugs this game39s for you

  • xeroshiva1029

    not a damn clue what this has to do with the game

  • Neal Stapel

    So why didn39t he just fart from the beginning


    Where is Will Smith to say how insensitive it is that the black guy always dies first

  • I am cheese

    too bad the actual gameplay is so different from the cinematic

  • Robert

    why didnt the guy this explode in beginning

  • cwagular

    Gosh this looks bad Like a poor man39s Helldivers or something

  • Giovane Larroque Jr

    Bom vdeo Galera quem curtiu o game e vai jogar eu tenho um cl chamado The Brotherhood uma army br e ativa Estamos recrutado quem estiver interessado s entrar em contato por aqui ou no game Meu nick no jogo KiritoII tbm podem falar com wagoness raull e IMarquis ADMs vlw o

  • byzantine181

    Militarily this trailer is one of the most confused messes that I have seen What is the team there for Why is to so small only three people The weapons their design appears to be for Human sized targets The bugs principal weapon is whatWhat is the purpose of the little barrel shaped robots What reason does the girl soldier have to add liquid to themWhere are the recon Drones and who is operating them How did that very large tentacled creature my estimate of it39s size to be at least 6 meters tall and several tons in weight get so very close to combat team without the combat team seeing or detecting it39s approach If the combat team that landed on this contested occupied planet knew there was going to be a fightWhere was a heavy weapons support teamWhy did the girl soldier pause before she snatches up a weapon and charge off into the night without so much as a call for any kind of help What about her Ammo supply and what is she going to do without any backupWhere was the Air support vehicleWhy did the Big East European guy have a weapon mounted on his back Why wasn39t it mounted to a robot or APSThe People that designed this game are assuming that too much happens in a conflict situation is left up a computer system I assumeMilitarily this video game is one confused mess

  • Steeler49er

    HmmmReused as hell Dated sound FXFemale protagonist wears skimpy underwhelming amounts of blatantly unnecessarily revealing sexist jumpsuit at least it39s not a chainmaille bikini She Also looks ridiculously sexy instead of looking like a Real combat hardened Female solider or merc shouldMale protag39s on the other hand wear Overly huge derpy looking cumbersome armor that strangly enough covers very little soft points All while stomping around in Stupidly giant clodhopper shoes with less flexibility than Ski bootsMale protags are typical overly muscled brutes with little intellectProtagonists use overwhelmingly huge yet underwhelming ineffectual BFG39sProtag39s use shitty tactics and stratagem to fight enemy dying stupidly Despite looking like prosBugs are again for the Gagillionth time blatant ripoffs of the arachnids from Starship TroopersYeah So Was this was made by horny geek programmers suffering from poor physiquesHope it plays better than it looks

  • Grant Wallace

    The people who complain about the girls asses are just stupid The same reason we don39t have skinny tiny male characters is much the same reason we don39t have overly dressed flat chested women Its not appealing to anyone so its not done DEAL WITH IT Who thought some pixels would make so many idiots so butthurt

  • OmalleyDoc

    Jeeeeeeze over a thumper

  • Buddah6793

    what happened to turret 2 WHERE IS TURRET 2

  • PM

    242 reminds me of hybrid reaver from starcraft 2

  • King Mavolence

    It remind me to GUN BROS is that FRANCIS and PERCY aren39t they

  • Guns'n Games 1226

    Looks like Gears of War to me

  • Gabri 69

    It39s a good game onlinei play it

  • kilerdude56

    The cinematic on the game makes the game look like a boss but in reality the game sucks beyond reliefHate on me but it39s the truth

  • Jasmin Sekic

    like the wrist mounted machinegun

  • Brian LO

    How come half of her armor is missing

  • mike hennevanger

    this trailer just pisses me the fuck off Having a girl in this scene with lots of bad guys And half her armor is mising thats just fucking bullshit to make kids appeal more to her ass to make kids horny Fuck you red5 studiosFuck you

  • Crazy Lasagna

    This trailer has nothing in common with the game other than aesthetics

  • Luxai

    Iunno what people are complaining about The zone events are there the open PVP a lot of ways to customize your battleframe open world objectives achivements crafting there is a lot of cool ways to move around and lately they started adding races to the game so maybe more minigames in the futurePoint being if you say this game is bad then I wonder what exactly you want from a game


    i miss the halfassed engineers L

  • Amaroq64

    It39s been about a year or so since I39ve played this game Is there anything to do yet

  • 1129shino

    but there is no ammo in that gun

  • antonioreti

    Just like Hero39s duty of wreck it Ralph

  • Bobby90

    Is this game still a thing Active I mean

  • Xw_Seifer

    when you question if thumping is worth your life