'Firefall' Cinematic Trailer смотреть видео бесплатно

  • Silverwing179

    gotta love that super high tech armor that doesn39t even need to cover your whole body to completely protect you

  • Dreez76

    This game is ruined now I reinstalled it after 1 year break and the new developers has changed everything for the worse there39s hardly anyone playing and all the skills are redone next to uselessnessI played my turretengineer and the turrets instantly died while doing absolutely no damage I then changed to my Nighthawk and Raptor setups they did no damageWhy is it that devs always has to take a winning concept and turn it to a wreck

  • ColdieHU

    used to be a cool game back in beta but they had to fuck it up

  • R6ex

    Why can39t actual gameplay look this pretty

  • Aryan Wirawan

    Even in animation black dude die first

  • Grant T B

    As soon as I see cartoon faces I39m out

  • Blue -eyed

    Im so sick n tired of seeing these unrealistic flics with women portrait as strong and able to fight as men Its ridoculous

  • Rogz VR

    its was good and they completly fucked it up

  • Brian Brewster

    You know I was looking at movie trailers NOT game trailers So how did this get mixed in here

  • Dan K

    That39s supposed to be the future yet they are using bullets and grenade launchersreally BORING

  • jdsol1938

    the comments are more entertaining then the production

  • bevan rogan white

    that arm cannon that lady had was freaking awesome

  • TeiKh3n xD

    if on the future womans require to be fully armoreddressed all these nowadays games will be a complete disapointment rightlol

  • Terrathrax

    Outta ammo in the first 30 seconds Really after shaking the hornets nest WTF

  • lancsFrogger

    fking brilliant animation i39d watch a TV show made in that style even though its for kids amp i39m an adult unless the story was juvenile probably wouldn39t watch it then

  • Hãris حارس

    just another starship trooperstarcrafthalo stupid but really interesting tho and that armor is unique in 5th expansion we39ll only need underweartype armor to assure wholebody protection

  • shawz10

    I always go to war with space bugs only wearing my best thong Gotta love dopey comics and vidya games

  • Fancy Not Fancy Gaming

    everyone complaining about how the characters look instead of how horrible the game itself is Funny

  • Shane Robinson

    this game had such potential unfortunatly they got greedy as usual with a mmo

  • Rod Keays

    Such a violent world Are being trained for war

  • TheGreatSeraphim

    I39ve seen enough hentai to know whats going to happen next

  • Edvin1011

    for a few seconds it looked like they knew what they were doing reallly

  • James Pyles

    lol tryed looking up site and stuff cant find a thing about it

  • TheOnly1

    Why does the black guy always have to die first

  • Viq

    Hey look they killed the black guy first

  • raymond rusli

    when i see this i just remember starship trooper it39s very similiiar

  • Forgerer2

    Is Firefall still running Last time I was there it would except my password and I couldn39t recover it

  • Art Club

    Is this a HiRez game As in Tribes Ascend

  • Gabriel Chamberlain

    Is this a blizzard game or is it just a coincidence how similar the characters look to Starcraft units

  • Bennumark

    RIP Firefall Devs should have known better

  • Hal Liganbar

    Forgetting the fact that they seem to think only wearing half your armour is a good idea can anyone tell me why they were there in the first place

  • Bee Rich

    Just let robot probes do all the landing amp exploring on the planets39

  • The Grey Wanderer

    The lore explanation for the revealing power armor was that after the Earth was ravaged by the alien entities the resistance fighters salvaged some gladiator armor and also recruited some of the gladiators who had survived These entertainers worked for a show where opposing teams fought against each other and wore these revealing power armors because displaying bare skin boosts the viewer ratings ofc Later in the game the armor was modified to be less revealing after a lengthy campaign by some early SJW39s had been waged on the forums But the game itself was ruined when the studio was sold to the Chinese as they butchered many things that made the game innovative and fresh for its time The devs also could not adapt it to the generational changes to the CPU39s that were happening back then and so it ran too fast with newer higher frequency CPU39s and basically became unplayable on modern PC39s

  • Darko22

    this trailer was the only good thing about the game

  • Sinsearach

    Cool video game i guess

  • Raibin Zamuar

    the Bug design reminds me of Starship Troopers

  • kale wintermute

    Owes alot to Aliens Starship Troopers and Dune

  • Cody Price

    are those guns not like super heavy or is it a necessary to keep a girl who looks about 90 pounds on on the team while her partners seem to be giant sized football player men Something doesn39t add up clearly there is a point in the hiring process and when they look for male recruits its the biggest dudes they can find yet the girl in the squad looks like if you yelled at her too hard she would fall over Its just simply not believable to have these big ass dudes but also bring along this slim compared to what she is fighting and compared to the big ass dudes who are her partners tiny girl

  • CaptainPositron

    Wow these space soldiers handled the situation like complete amateurs They had time to prepare why didn39t they set of any kind of fortifications or cover

  • mathias rømer

    Looks like every other pile of scifi shit


    god Gotta get itThx u

  • tasman006

    Looks a lot like StarCraft

  • B Durgs

    Holy cliche video game trailer

  • matrix49A

    Hey I have an idea lets advertise our position by lighting up our weapons and Armour

  • Guds777

    starship troopers 2 Firefall

  • DoctorJay184

    Reminds me a bit of Starship Troopers

  • Daniel Tule

    Starcraft Nova vs the zerg

  • bukster1

    Very Starship Troopers but might be worth renting on DVD

  • john doew

    got to love the chick with her ass and tits out in combat looks like she got turned on when the huge cock machine started pumping the ground or should I say humping the planet

  • id Usher

    Что за тупой стиль рисовки гипертрофированные конечности какие то светящиеся круги на снаряжении которые почему то выдвигаются и поворачиваются для этого надо электромотор те вес и энергия бред какой то и еще бросили товарища даже не пытались помочь

  • TitanGear

    This was going to be such a Great Game Sadly Last Week The9 the company that ran the studios that was developing it decided it wasn39t performing well with it39s Free to play model and shut down the servers According to many of the forums and steam forums it is down for good Such a shame

  • James Jamieson

    real sad the see Firefallfall it was a great game while it lasted

  • Chris W

    0116 What happened to turret 2

  • Dan DCC91

    Welcome to the future where your very existence and right to drive large cars is threatened by oversized aphids and c39thulu and your only hope is Eastern European gym douches and pornstars

  • undeny

    Those guns look incredibly similar to some Overwatch tech

  • Svetoch Mira

    So they land on a planet without any support backup or extraction Call the bugs then die Does the that automaticaly makes them laureates of Darvin39s award

  • 2132133fgbgf2432e233

    i came here because the blonde chick

  • Kimagurehun

    This concept of the trailers getting so boring The small monsters are coming and then comes the badass big monster and screams or another typical thing aaaand cut the scene ends Please can anybody direct something new


    Can their boots get any bigger they looks like transformers

  • svoboda

    Жалкая пародия на легендарный старик