Deus Ex: Human Revolution - All Endings смотреть видео бесплатно

  • TheCulturalBomb

    The game makes the justification on all endings perfect

  • Son Gaea

    And so Mankind chose Ultimately it divided us

  • Synteon

    somehow Jensen manages to convince us that all the endings are right

  • Keep701

    My opinion on each endingSuicide Ideal sentiment that we let the world and its people choose what to believe about the whole predicament yet not practical since new David Sarifs and William Taggarts will pop up insuring the status quo continues Plus you39re murdering hundreds of peopleDarrow The truth with a spin I think it39s commendable that Darrow is going to tell the world everything but at the same time I see him as a selfish child that will make augmentation technology appear impossible to control or regulateTaggart A fair and reasonable solution that is unfortunately based on a lie I think regulation is a fine idea at least for a while until augmentation has been more explored and developed However Taggart is using regulation to further the Illuminati39s goals which is despicable Were it not for the Illuminati this would be my clear preferenceSarif Another story based on a lie though perhaps a bit more founded since Humanity Front is not innocent in the grand scheme of it all I feel this is basically giving the Illuminati the finger as it39s just progress with nothing to hold it back Ultimately SarifgtTaggartgtDarrowgtSuicide Suicide is easily the worst option Darrow will ensure that the technology dies for good or at least for the foreseeable future Picking Taggart helps the Illuminati which has no business existing in the first place That leaves Sarif which isn39t a bad ending for the most part Ideally some compromise between Sarif and Taggart39s endings would be what I would want

  • Hey It's Ron Here

    This is great because all sides of an argument can have truth to them people just believe what they want to believe and feel threatened by other peoples opinions

  • WaKaWaKa Whisky

    I went proaugmentation I love augments and I wish I could have them lol

  • TonyBlundettoTV

    The endings were all so Terrence Malick but in a cheap version including just a bunch of historic images from 70s00s and just about most developed countries I liked them though

  • SpaghettiandSauce

    I decided to broadcast Darrow39s message because I wanted to expose the Illuminate and tell people the truth about what happened so they could decide for themselves what should happen next Then I got told quotthis may cause mankind to abandon all science and technology foreverquot WTF That39s not what I signed up forI did like that the endings tried to make you really think about where your own stance on the question lies though

  • TheDgaming Channel

    I picked Darrows message

  • Jnan Mckenzie

    I39m definitely proaugmentation

  • Wyatt Vance

    I told the truth I think it was the right thing to do

  • James Bevan

    What a huge letdown we never see the impact Jensen39s decision had on the world

  • Mark Lambert

    Every ending is fundamentally misanthropic

  • nusaiba ibrahim

    the other two TVs do not work for me

  • nik Bahtin

    which ending let to ghettos

  • Brady King

    How can you pick any ending besides telling the truth To cover it up in darkness makes you no better than your enemies and to give the people the chance to choose makes everything go full circle If you truly want everyone to decide whats best how can they without everything laid out in front of them Maybe it39s easier to be blinded by ignorance but it39s better if everyone had to open their eyes to look into the darkness no matter how unnerving it may be

  • Osmiphos

    is it just me who found the early boss39s harder than the last ones

  • Badass Sangheili

    Transhumanism is the future

  • Local Bloody Gaming

    wait so whats happens to Adam at the end he just settles down in his apartment

  • The O Taco

    one man doesn39t deserve to make a choice for all of them I killed myself and would do it again

  • nik Bahtin

    why cant jenson make his own ending where he explains that grumpy old man was pissed that he didn39t get to have augmentations even though he created them so he tried to ruin it for others by killing millions and that regulation isn39t that bad it just i don39t like it where companies like belltower abducts people and experimenting and then try to spin it on good companies like serif and then indirectly throw the Illuminati people like William Taggart call the wrong companies on the same crimes they them self committed all centered on the group that throw lies and proxy on both sides only escalated the conflict ending up with shit like the Aug incident happen

  • Jamie Mannell

    Will Mankind Divided follow a specific ending Or is any ending you pick correct If anyone knows please tell me

  • Moangus PIckard

    I chose darrow because its the most logical onePeople have to know the truth and one way or another augmentations will be done maybe in 200 years because you cant slow humanitys need for evolutionAnd thus this choice gives it natural progressionSuiciding is wrong because the iluminati are still out there and if people dont know what caused this how can they prevent it from happening againthey cant


    God the quotkill us allquot ending really gave me goosebumps

  • quinten vanresapaille

    Guys this is it The very first internetdiscussion without people insulting each other or behaving childish

  • EasyLee

    I chose the last ending in the hope that humanity would come to sense and stop spreading in two different groups Wasn39t any good

  • Kutze Walters

    Unpopular opinion here I went with proAugmentation Why Because the main issue with it was resolved in the entire plot of the game Most people had issues with augmentations because often augments had incompatibility with the human body leading to needing 39neuropozyne39 in order to counter these effects These concerns repeated again and again by Taggart and antiaugmentation movements Lack of 39neuropozyne39 would result in severe pain and eventually death But Jenson possessed the DNA that Doctor Reed was soon planning to share with the world thereby eliminating the issue of augmentations In other words augmentation can become perfect through Megan Reed39s research It39s people39s choice whether they want to be augmented or not It39s people39s choice how advanced they wish their augmentation to be It39s also people39s choice to decide how fast they wish to research into augmentation for their own personal gain Ignoring the bureaucracy that will always be around regardless whether or not augmentations exist or not isn39t that what democracy is Hence I went with that

  • Shirogane Tsuki

    Sarif option Why Because CantKillProgress

  • SexCannonMusic

    I heard an interesting thing once quotThe laziest people in the world are the ones that create inventions to make it easier to live quot I39d go with telling the truth what Darrow did was insane at the very least and should of went about doing things differently but the message in my opinion is the one that people need to hear the most The message of how technological progress can in a way improve lives but at the same time may destroy humanity and that by trying to become more than we are sure we may be come better if things are handled with humanities best interests in mind we risk to loose the very things that make us human

  • Jamie Mannell

    I love how there39s no wrong option They all make a good point I love this game Love it In my top 10 EASILY

  • Daleky old boy Daleky old boy

    39let mankind choose39mankind divided

  • Rohan Keluskar

    lol I didn39t save taggart and cause if it I didn39t get the 3rd option XDthought it was optional mission

  • mikobw mikobw

    Why I have got only 3 options Sarif Darrow and Suicide

  • D'MarcGotVocals

    the first three are probably canon

  • Vanja Horvat

    Do the endings vary depending on whether you did a pacifist run a murder spree or something inbetween Because the 39I refused to use the power I had bla bla39 that AJ mentions in every ending seems to point to a more or less pacifist run where Jensen keeps his morals high by not killing people he doesn39t have to

  • Stephen Johnson

    just got this ending and darrow lol didnt free any hostages or talk to sarif or taggart just wanted to beat it but this game is great

  • Hans Von Witzland

    I think suicide is the best option no man should have that much power or right to play God and influence humanity39s destiny to that degree it39s best for humanity as a whole to try to collectively agree on how to progress as humanity has always tried to do

  • Massakers

    I was too young when i buyed this game didnt understand the concept but now older and wiser im gonna buy the new game Hope its gonna be dope

  • MrChillendawg

    This game is a literal masterpiece The precipice of gaming I39ve never played a game that had such an encompassing story and the morality it exhibits in game play I can not wait for the mankind divided

  • the500mphtortoise

    Surely if Adam wanted humanity to make their own choice he would tell them the truth not conceal it by killing himself

  • Ivan Basov

    Watching this in preparation for the sequel been a while since I played HR and this makes me realize how good the writing in the game was And just how much I live Cyberpunk my college thesis 11 years ago was about the genre even Thank you

  • Max Moran

    I imagine this is a pretty easy choice for a procapitalism antigovernment neoconservative For all of the rest of us this is such a hard choice because all of them have really positive points and all of them have really deeply negative ones Which is what makes the game so great because you have to choose between a ton of bad options and you39ll never really know which was right because the game doesn39t give you the easy satisfaction of showing what happens That39s the thing about philosophy social criticism and predicting the future it39s ultimately just a prediction There39s no way to know what39ll happen in the future until we39re there

  • Coldblooded

    very strong massage too bad some people choose to be deaf

  • Leonardo Bastos

    I chose Sarif39s ending because i think augmentations can really help humanity not because it can make you a badass killing machine but because it can do miracles like curing cancer make tetraplegic people walk etc I think tecnology can make people evolve

  • MMArtist141

    I39d go more with Haggard but also find wiggle room for Sarif39s side Not having so many limitations that impede human advancement almost to a halt or snail pace However Governed enough to be evaluated carefully I think a good example now with cloninggenetic modification however right now I think we39re going at snail pace with the technology this is where I39d want us to speed up research more

  • Mac Russell

    I like how theres no real wrong choice He gives each ending good explanation on why they are right And thats the point that theres no clear right answer Thats what I got from all this at least

  • Plamen Evtimov

    So i guess Taggart was right after all seeing the demos of mankind devided

  • amorbavian

    So I committed suicide how can I still live in the next game

  • Carlos Gonzalez

    This brings out the philosopher in all of us These are tough philosophical questions that we may never have the answers to and that will we be debating for the the foreseeable future

  • LegacYakaMK

    lack of Darrow endings in the comments is disturbing truth

  • Leon O'Donoghue

    Probably the only time I ever kind of agreed with th illuminati

  • Jzigzags

    I went with Taggart39s choice imo we need technology we needto experienceand learn about this world We certainly needto continue foreword in evolution However it39s truly disgusting to think about how far and how selfish we may become without the security of regulation and rules Hell without rules and laws we39re basically just experiencing one big whole specieswide cold war where the scientists and corporations rule the world and the common folk are perceived to beas earnest as test rats and dirty ragsIn short we need evolution and technology but not at the cost of innocent livesso let39s just makeprogress one step at a timeso no one gets hurt

  • BlackFaceBoi4/20

    Here are the best outcomes in my opinion 1 Destroy Pangaea 2 Taggert option3 Sarif option4 Darrow option

  • Horr!d Fr33dom

    Definitely proaugmentation Humanity should always thrive forward and not sink backward When we question if we are ready for it or not all we truly know for sure is that we don39t have time on our side to think about that for long The only thing we can do is to experiment develop ourselves like we always did

  • TrancoTechnizer

    I chose Sarifs but I gave it a lot of thought before pressing the button that these experiments on innocent people will continue with Sarifs dream but then there will always be heroes to stop the retards doing inhuman research and experiments and there will always be wars and villains and rotten self centered individuals who care nothing for others and jealosyTheres always somebody in pain in trouble you cant save everybody even if you ban technology altogether humans will fight and steal from eachother theres no kingdom of heaven on earth only primary instinctsand controlling the augmented would mean no freedom of willso Taggart option is a no go from startfeels like communism to methen I watched all endings and I still agree with Sarif Humanity needs to evolve thats the only way to survive in this galaxyas for the self destruct option if youd have the chance to chose life or death what would you choosenot a single soul would choose suicide in a normal state of minddespite all hardshipsprimary instincts remember thats how human pshicology worksand also mankind was always led by somebody Kings Champions Warchiefs Presidentsif you dont take the lead yourself and press self destruction somebody else will do it and dictate hisher own will on othersthat ending is for me like eh fuck everything I worked for so far I dont care lets throw it awaysooo Sarifyet still a better ending than Mass Effect 3

  • Brace Land

    As if you wouldn39t choose the truth Not only would revealing the illuminati make people think more carefully about the technology but then everyone would be aware of the secret society fucking everyone over People wouldn39t abandon technology and science just because some people died from a mad man sabotaging it If anything it would make augments safer because they39d make sure they couldn39t be controlled again It may be chaos for a while but in the end society would be better off knowing the truth Lying to them makes you no better than the illuminati

  • StonedVikingPorn

    Am i only one thinking how ending where Adam killing him self doesnt make sense cause there39s mankind divided coming out

  • 00HoODBoy

    all those endings are amazing

  • 7th Angel

    Really cool game but I39m disappointed that we didn39t get more drastic consequences for the choices we made Everything seemed ok But I choose truth Give the masses the truth then let mankind decide what to do with it

  • Niobium

    Eliza If you do this the world will be left with questions and may never reach a consensuAdam ALLAHU AKBAR pushes buttonjihad nasheed plays

  • Cyanporo

    Choosing Taggart means aiding the Illuminati so fk that glassed prick id rather choose sarif if i have to choose between one of them and suicide is a no no cause that39s not how my nature as a person or as a human being operate i always am a truthful person i just hate lying or twisting stories to benefit the mass of course what Sarif wants me to do is lie and blame it all on humanity front so i obviously picked the most obvious solution in a what if situation that is me picking Hugh Darrow39s revelation it all hinged on that at the end for me in which the truth of all of what transpired i guess the illuminati cannot be the illuminati now or will it be prickart

  • Cri354

    You are not quotAnti Augmentationquot with that choice As he said himself he wants to keep things in check and not let power hungry corporations militarize everything for their own gain especially if that one thing had a more curative objective in mind I went with Haggard

  • Josh Perez

    It39s just like how can you teach a blind man colour

  • MrMjp30

    the guy on the radio sound like alex jones

  • Brandon Gregory

    I forgot to talk to sarif

  • Cody Rhodes

    Sarif was right The tool doesn39t define the person it is how they live with the tool that defines them Their actions and beliefs not what they look like or how they speak Augs are just that A Tool

  • chessplayer

    I went with Taggart endingeven though I thought I would go with Sarifbut come to think of itit is true that absolute freedom is just chaosYou need order in societyBesidesby siding with Taggart I also took my place in that orderTaggart invites you to be a member of Illuminatitherefore I could ensure that right decisions could be made