Top 10 Stealth Games смотреть видео бесплатно

Top 10 Stealth Video Games

Stealth focused games require creative thinking and cast users as everything from a master thief to a prison escapee or a deadly ninja. Join as we count down our top 10 favorite stealth games.

List Entries and Rank:
#10. Tenchu Stealth Assassins (1998)
#9. Assassins Creed Series (2007)
#8. Chronicles of Riddick Escape from Butcher Bay (2004)
#7. Hitman Series (2000)
#6. Dishonored (2012)
#5. Batman Arkham Series (2009)
#4. Deus Ex Human Revolution (2011)
#3. ?
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  • Marc Anthoni R

    I39m sorry but saying Thief is better than MGS and Dishonored and also going so far to say that it39s the best stealth game of all time just proves how stupid Watchmojo is with games

  • Bradyn Tarlton

    dishonored only 6th

  • David Robert

    Splinter Cell Chaos Theory is the best hands down


    my favourite stealth game is prototype 2

  • Stefke_99


  • Raushan Latiff

    MGS should be number 1

  • Joshua Torres

    Mario is the best stealth game guys Donkey Kong as well Watchmojo don39t know anything

  • Refik Mehmeti

    did i just hear haidio kojima

  • assassin- chan

    u missed one yandere sim

  • Erick Valls

    My favourite stealth game is Just Cause 3

  • George peterson

    i was hoping for Bourne Conspiracy to be added to the list but whatever

  • Fell Man

    How come they don39t credit who suggested the ideas anymore

  • Green Bean

    Thief is an amazing franchise Thief 2 the Metal Age is hands down the greatest stealth game ever It39s a game that forces you hide in the shadows with zero hand holding There is no gimicky quotThiefquot vision or upgrades you can use All you have is your eyes and ears

  • YetAnotherRandomYoutubeChannel

    Make a list about stealth games Include mostly game series Great WM

  • Shadow_SkuLL A7X

    The entire Tenchu series is REAL stealth

  • Thomas Linssen

    326 wth 3939forced to become an assassin3939 that39s not true at all his JOB is being an assassin You guys don39t know shit about dishonored39s story yet you put in on your list

  • Syed Rahman

    Why aren39t there any honorable mentions

  • Refik Mehmeti

    metal gear deserves to be first you really have to plan everything you do on the game

  • KV Music Beats

    Where is quotCommandosquot series

  • Leonard Church

    Assassins Creed only 9

  • Nelpski

    Except for when you play as that blonde guy And when you play as Big Boss

  • Canadian

    Splinter cell is number 1 dude lol

  • jirodyne

    Splinter Cell kinda stealth game depending on which game you play Assassin Creed Deus Ex Dishonored and MGS tho Those are Stealth games They have stealth options but aren39t what the game is designed for In all 4 of those games even Splinter Cell you can very easily just run through and kill everything with you being caught or not not matteringThief is one of the only ones on the list that is actually a stealth game Cause you can not just run in and start shooting things You WILL die You HAVE to stealth in that gameWatchMojo needs to better label their videos This isn39t 39top 10 stealth games39 it39s 39top 10 games with stealth options39 Which now a days is most games


    how is assassin creed and hitman not in the first 3

  • Linus Newman

    i love how he talks about stealth but the footage is nowhere near stealthy

  • Cyrus Lim

    Mark of the ninja anyone kinda childish but worth a try

  • FPS Abstract

    smh he pronounced Video Kojima wrong there39s no way you can get that wrong

  • T3KKANッ

    thief series in first hahahahah dishonored is 10x better

  • Trent Morrison

    I think sniper elite would make a good honey able mention also crisis

  • Owl BG

    Assasins creed is 9 wtf watchmojo

  • Max Andrews

    God distinguish I think smaru honor

  • ALink2DFuture

    Where tf was Mark of the Ninja

  • Jason Boggs

    Great list Thief at 1 is spot onall except for that last piece of crap game they tried to call Thief What a friggin39 fiasco that truckload of garbage was

  • Andressa Simões

    Where is Syphon Filter

  • strahinja radonjic

    Where is Outlast dude

  • Ahmed 1996

    also there is Commondos

  • amilom007

    please some one help me i39m searching a game i played years ago on pc and i forgot it39s namethe game is a 3rd person stealth infiltration assassination etc like MGS1the camera is on topthe game story is about north Korea or some communist placethe game is from the late 9039s or early 200039si remember the first mission is to sneak in a train and kill soldiers with knife

  • The Ross

    Outlast should be no1 I KEEP HIDING AND GOING YOLO lol xD

  • Pyramid Self-Defence Solutions

    Hahaha thief still cuts it 18 yrs later replaying thief gold and its still AMAZING nothing comes close

  • Reuben Pickering

    Styx master of Shadows shard of darkness should make the next stealth list

  • Albert Corley

    I39m kinda disappointed not to see Syphon Filter on this list Especially an honorable mention category

  • veljko petrovic

    I have AMD Athlontm II X2 250 Processor40 GBATI Radeon HD 4200 Microsoft Corporation WDDM v113 GHzwhat can i play even at all low thanks

  • vinslungur

    I see a lot of people trashing Thief Most of these people haven39t played Thief 1amp2 because the graphics are shit but the stealth gameplay is amazing I agree the newer ones are garbage though

  • Jack Taylor

    To be honest I think MGS should be 1 Splinter Cell 2 and Thief 3

  • Eric Serleth

    splinter cell is better than thief

  • Jdurr94: The Gamer

    Dang I came in here hoping for Sly Cooper By the way the blonde guy is Raiden

  • Claudio Gomes

    the new tomb raiders can be stealth since Lara can kill enemies with out making noise with a bow on the head breaking necks with the arrow or a headshot with a silenced pistol

  • Maurice Hightower


  • John Doe

    The fact that Manhunt is nowhere on this list just proves how inaccurate these lists are

  • Juan Casas

    Manhunt should39ve been on here

  • Wasim Mohammed

    Syphon Filter series

  • Sebastian Becker

    Beyond Good and Evil Nookay

  • Walled City Infotech

    Hey guys I am making a stealth based Android game like manhunt or metal gear plz check it out on my channel and give feedback regarding gameplay mechanics It will help me a lot in improving gameplay Thanks Have a nice day

  • nerdywizard156

    metal gear solid or splinter cell is my top 239s military wise

  • Rafiqul Islam

    Assassin39s creed series should be on the 4th or 5th list

  • Nodak81

    I loved Splinter Cell but Alien Isolation is handsdown the best ever I just realized this vid was before the game39s release

  • Tanmay Mohod

    I just wanted Assassin39s Creed series on top

  • capsuleboy

    which game had me hiding in a corner Man hunt 1

  • Un1versed HD

    I thought Sonic is the best stealth game in 2016 HAS WORLD GONE MAD

  • Joaquin Medrano

    I love love love MGS but saying that is nearly a good stealth game let alone to say that is in any way shape or form a better GAME than Splinter Cell is a joke I39m not talking about the story even though that Splinter Cell does have a great story way more grounded and realistic

  • CLA82529

    they39re ranking video games now

  • OurWolf

    dishonored should be in the top 3

  • Bob Dillon

    What is the best Assassin39s Creed game for stealth

  • Ferdinand Viery

    change TENCHU be SHINOBIDO