Top 10 Stealth Games смотреть видео бесплатно

Top 10 Stealth Video Games

Stealth focused games require creative thinking and cast users as everything from a master thief to a prison escapee or a deadly ninja. Join as we count down our top 10 favorite stealth games.

List Entries and Rank:
#10. Tenchu Stealth Assassins (1998)
#9. Assassins Creed Series (2007)
#8. Chronicles of Riddick Escape from Butcher Bay (2004)
#7. Hitman Series (2000)
#6. Dishonored (2012)
#5. Batman Arkham Series (2009)
#4. Deus Ex Human Revolution (2011)
#3. ?
Дата: 2017-08-24 00:26:59

  • Ayano Aishi

    How in the fuck is hitman in number 7 like wtf watchmojo

  • Subline I Clash of Clans

    Forgot Battlefield series

  • avenger bandung

    you forgot death to spies series the game is more hitman with ww2 background

  • 박새한

    Nothing can beat MGS series as a stealth game

  • pineapple gaming

    Hitman should be number one

  • Lion Chin

    Assassin creed have freeroam

  • Bibo8448

    Let39s be honest Watch Dogs has better stealth than Assassin39s Creed

  • Silent

    I looked this up to see if theif was in here

  • Luka Vukas124

    Lemme axe yall a question how the fuck is hitman not number 1

  • Madwolf Studios

    In what kind of universe can anybody with objective criteria believe that MGS is a better STEALTH GAME than Splinter CellMGS is a masterpiece of storytelling and lawbreaking but is nowhere near good as an actual game than Splinter Cell

  • brian7becker

    1 Metal Gear Solid Series2 Splinter Cell Series3 Hitman Series4 Thief Series5 Batman Arkham Series The rest is bullshit

  • Németh Dani

    Why Splinter cell is in a lower place than rust gear solid Mgs doesn39t make any sense

  • REKT -08

    to me i think tenchu series should be on the number 1

  • Sobuj Sorkar

    What about Tomb Raider

  • Peter Josh Magsino Besa

    metal gear solid must be the 1

  • Hikolai Kirov

    pay day 2 wtf this is the best stealth game

  • Vulpes Inculta

    Dishonored is higher on the list than Hitman Bullshit

  • Vivek Prakash

    why Manhunt is not listed

  • Audrey B

    Where39s Crysis 2 and aliens vs predator

  • Riyad Jawadz

    old man hiding in a box inside a military base is a better stealth game than splinter cell wtf

  • Snake Dude 777

    I love splinter cell more than Assassin39s creed and Assassin39s creed is is NOT a stealth game and if it is it39s so hard to stay undetected

  • Big Smoke

    Hitman Series are more stealth

  • DJSketch720

    How is thief better than metal gear solid

  • Allan H

    The best Splinter Cell

  • Subline I Clash of Clans

    The Batman Arkham Gamesare better than the Hitman games in my opinion But Hitman is far better than Batman in stealth aspects like disguising Avoiding people with the same disguise as you And not having to kill

  • Tokyo

    quotsleep tight and dream of large womenquot line straight out of The Princess Bride lol

  • Varun Bhalla

    batman Askham city the best

  • Maia Reynolds

    I love the fact that Hitman is only number 7 when it39s probablt the most iconic stealth game

  • agent 31

    You know thistop ten is fucked when you see hitman be 7th place

  • DrDestrukt

    assassins creed quotStealthquot

  • Meir Spector

    splinter cell was far better than thief

  • Muneer Maheen

    Hitman at no 7Can39t believe that

  • D Harter

    Dishonored should be 1

  • Michael Mordon

    Styx is the best stealth game if you get detected you39re dead so you39re stealthiling 100 of the time

  • Funtime Foxy

    If it was 2016 dishonored 2 would be here

  • Yousef Zaman

    btw its not quotthe franchisequot its quotthe agencyquot

  • Daniel Parejo

    this list is ok But not entirely accurate

  • Richard El Diablo

    Omg the original Thief was a masterpiece

  • Rizki Habibie

    Good job on thumbnails

  • raz well

    Hitman should be 1 try getting silent assassin rating on every mission and you39ll see what true stealth play is

  • Pronkman666

    Why the fuck is assassins creed on here

  • Slarx

    Thief 2014 is epic easily would have been number 1 if the video came out later

  • Jack TEP

    Where39s WatchDogs

  • Ishara Lakpriya

    splinter cell is best stelth game i39v played

  • Noman Johan

    How about Desperados Wnated Dead or Alive or the Commandos seriesIsometric strategic stealth games at their best

  • Quing Matty Mashups

    Manhunt 1amp2 should39ve at least been an Honorable Mention

  • Valak

    we all knew one of the Assassin39s Creed games or the Hitman games or the Tom Clancy games would make it here I39m gonna make a lot of ppl mad for missing out on one game

  • Nino Poli

    This games are for psp pc or android

  • John Dion

    Highdayo Kojimi How does WatchMojo not know how to pronounce his name

  • Tutorial World

    mine onen is tomclansy splinter cell conviction or blacklist

  • Funko Pop Figure Reviews

    Which thief is the best I know the current gen one sucks but other than that which of the old ones are better

  • FloosWorld

    My Top 3 would be1 Thief II The Metal Age2 Hitman Blood Money3 Deus Ex or Deus Ex Human Revolution can39t decide between those two but in the end I39d give my vote for the original

  • wolf 27

    man hitman series are more stealth than every game just because you can get the people you want kill to be killed by their own hands by your traps i mean this is fucking crazy