Japanese Katana VS European Longsword - Samurai sword VS Knight Broadsword смотреть видео бесплатно

Japanese Katana VS European Longsword - Samurai sword VS Knight Broadsword.

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Дата: 2017-01-17 18:04:37

  • Hox Box

    Things wrong with this videoKatana vs Leather armour used a slash that goes downward meaning faster cutProfessional doesn39t use the weapon Some random guy who has no experience doesClearly states the pommel at the start but doesn39t use it against armourquotBroke some serious ribsquot When hitting the stomach areaquotLost some of his intestinesquot When hitting the shoulder across to the chest Even attempting to cut plate armour at all

  • crater525

    I would like to think the dragonslayer would out class both of them

  • Dionysus Tisdale

    Katana vs My 45 Caliber Bullet

  • HouseBrook History

    What an absolute shitty dokumentation really Cracking ice Seriously Why should a katana ever have had the need to thrust into a steel plate Why should ever someone thrust right into the middle of the plate Oh my fucking god a quotmartial arts expertquot is helping I am sorry americans but leave those fucking documentaries for the people who know a thing or two about it

  • Kezo lastname

    Why they never use actual Japanese martial artists for the demonstrations is beyond me

  • Virtual Cancer

    Hell I like you You can come over to my house and fuck my sister

  • Cornered Fox

    Why did they misspell quotChinese Daoquot as quotJapanese Katanaquot With that amount of flex no way in hell that sword came out of Japan

  • Ryan Ukulele

    But a well placed Pommel could end any swordsman rightly

  • Liberatus Blair

    Cutting with an european greatsword That must be a jokeA long sword was used for breaking bones and to penetrate heavy armorA katana for slicing and coming through light armor or light clothesYou can39t compare those different types of swords because they are made for different tasksFurthermore its pathetic to think that somebody would fight with an iceblock

  • Viktoria Tryfonova

    Dear presenters you are comparing two different weapons for two different purposes I39m trying to see which one is better and which one is worse you39re forgetting that the katana was not made to what stand cuts from other katanas while the longsword was an axe weapon that was often bashed against other weapons and often could be used with one hand on the health and one on the blade for real leverage and penetration If you wanted to put a second hand on the blade of the katana you wouldn39t lose your fingers in the situations these blades were used the katana was also as you said primarily a slashing weapon Please stop comparing two different weapons to soon which one you think is better because neither can outclass the other in its specific and particular techniques and uses Furthermore the cut done by the longsword to the block of ice was done much higher on the blade towards the debele than that of the cut performed by the katana so stop please

  • bewing77

    All that BS about katanas being much sharper is just a myth it39s almost like someone thought quothmm European knights had better armor better antiarmor weapons better war horses superior cavalry tactics access to better siege equipment let39s just claim that steel folding thing the jap swordsmiths used to make the poor quality steel at least a bit more pure actually was a magical trick that turned their swords into unbreakable razor blades able to cut through both stone and steel and blocks of ice obviously so they at least get to appear superior in one areaquotThe entire quotwhich sword is betterquot discussion is pretty silly there were crap cheap ugly katanas just as there were equally crappy European swords but if you take the best japanese swordmaker and get him the best available Japanese steel of the time and take the best European sword maker and give him the best available European steel the European sword would be the better one When it comes to swords they can be made into hosts of different shapes and sizes where all of them was the best choice for a certain situation but if we want to differentiate the two factors that are interesting is how sharp can the blade get and how durable is it Both of these are in turn determined almost exclusively by one factor the quality of steel used which is determined mostly by your smelting technique And it is a simple historical fact that the European smelting technique was substantially ahead of the Japanese throughout the period of interest The iconic folding of the steel in Japanese sword making was primarily done to remove impurities from the steel which the sub par smelting was unable to and while this worked it didn39t work as well as having quality steel from good smelting This all means that whatever fancy stuff you want to do to that sword a European sword of the time made as heavy long and thick as a Japanese one would be sharper and more durableDoes this mean the katana is crap Of course not it worked perfectly well and even if there would have been contact between Japan and Europe in that time the potential quality difference wouldn39t make any difference at all Fact is on the battlefield the primary are of use for a weapon swords wasn39t even the primary weapon neither in Europe or Japan Pole arms played a much more important role and even historically and this is often missed or ignored by comic book samuraj fans the Yari was held in almost as high regard as the Katana In a Japanese battle of the era where things did go your way you would likely use the wakisashi more that the katana since the wakisashi was the tool for decapitating the enemies you defeated and would thus hopefully be used several times in a battle whereas the only time the katana would be drawn would be if things were turning ugly you lost your YariNaginata or whatever and also had lost any servants or man at arms that could provide you with a new one it would have been your last desperate attempt at not being on the receiving end of getting ganged up by some enemy samuraj and his entourage of men getting pulled to the ground and having someone straddle you starting to saw your head off with his wakisashi In Europe knights were of course first and foremost an elite cavalry force adept at lance charges and other mounted combat When dismounting knights would also prefer a longer weapon than a sword and especially something better vs armor than a sword since armor technology was also superior in Europe and you basically had to have specialized weaponry to deal with armor to survive the battlefield towards the end of the period of full metal armors they were advanced enough that there were no openings anywhere other than eyeslits where a weapon could stab through meaning that vs people armed with nothing but swords you were almost invicible Here to the sword and dagger was your last resort when all other options were goneSorry for the wall of text but these misconceptions really triggers me especially in our day and age where it should be really simple to get the fact you need to for an informed opinion or to be able to speak with confidence in factual discussions Also I copied most of it from my blog Cheers

  • tychoswebwereld

    But they are two different things the longswords is an impact weapon while the katana is a slicing weapon

  • Lavaot

    I don39t know why but I found this guy voice soooo anoying and also most of the test were not testing the real purpose of the katana

  • Blaxx MAO

    thats not real original katanathat probably china

  • dwarvindoor

    how about a durability test hmmmm then lets see which one is better

  • You heck'n weaboo

    European Longsword and Knight Broadsword are supposed to be the same thing

  • Woodchuck12

    hearing an American accent narrate a foreign item makes it sound like he doesnt know what hes talking about

  • Gabo Derflinger

    I would like a katana with the handle and the pommel of the longsword Also make it dull near the handle so it would be more durable if parrying

  • alonelychild

    At 153 I saw when couldn39t help myself to think what a heresy

  • Clausen yee

    anyone who thinks the English long sword is beter than a kitana is a complete idiot

  • baryonyx 345

    I always choose japaneseBecaeuse they are producing high qualty stuffsWay better than european

  • Seishiro Natsuki

    The katana seems way lighter which means enhanced speed and speed makes the differenceAny object can be lethal at a certain speed even water as demonstrated in many videos around the webFurther more the long sword seemed unsharpened the long sword when sharpened has better maneuverability as you can change the direction of the swing without turning the blade over unlike the katana which has one sharp side

  • PanzamaGaming

    What is that armor called

  • xXPlayaBoi6Xx

    The more swords you have the better damage you do the MAX swords you can hold is 3 2 in the hand 1 in the mouth The more you adjust to a sword39s weight the more you can swing way faster and stronger

  • rockyblacksmith

    A martial arts expert talking about using a longsword one handed because you might have a shield in the other handEither the guy is playing dumb or has no idea what he39s talking about Either way absolutely no credibility

  • Craydoug

    Dude a long sword was a combo of crushing and slicing so comparing two different swords is ridiculous

  • The Shotlouf blankok

    Real katana are really difficult to make

  • Menoth Games

    OBJECTION Longswords were used for thrusting if there was armor involved

  • RD Policarpio

    so the european sword is better than katana

  • Falazure WoW

    Nice armor though that looks real

  • Judicial78

    LOL I will take on any fucker in the world wielding the twohanded saber called a katana Longsword is the most versatile superior melee weapon ever designed by mankind

  • eXnoZEN games

    I like the katana way more the an the long sword who agrees

  • Jaykerz P (Darkness)

    Both are great swords in their own worlds Katanas were so sharp they would slice through almost anything The European longsword however wasn39t used to cut off limbs It is intentionally blunt so it doesn39t stick into bones during combat Instead the edge was meant to break bones and the tip did the finishing blows

  • jude norbz

    Musashi would definitely kill Arthur if they fought

  • Mike Green

    really interesting i felt like the styles of each really depict some characteristics of the cultures from which they were created the katana just breathes precision in the way it39s made how it39s used and overall strength of the sword the longsword seems more about pure brute force power and multi purpose double edged can use both ends effectivelyetc in the tests above the instruments are pitted against each other but it39s important to remember imho that both swords are well documented throughout history for how dangerously successful they can be in the right hands

  • Sheapish

    I don39t think this is a fair test It would make more sense to compare the katana to something of similar caliber for example an ulfberht

  • Lufsty

    the longsword was probably dulli love the longsword c

  • ViRGiN dEsTrOyEr


  • Deathpower gaming

    I knew the katana would win

  • Nicholas Lewis

    I39ve seen a few comments criticizing the use of these swords and I can39t tell if it39s a joke or not but for those who are serious some of it I understand but you have to put in perspective where these weapons were used why they were used and how they were made Both were tempered in a way to make hard but brittle steel then heat treated to somewhat soften the steel and let it set in the way they wanted Both being straight rather than warped Because of this instead of staying straight when extreme force is applied which could potentially cause them to break the blades are designed to flex which does reduce thrusting power but it also prevents damage to the inner structure of the blade Next there39s the opponents the swords went against The European Knight was generally clad in full plate armor which at the time made them nearly invincible in infantry combat The Longsword was used to counter this but not headlong into the armor itself They state in the video that the sword is used for attacking the vulnerable points in armor meaning that they attack where there39s little armor or none at all While I understand that trying to slash plate seemed ridiculous it was simple to show an example in comparison to another weapon made in the same time period not as an actual belief that the sword would be able to do it The Katana was made to fight opponents that generally wore some armor but nothing as crazy as full plate as they still wanted to move around relatively unrestricted which left the possibility of slashing to still do damage especially in swift attacks where the opponent is most vulnerableLastly there39s the design of the weapon In length even at its shortest the European Longsword is still longer than the Katana More so look at the thickness of the Longsword compared to the Katana The Longsword is much thinner than the Katana Longer and thinner blades make for generally weaker piercing attacks as they buckle under pressure more As for the Katana it39s a lot like a curved sharpened metal rod It39s shorter and thicker making it possible to put more pressure behind the blade for stabbing before it starts to flex As for slashing The Longsword has no backbone to it like the Katana does A Longsword being double edged means that the whole blade is tempered and heat treated the same way Many if not all Katanas are made with two parts forged differently then put together The metal that will be the blade is tempered to be extremely hard but also very brittle while the back of the sword is created to be much softer to absorb kinetic energy to prevent the blade from cracking or breaking as well as giving the blade some flexFinally well settle on this note Longswords were designed to be another streamlined weapon for soldiers in combat While smiths may have poured sweat blood and tears into them their method was meant for many of the same sword Katanas are generally made to be different from one another and that individuality puts a more personal design and much more sentimental importance was put into each blade

  • Dalek Dalek

    They both suck XD Take a mothafukin chainsaw and get things done properly

  • Andrea Nocini

    it39s a stupid demostration the katana have a cutting edge along all the blade tha longsword only on the final part called quotdebolequot the part of blade called quotmedioquot and quotfortequot dont39 have a cutting edgeThis video had to be called quothow don39t use a longsword vs Katanaquot

  • Dennis M

    you stab with the longsword man they just keep swinging it

  • jallendubya

    The samurai sword has a soft metal core before folding many many many many times the blade I think Thats what gives it the strength and flexiblity So much to where if the blade bends without breaking it can be straightened and used again and again Plus the shape of the blade maximizes its cuttingpiercing ability The curve of the blade can tell you if it was made during war or peace time the bigger te curve the bigger the war Truly a work of art and death Hands down maybe the ultimate blade ever

  • Erik Weeks

    head deskthis argument is redundant The experiment in question ignores way too many aspects of personal combat to even attempt to address

  • jiri jeskanen

    Definetly the Katana is betterFun factThe Katanas also took big role in WW2 when the Japanese had them as a secondary weapon if they39re gun jammed or ran out of ammo

  • Lee Harvey Oswald

    pretty sure they slung a thrusting sword at a piece of leather

  • Reaction

    even till today the japanese is far ahead in technology

  • Παναγιώτης Κούνιαρης

    Always the katana is the best swordthats why samurai have them

  • wonsun choi

    european longsword sucks compared to the katana

  • Awron Zizao

    Comparing a Longsword to a Katana is like comparing a Tiger to a Kitten it39s a widely known fact that the Katana sword is histories greatest sword

  • HailToDStorm

    What39s all this bull I was expecting 2 swords to clash and the katana cuts thru longsword

  • Mr2000V

    so many butt hurt people and for what the sword they are rooting for sucks what

  • Fenir

    The katana slice through the ice pretty nice xD

  • Tyler, Page of Void

    For an armored opponent the cruciform sword would be used as a hammer holding the blade in one39s hands to perform what is called a murder stroke This I only know from skallagrim so take that how you will

  • Dylan Mckeen

    no sane swords man would slash at the centre of a chest pice

  • Koty liżo masło

    Katana is much tougher than a longsword

  • Gregory Wolf

    How can u compare a katana which normally is used for one blow to a long sword which is used to defend and attack also if a katana and a long sword went one on one the long sword user would just block the katana39s first strike then stab the katana wielders dominant arm shield bash him slash his head or kick the katana user Also a long sword usually weighs a lot more so a katana user would probably lose the sword from shock if heshe tried to block an attack from the long sword And finally don39t tell me that the katana wielder can just kill him on the first strike because the long sword as you stated in the video is usually accompanied by a shield Also don39t make a video just to be biased against the long sword it was obvious the blade wasn39t properly sharpened Also someone who knows about swords know that a dieangle slash is more affective then a vertical or horizontal slash so the ice test and leather armor test don39t count Also a long sword wielder would poke or slash at the weak spotopenings in armor for the sword is not made to cut through steel in fact no sword is

  • Steve Hash

    You forgot to mention THE most important thing SPEED In other vids they cut 3 times before a EU SHORT sword cuts 1 time The samurai was masters at speed and accuracy where EU is lol vs these Warriors and i am from EU si i know the history EU warrior was more brute force with less brain involved The spartans was the first with technique who understood speed snd technique also Vikings actually had great tactics but 1 spartans vs 1 viking vs 1 samurai the samurai warrior would win easy and i am a viking my self But those warriors where something Else

  • Jesse Salazar

    cold Steel katana will always win it39s a fact not a 440 stainless steel katana also use the original size that one is smaller

  • Osvald Damstedt

    702 That hurts to watchRip katana

  • DragonFlames72

    You used the swords in different ways so the difference was larger than it should be

  • alonelychild

    What were they expecting European blacksmiths were primitive when compared to their japanese counterparts Obviously the katana would win

  • Carlos Munoz

    No idiots should wield a Katana Sword unless one of them mastered the martial arts of a ninja and they have to use it for selfdefense against danger

  • Link The Fox

    i would love to see European knights battle samurai warriors

  • Nicholas Wahl

    There is the impacted for the person inside it to

  • Bahdini Kurd

    the long sword is a joke haha samurai sword win but the zulfiqar sword is better then both of them

  • Yahwho KAZAMA

    I like this video to show the difference in the swords created by two different ETs Interestingly only one of them still have an Emperor in this planet the Earth We all know what the video39s rough fact means and who ends up to rescue the planet A organization created to make the world peace the UN should be fully and truly restructured next year to compensate too much losses and confusion in the past decade Technically the ancient Japanese sword were hand made and the newer Japanese sword may have the quality problemIf the best Katanas and the European swords should compete we would be able to see the real difference in quality although the video can never ever show the real Katana39s perfomance for this purpose They are officially designated as the national treasure I wish Japan will try more seriously to keep and support those respectful TouShou to maintain the tradition which helps the world39s progressAnother related video httpswwwyoutubecomwatchvEDkoj932YFoMr Jesse Watt39s comment is good however it does fail to describe the truth unfortunately We all know that the forest has at least two faces when we look at them At the same time we should know we must avoid to became a frog in the well that can not see the Ocean

  • Mungbeanz100

    so now we know had the Japanese mobilized they would have destroyed 10th century Euro armies