Let's Play! | Deus Ex: Mankind Divided -- "Getting up to Speed in Dubai!" (EP1) смотреть видео бесплатно

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Outro Song: "Watching Cartoons" - Jay Allen
Дата: 2017-01-20 02:25:53

  • Trent xX

    I39m early let me think of a Hillary See what I did there

  • MetallicBlitz

    ending was great quoti dont what to tell you kid your moms a pancakequot

  • oats

    quotYour mom39s a pancake dude I don39t know what to tell youquot

  • Raine Amber

    I get really excited when Cartoonz uploads a video because he39s funny

  • Heron Pirollo

    Cartoonz The type of guy who chooses lethal and prefers to go stealth and just incapacitate enemies

  • Misael Juarez

    He said quotUr mom is a pancake dude don39t know what to till uquot XD

  • ThatDiamondGuy01


  • Golden Garcia

    quot Your mum is a pancake idk what to tell yaquot Cartoonz 2016 I39m gonna print that on a tshirt no joke lol

  • Presto L

    when the recap was happening I forgot I was watching cartoons play a game until he talked

  • What's Good Fam

    Game play starts at 2000 you39re welcome

  • Kill Me

    I bet all of my money cartoonz won39t reply

  • Tarheel Logan

    so what part of north carolina are he and delirious from

  • Andreas Drake

    bloody helli have to wait 8 hours to get my copyfrom steam

  • Walid Mechkour

    Could you like try not to go too longLike around 3040 minutes

  • Ghost 280603

    this games storyline and game play is epic

  • TheRebelLion96

    I might as well play this game if they39re not gonna put Crysis out for Backwards Compat

  • Marco González

    I like the dude39s glases Also what happend with quotQuantun Leap gameplayquot

  • The Boxin' Ring

    quotI39m not gonna kill everyoneahhhhhquot

  • deondre satchel

    Any one else hyped for this game

  • Lord Karnage BB

    18 minutes in now i remember why i skip cutscenes because i get bored not blowing shit or killing shit

  • James G

    i enjoyed plz post mote

  • Liam Ward

    quotprobably just killed the undercover guyquot next body he looks at is Jinns D

  • King Slade

    So this is where the illuminati came from

  • KlashFurious XXX

    deus ex sounds like deus sex

  • Thomas Duff

    I am early cartoonz must reply

  • WarriorXTurtle

    This reminds me of crysis for some reason

  • Will Challoner

    Any one think of mass effect when they say Shepard


    Cartoonz your moms a pancake kid i dont know what to tell ya

  • Jordan Jensen

    my last name is Jensen

  • its dangerous to go alone take

    you know a game will be awesome af when its made by square enix

  • Quinn Marine

    Holy shit there39s 7 adverts Bruh

  • The Rainbow Lemons

    Jensen sounds like keano reeves and I don39t care about spelling

  • DownTownMJBrown

    anyone else forgot who was playing this about 1000 minutes into the beginning cutscenemovie

  • Asad salahuddin

    the cutscenes in this game are so cringy

  • QueenKhalifa

    I bet 300 dollars Cartoonz is not gonna reply to this comment

  • Crusader Nikolai

    Ayy shout out to Detroit I thought we only had robocop

  • Nancy White

    cartoonz I39m a fan and ppl always hateing do u one it


    httpsyoutubeL0pirRWeUA This link is for CaRtOoNz only

  • Folix Foxtrot

    i just got the game its not avalable to play on steam yet but i cant wait

  • maximam crazyneis

    wow this game is offensive as fuck really you put arabic people as the terrorists fucking racism

  • Random virgin retard on the

    CaRtOoNz the type of bitch that would add a vibrating mechanism in his dick

  • Amanda Corlew

    fuck Hillary Clinton

  • Kyle Wightman

    I was here at 32 views Just finish d watching the vid

  • Julian Mendez

    it sounds like he39s saying daily sex

  • Kim Brendan

    20 minutes until you play the game top notch

  • Jordan Martinez

    I wonder why cartoonz didnt use the silencer


    Could you make the next video Six Siege plz CaRtoOnZ

  • Nathin Kai

    btw thekid kanda souds like lui XD

  • Katterinabellic

    the ending tho xD its sad but made me laugh cause of his comment D

  • andrew10022

    The way they all say janus bugs me Its pronounced JANlike janitor US

  • Tanya Simmons

    I mean jenoc and I guess I did spell Jensen right

  • Ozzy Joelsson

    806 i stopped playing that game because of her XD

  • DiamondCreeper12 thegamer

    the bionic arm we have now does only move through brainwaves or how we feel which is a waste of money but in the next 15 years it39ll change alot

  • poppa sparrow

    can we play overwatch sometime

  • Amber Danhausen

    hey you should watch Rwby or Ruby

  • Colin Kovach

    Cartoonz what happened to Batman it39s cool if it wasn39t fun I just wanna know why you stopped posting it

  • R4GE x WolfZz

    I have not seen a more Amazon looking game

  • Sid I

    I like how his name is quotsinghquot which is Punjabi indian but he talks arabic Just wew game logix