Deus Ex HR: The Missing Link - Factory Zero playthrough смотреть видео бесплатно

Factory Zero playthrough of The Missing Link DLC for Deus Ex: Human Revolution. No augmentations upgraded and no weapons used, as required for the achievement.

- Perfect ghosting
- "Give me Deus Ex" difficulty
- No takedowns (except for one unavoidable encounter at the end)
- No healing or energy items (only quest items were picked up)
- 9/10 achievements unlocked (except That Old Adage, which requires CASIE aug)

CONTENTS [with highlights]:
00:00 Intro
04:10 Retrieving the equipment
06:40 Forward Cargo Hold
[7:45] Good Samaritan achievement
[9:35] Never Forget achievement
10:20 Topside (Ship Decks) and CIC
12:15 Escaping the ship
[17:10] Out of the Frying Pan achievement
17:15 Loading Bays 1-2
18:55 Netanya Keitner
22:00 Admin Sector (#1)
[24:45] Data Storage Device #1 for The Learn'd Scholar
26:10 Detention Camp (#1)
[26:25] Some preparations for All of the Above achievement
30:10 Interrogation Cells
[31:40] Data Storage Device #2 for The Learn'd Scholar
34:15 Detention Camp (#2)
[34:20] Using a crate to silently jump from 20m height
35:35 Admin Sector (#2): Retrieving the eye
38:25 Garvin Quinn
41:00 Admin Sector (#3)
42:30 Detention Camp (#3)
45:20 Underwater Lab
[47:05] Data Storage Device #3 for The Learn'd Scholar
[47:15] The Learn'd Scholar achievement
51:15 Elevator Shaft; meeting Keitner
55:10 Detention Camp (#4): Disabling the gas
[59:35] All of the Above achievement
1:02:55 Admin Sector/Loading Bays 1-2
[1:04:25] Back Stage Pass achievement
1:09:50 Loading Bay 3: Dealing with Burke and his men
[1:11:45] Apex Predator achievement
1:16:40 Loading Bays 2-3: Escaping the base
1:20:30 The ending
[1:20:30] Factory Zero achievement
[1:21:25] Never Stop Looking achievement
Дата: 2017-07-26 19:32:21

  • Parker Stroble

    I started watching this and your speedrun of the whole game and I must say these are awesome It really shows how much work you39ve put in And I really like how you can express your humor through annotations Most youtubers are trying to be funny through commentaryfacecamsetc It39s nice to see that isn39t always necessaryI can39t wait to watch all your other stuff D

  • coolcat001100

    God this is such a disturbing chapter

  • Mega Bondagemon

    Will Takedowns invalidate the quotGhostquot bonus andor make the enemy more alerted to your presence

  • Andy Curto

    Man I am super frustrated I followed the rules didn39t use any Praxis shoot any guns or use any explosives the red barrels don39t count right and I just finished it and I got the quotNever Stop Lookingquot achievement but what the hell I didn39t get quotFactory Zeroquot What could I have possibly done wrong

  • SpookyKid94

    Was I the only one who loved this DLC to death It takes so much more inspiration from the originalminus the loading screens Needed more open sections though 2 warehouses isn39t enoughshould be 5050 open space to close quarters

  • NEO Nate

    Why the fuck does the robot not see you in the fight with Burke I can39t even move before it spots me then comes towards me

  • Agent Washington

    Wy do they call her quot sir quot She may be an arrogant condescending bitch at first but that makes no sense

  • Pierce Gomez

    How do you walk past the mines


    Just got this achievement with the rocket launcher in my inventory Easy actually just don39t use ANY weapon or upgrade the augs that39s all I will unlock the rest of the achievements on my 2nd play through on easy settings but mate thank you for this guideplay through Without it I would have failed to get the factory zero achievement LOL I am now part of the 1

  • tom1yum2goong

    At 2230 worst security guard EVER

  • Yoshii

    It39s hilarious how poorly made this DLC was Paradoxical statements made by some key NPC39s sloppy enemy movement poor level design and character animations It39s sad that you had to pay 15 for this

  • Lewis Wilkinson

    Out of curiosity what39s the differences between this 39Factory Zero39 playthrough of the DLC and the 39Absolute Zero39 playthrough of the main game

  • NEO Nate

    There was a fucking soldier outside the first room where the game buffers those glass rooms who WOULD NOT MOVEHe STOOD THERE and STARED AT THE DOOR I39m not even kidding when I came through I had to quickly duck behind the box to avoid his site then sneak around his back When I came back after getting the eyeball sorted HE WAS STILL THERE STARING AT THE DOOR I couldn39t do that thing you did where you just dropped down the hole because he saw me instantlyI ended up just knocking him out idgaf anymore I39ll let you all know if you can still get the achievement for certain circumstances I39ve been spotted a few times and killed too

  • ThePhirenor

    0943So that was the container devs were talking about in Director39s Cut

  • ISetYourFaceOnFire

    I don39t get it i go through the shutter to the burke fight and the robot39s immediately hostile it hasn39t been before what have I done wrong

  • SoulBladeM

    This is pure beauty You really get creative with those boxes D My first and only time playing this DLC was quite violent The double crate at 1727 just blew my mind

  • I always hide the bodies into the air vents whenever I pull a takedown then there39s no way they can discover themAnyway this was quite an useful playthrough Great job

  • Agent Washington

    stop just sneaking past all the guards Take at least some of them out

  • Paul Petru Alexandru Cazacliu

    D After the completion step by step of your walkthroughDear Prenatualon the quotDirector39s cutquotfinal version of this gamepassing through hell and morethis gliched game has refused to recognized this achievementThey have established without proper testingsIwish to all of them to feel just like I39m feeling nowNothing morenothing less

  • Max Delgado

    Hey man I only found your video now but I followed it all the way through nearly all day and it was super useful Thanks a ton for putting it together and adding in the annotations as well as responding to people in the comments You39re help is extremely appreciated and I was fortunate enough to unlock quotFactory Zeroquot without a single issue Once again thanks dude And keep up the good work This playthrough was amazing

  • Hector Sutil

    Quinn sounds like he is from New Castle England lol

  • Hikora shin so

    is this quotGive me Deus Ex quot diffuculty

  • Alessandro Delsanto

    Thank you very much

  • Maneki Neko

    Love the 2219 part xD

  • Ragna Rok

    711 how this guard could just pass through the door without seeing Adam he must have been blind that game mechanics is just stupid

  • Manuel Calavera

    the boss fight in this gamedlc was better than any of the ones in the deus ex game

  • Elyseon

    Somewhere out there some NSA or CIA bureaucrat is playing this game and thinking quotSecret underwater prison camp for illegal experiments Why didn39t we think of thatquot

  • Nanorisk

    I played the game without dlc on XB360 but I never remember people moving so vigorously and wobbly Nice video nonetheless but its funny as anything

  • soulure

    Just finished this walkthrough and got all the achievements thank you

  • Marak Mocam

    I don39t know what the hell is different At 1418 when you start down the elevator by the gas filled room my run goes alert I39m clear all the way into the elevator At the bottom by that doorway there are 3 proximity mines one on this side 2 on the walls on the inside of the door The guards in the room are alerted not alarmed just alertedlooking I can39t slow walk to the mines with those guards like that

  • WakeUp

    What39s with the awkward random head movements Looks like some bug in the graphics or something

  • temmychan

    Hang on what happened at 959

  • Hector Sutil

    Lol a Youger Gary Savage so this facilities are actually AREA 51 or X51 lohttpdeusexwikiacomwikiGarySavage

  • wu jiandao

    that fall in 3424 00 awesome man didn39t know that can happen

  • Jay "p1ngas" Quilson

    Holy cow This was an amazing run I can only imagine how long this took to prepare Good job

  • Rade Vukoje

    Hey mate I see you recommended this video for meOne question though since this will be my second time playing DLC is it possible to get Factory Zero trophy playing on easy difficulty or quottell me a storyquotthats the only achievement that Im missing to 100 this awesome game D

  • Sergey Shishko

    Thanks this was very helpful Ive made some changes during the walkthrough but have my regards this is great solution

  • Paul Petru Alexandru Cazacliu

    D Hurrraaaahhh Finally BratanI got this bloody hell to get achievementon the quotDirector39s Cutquotfinal version of this gameand following some forums advicejust before blowing up those explosives in the Hengsha seaportI have lowered the game difficulty to quotGive me a storyquotIt seems that on the quotDirector39s Cutquotthis achievement on higher difficulty it39s either glitchedor you have to do something unknown yet extrain order to get itOn quotgive me a storyquotstill saving both the prisoners and Kavanaugh with a fire extinguisherand even takingdown non lethally several guardsbut never detectedthankfully to your walkthroughso Dear prenatualI get that achievement on my first attemptplaying in that difficultyjust like those players on the forums didwhile Quinn was opening the next stasis pod for meand getting back my gearxDD Life is a daily miracleUniversal love is an eternal oneD Thanks again ao Dear Bratan prenatualD

  • steamcrunk

    Well I was planning on replaying this tonight but totally got sucked into watching your beautiful stealth walkthrough Well done well done

  • CERap22

    Can you achieve quotFactory Zeroquot while playing quotnew game plus modequot

  • NYCAustinNYC

    Question for anybody In my first section of weapons that you get back the game gave me my modded lazer rifle Because I no longer have my own augmentations which maxed out my inventory I could not carry it with me I guess this gun is lost

  • TotalFilmPictures

    At 2754 you can drop any item near the guard He will turn around and you need to press button fast and use ladder No detection

  • Leo Knøsgaard Heby

    I have a guard standing looking at the quotDetention Center 5quot doorpassage he39s standing at the intersection He never moves out of the spot unless alerted Any idea on how to get back i have to get through the checkpoint now that i have burkes modified eye S In your playthrough you where able to drop down into the hallway from above and go to the door

  • Camouflaged Cow

    Should I 100 the standalone Missing Link and Deus Ex The Fall Those seem easy enough to 100 but I haven39t 100ed a game before

  • Paul Petru Alexandru Cazacliu

    DAt course you can do it that way only on a consolegamingwhere the AI it39s so forgivingOn the PCwithout the quotrunning silentquotaugmentationthey are quothearingquotyou from one thousand miles awaylet alone when you are trying to sneak right next to quotthemquot

  • TheDooMinatorFPS

    Chicks in this game including dlc are hot

  • Unfunny Idiot

    I39m playing this through a second time Last time I spent so long waiting to takedown everything Now I39m playing it again and i just shoot and kill everything on sight I don39t bother hiding the bodies because I just shoot whatever comes out of the doorway on sight

  • The Bread Boy

    quotI choose the fire extinguisherquotand I lost my shit

  • Vinticore

    I had some major bugs during my Missing Link playthough such as consistently starting the bossfight spotted and with everyone hostile makin39 getting Factory Zero a lot harder and probably locking me out of Foxiest of Hounds but this guide was extremely helpful for getting FZ Thanks

  • Louis Kelemen

    Done the 39Icarus Box39 and it39s AWSOME

  • fredury

    I finished the Missing Link once and that was really enough for me This one chapter is more disturbing than Human Revolution as a whole The detention center and the experiment lab genuinely freaked me out