Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Dubai Mission (Nonlethal) - E3 2016 смотреть видео бесплатно

Adam Jensen infiltrates a hostile-filled hotel during a sandstorm and non-lethally takes out the opposition in this E3 2016 demo.

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Дата: 2017-08-22 23:27:32

  • Haskin Payne

    Did he just take the elevator

  • Darthjei

    Has Icarus Landing SystemTakes elevator down instead

  • Evans O

    Does anyone notice that this game will be released exactly 5 years after Human Revolution was releasedDEHR 82311DEMD82316

  • Udalix Llew

    725 your kidding me right

  • FoxTamerMGO

    I never asked for this last gen graphics

  • a fan of canta

    quotAn arms dealer named Sheppardquot What a renegade

  • 『B E T I M』

    God gracious the lip sync is a lot better

  • UsielX

    they reused the damm animations

  • Dominic Thomas

    I don39t think there needs to be a cinematic every time you perform a knockout


    Is it me or have the graphics gotten much worse since the first gameplay trailer

  • RookieN08

    Don39t get me wrong I love all of the Deus Ex games but this is disappointing just like Fallout 4 I am expecting major improvements from this game but instead this looks like Deus Ex HR remake

  • Vukasin Ivkovic

    i don39t like the transition from gameplay to takedown animations It breaks the fluidity of the game At 2538 the guy was in cover from bullets and when Jensen activated the takedown he was just standing like on a carnival or something They need to fix this

  • Dylan Palmer

    quotNonlethalquot Shooting sleeper darts straight into the back of several people39s skulls is apparently nonlethal then

  • Lopata991

    Graphics look like it39s 4 years old

  • Fenristripplex

    Gonna be honest This doesn39t look finished or as good as the last game

  • Li Cheng

    Tranquizer stuntgun pistolAugemented melee bodyand some of those candy bars is all I needOr perhaps even a Crossbow

  • hepzibah

    He saved the world and is still the underdog of some army jerk


    That fade to black for takedowns feels quite jarring What do others think Do you prefer that quotcinematicquot feeling

  • Elysa L Plays

    Can39t wait for this game Hopefully it39s more akin to the first Deus Ex than HR

  • Corey O/N

    So many Horizon Zero Dawn ads they make it seem like the game is coming out next week smh

  • Senor Studly

    The lip syncing isn39t great

  • Jujube

    Graphics and animation looks outdated


    Why is that Cista airlines plane like a 1997 DC10everything else is sci fi and future

  • Sympa Dm

    I don39t really like the black screen before the takedown

  • Giovanni Pizzato

    I really dislike the cutscenes in takedown animations They should feel very fluid especially in a stealth games A black screen between the button press and the ingame action Really

  • Alexander Ulv

    imagine this being a movie starring Keanu Reeves

  • Chex S

    I39m an old gamer Not many games can WOW me nowadays But this has that WOW factor Can39t wait to play this one

  • Offstar1029

    Why would he take the elevator when he has an ability that let39s him survive a jump from a massive height with no damage Seriously why would he use the elevator when he could of jumped down saving a ton of time

  • King Curmudgeon

    I love Deus Ex regardless but it seriously looks like a PS3 game

  • Jimmy Yu

    2707 Why does Jensen protect his eyes from the sand since he wears glasses

  • michael m8

    the player is piss poor lmao

  • west webb

    Deus Ex Mankind Divided Resolution1920 x 1080p 2073600 pixels PS41600 x 900p 1440000 pixels XBOX ONEA difference of 633600 pixels 44 more pixels on PS4

  • alexander maier

    gameplay starts at 619

  • AVCD44

    God this black screen before the takedown animationWhy X

  • kasinalpha

    Already downgraded and looking shiny This is E3 so does that mean it39s going to look worse at release

  • Jared Knight

    My question is why waste the time with headshots I39ve never played deus ex so please by all means correct me if I39m wrong but I wouldnt think where you hit would matter much when using a tranquilizer

  • blue 92

    This game looks amazing people are expecting too much

  • kahf dija

    Ok it39s 2016 the graphics can be a lot better than this

  • VirtuousTau

    723 love this new quotBoxes clipping straight through wallsquot feature

  • Scottoest

    Visually I think the game looks fine if not exceptional What worries me is that it looks awfully framey with some compressed looking animations during gameplay I hope this isn39t on a good PC though even if it39s a console I feel bad for them Maybe it39s just the YouTube compression making it look worse than it isAlso not a fan of the repetitive cutscenes for melee animations Shouldn39t pull out of first person at all for them If you39re playing nonlethal it39s going to be infuriating to sit there and watch a three second animation 30 times a mission Especially looked derpy when Jensen stood up out of cover to do a few of them then returned to a crouching positionProbably gonna stick to darts and stuns to avoid that crap

  • satyarup Das

    they need to buy unreal engine and make it again looks very bad Gameplay maybe good

  • Hesham Elwahsh

    which track is at 106

  • Boss Attack

    Nonlethal playthrough uses Typhoon system

  • OsirisLord

    Looks great Can39t wait I love games where I don39t have to kill people I39m not an American so I don39t like murdering huge amounts of foreigners

  • Tom Reidy

    This game needs the frostbite looks

  • EDH

    1506 three shots really

  • Christian Axelsson

    So this is the XB1 version correct The button UI gives iit away as a microsoft system I have seen this game on PC and this looks nothing like it Getting me to come to the conclusion that this is the worst version of them all A shame really From a marketing standpoint highest settings on PC would be the smart move here On the other hand could just be shitty encoding and youtube effing it up

  • amazo88

    i see this game still cant decide whether to be first or third person

  • Abdulla Alali

    I swear i live in dubai and i39m emirati i swear to god

  • Day Man

    Am I the only one who wonders why EVERY mission in Dubai in ANYTHING be it a movie or a game is YOU NEED TO DO IT BEFORE THE SANDSTORM ARRIVES It39s kind of overplayed Gameplay looks sick though

  • Outer Heaven

    Why does this game look like an android game

  • Perusia

    1249 1253 Goodness gracious Aweful animation and textures ugh what is this

  • thedatatreader

    You have chosen the quotJensen rechecks his paperworkquot option Well seems nearly identical to Human Revolution which is fine as long as it lets you SELL YOUR INVENTORY this time instead of relying on picked up credit cards That was incredibly annoying in HR since the original Deus Ex had its own shopping economy where you could buy and sell with reckless abandon

  • 1Stunna2323

    This game was shown off since last year39s E3 and they still can39t get the lip sync right Come on man I39m excited yet worried about this game

  • happening

    i thought typhoon are lethal aren39t they

  • Sibghatullah Butt

    Adam Jensen looks SO much like male model David Gandy

  • H4rdboiled

    So all those tech demo videos about how its going to look absolutely amazing were a lie

  • NeYpTuNe

    what will cost the game

  • DarkVince1234

    Looks unfinished And it39s a shame that graphically it looks exactly like Human Revolution 5 years ago I mean there is no open world or anything that can justify that

  • Terry Lu

    this graphic ok at least my pc can handle it without problems

  • sada asdafa

    I can39t tell if that commander has an English accent a New Zealand accent or a soft South African accent Can anyone identify it

  • TheNaz

    quotnot gonna go all wonky on us hanzoquot quotIf i do Mcree guarantee you39ll never see it comingquotOverwatch reference

  • Tom Kopetz

    cant thry make deus ex just a normal action game instead of a very complex and full detail information game it can get to hard to play sometimes with too many things u have to remember

  • mozigyar

    What39s up with the voice acting God it39s bad

  • Djlaw56

    Torrents torrents everywhere unless its not hackable then no torrents no torrents nowhere

  • Najm Stark

    I would Like Adam J saying while he is landing

  • Fuckinequality

    Hate the stupid 3rd person animations for simple things like falling down or stealth hits It just isn39t intuitive And takes you out of the game for no reason