Deus Ex Human Revolution "Give me Deus Ex" Speedrun смотреть видео бесплатно

  • Rick Woods

    What is going on at 11200 where it seems like you39ve completely antagonized Darrow and the lockdown is disengaged anyway Having only played it once I don39t know what was skipped here

  • Kim Nielsen

    I never asked for this

  • ThePhirenor

    Just finished the Director Cut in 20gt hoursFinished watching this videoDam you make it look like another call of duty

  • Kyon Senpai

    Shit amazing runbut i never see the scene of Faridah executionso sad

  • Northguard

    You left Malik do die

  • fohstick a

    10539 fastest boss fight ever

  • Tony Tung

    Awesome run This version of Adam Jensen sure lives life in the super fast lane And it seems Darrow was successful in persuading him I especially liked the 2nd boss fight never realized I could beat her so easily like that Once you stopped her in her tracks you just unloaded the entire stack of proximity mines like no tomorrow talk about overkill

  • Zimny Lech

    4200 quotAnd this my friends is how you deal with those pesky robotsquot

  • Cyrano

    dat telecopyer at Picus tho

  • prizrak #

    А я две недели ее проходил

  • Patryk S.

    hmm what about that shotgun dlc or what

  • Jonny Freeman

    what the hell did he do on 4420

  • joabat1

    04410 Wow whaat Nice glitch

  • Jesse Jordan

    There are so many things broken about this gamePasswordsLock Codes should have either been randomized per playthrough or turned into quest items via keysNon Lethal Takedowns shouldn39t take any energy at allLethal Takedowns should have an option to upgrade to silent killsExploration in this game is tedious second time through and reminds me time after time why Borderlands games are more entertaining in the long run Because they aren39t full of check listsIf the developers ever read this unlikely but possible please take this from my commentMake a procedurally generated Deus Ex game with procedurally generated codes apartment buildings and a large city open world Then make missions with more focused level design And for Pete39s sake add a nonlethal option that doesn39t involve EXCESSIVE STEALTH I love how you advertise the game to have quotsocial playthroughquot option and it DIDN39T Fix this by making the game more open and less linearThe thing that bugs me so much about both Dishonored and Deus Ex Human Revolution is that they both pretend to have good quotopenquot level design but both of them 1 Don39t allow backtracking to previous locations 2 Require you to A fancy way of saying FORCING YOU TO get items and do side quests in order to have a quotcompletequot gaming experience even though half of the side objectives are quite boring And finally 3 They both seem to encourage nonlethal playthroughs however fail miserably as most players will agree that the checkpoints in both games SUCK and require so much You know whatever I won39t even finish my argument because arguing with people who think Half Life 2 is a great game majority of the pc gamer community is futile LITERALLYI find it so ironic that almost everything these people who made and adore the game find so fun are The things they find fun in the game are LIMITED to their imagination of what the game COULD ACTUALLY BE I39m sorry but reading emails in that game is boring as oatmeal And I love this speed run mostly because like Elder Scrolls Speedruns proves that the gameplay is so utterly 39Flawed39 that they might as well of written it all down as a comic book because I DON39T CARE about the minor details and silly shenanigans of this game I prefer to KICK TRASH AND TAKE NAMES As corny as I sound there is a good reason why more people play Call of Duty Halo and Dark Souls 2 pvp Because they are FUNI am ranting but IF Skyrim were good it would have boss battles better ones like Bloodborne and Dark Souls It doesn39t Don39t like boss battles OK How about some player versus player multiplayer It doesn39t Ok soo maybe some coop NOPESame things apply to Deus Ex Human Revolution and Dishonored Both of them ignore what people find fun in games in an attempt to prove a point of obscurity and nonsensical quotnonlethal playthroughsquot They further hammer you down with irritating chore item collectible grabbing Crap I don39t care about going in the janitor39s closet to find a collectible item But the developers know I need that praxis kit rune or other upgrade so they annoyingly force me to do something I DON39T FIND FUN in order to satisfy badly designed gameplayUncharted games were good Because they were 393939accessible393939 The Last of Us EVEN THOUGH IT HAD A 100x better story than Uncharted Sucked in terms of playabilitySimilar to the AMAZING stories of Dishonored and DSHR The Last of Us suffers from a fundamental gameplay flaw M I S S A B L E SANYBODY who is designing a game PLEASE please please DO NOT put Missables in your games The are basically like drawing little detours in your game plan where you must turn leftright and then half brained go BACKWARDS to get to some item that otherwise should or would be put in the path of your player because not because of their proof of skill but because that is EXACTLY what you want the player to ENJOY and experience Whenever you break this fundamental rule of game design you turn the players off by telling them that they quotdidn39t pay attentionquot quotwasn39t listeningquot quotdidn39t take time to explorequot blah blah blah I don39t care There is NO EXCUSE for this BAD LEVEL DESIGNLet me finish of with an exampleBest Demon SoulsDark Souls because every item of the game is collectible and you can easily enough get to the many areas of the game by an interconnected level design including backtracking to places for missed items Leveling up is also integral to the combat system therefore you are rewarded for quotplaying the gamequotFair OblivionSkyrim because the open world is quotmostlyquot accessible save a few locations which become locked off You may grab items which are conveniently leveled to you The only disadvantages being that leveling it imbalanced if you focus to long on just noncombat skills leaving your quotcharacterquot handicapped for the other side of quotplaying the gamequotWorst Dishonored DSHR and partially The Last of Us because first off MISSABLES Nuff said but this wouldn39t be a major offense if these quotmissablesquot weren39t topped off by almost every location not being able to backtrack Therefore following less of an open world game design and more of a level design typical of PS2 era games Which I don39t have a problem with however when they attempt to add what people commonly call RPG elements and upgrade items and etc They make this awful mistake with quotmissablesquot a mistake which kind of eliminates the entire point of claiming title to these gameplay mechanics such as leveling up currency usage and dialog options The Last of Us is a minor offender because it makes some of the most important quotupgradesquot in the game hard enough to find that it makes you wonder if they developers quotwantedquot you to have this upgrade or if they actually thought their game was still fun without it I bet most people will agree that not getting the Shiv upgrade for multiple used of Shivs in The Last of Us makes the game much more inconvenient and I happened to miss that upgrade on my first playthrough so I had no choice but to call the quotsinglequot though temporarily single usage of the Shiv to be a FLAWED gameplay mechanic because it denied the player access to the Funness of the gameShadow of the Colossus is a great example though as simple as it is of a game of purely perfect gameplay design because everything you get in the game is intended and fun though matter of opinion For example the fruit and lizards for upgrading your health and stamina are entirely optional and WILL NOT break your experience if you do not acquire themJust remember this if you are making a video game When making ANY element of the game just ask yourself quotwas this funquot If the answer was no even for the most simplest things Then don39t do it

  • HentaiOniisama

    Oh nevermind I forgot that the Tong mission is a bonus that comes with preorderexplosive packdirector39s cut

  • ph4nt0m

    HAY 0451 is the same code as the sat van in the first game

  • Paulius S.

    its not give me deus ex its easy difficulty cause 2 batteries recharge and in give me deus ex only 1

  • Emilio J Barzallo

    lol i cant believe this it make deus ex look like call of duty or mirrors edge

  • Flyawayautumn

    You know at the beginning It39s hard to believe speed runners don39t have a heart attack at long unskippable cutscenes like that


    It seems you skipped a whole lot from 10419 What happened to escaping where you39re being hold up at finding the secret underground lair where that doctor was getting the retina eye thingy to open that door and so forth Why did you skip it all