PARKOUR VS. POLICE Real Life Chase!! смотреть видео бесплатно

Parkour Vs Police Real Life Chase, police chased me the epic parkour and freerunning escape. in this video we did a parkour skit of running from the police not security in the year 2016 we tried to make it relate to real life in any way we can parkour is a art for and feel free to check out our epic flipping videos.we trying to make a video about parkour we did the very best we could so subscribe for more videos like this in real life .



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  • Matthew Wax

    Evan how do you lift weights and do calisthenics but stay lean

  • Isaiah Barnes

    Yo I Love This Video That New Kid Is Pretty Cringy Wait Thats Me XD

  • BrianPlayzGamezz

    who leaves there phone there

  • Skye Kaye

    Who else thinks the paper on his shirt is probably a sign saying he39s homeless

  • Lincon lads

    That sucked it was really cheacey but the parcore was cool

  • Hektor Athan

    he sucks at parkour but He knows how to flip gooooood

  • Averygold

    Do You Do All Your Training At Home Or At The Gym And How Old Are You

  • The Archer

    Still can39t find a non clickbait parkour vid

  • K Manager

    i want to see your abs

  • Mister Nadji

    did he forgot his phone there at the begining

  • the Parkourist

    dude I loved the Webster39s you did down the stairs

  • Oscar 202

    What an idiotic fool just leave ure phone there

  • JackSeptixYT

    Notice how most of the videos that say Real Life Chase aren39t actually real

  • negrohomosexual

    that guy probably went to Allen high

  • Samantha Wo

    was this filmed in roosevelt field mall

  • Ralph Angulo

    You don39t know the police may shoot you

  • Dean Stringer

    That was the shites thing I39ve ever seen

  • Cristine Alegrejo Sison

    these guys are crazy

  • TheSpittLadz ECFR

    Roses r red violets are blue i have been clickbated so have u

  • Dalessandro Aportela

    At 029 he put his phone down and just started running

  • boi cheesecake

    wow nice that39s quottotally realquot

  • Clorox Bleach

    My dad works at surprise pd

  • Alfie Willis

    Fake fake fake fake fake fffffffffffffffffaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • FreeTimeWithElise

    quotSurprise muthafathaquot I39m so done

  • Triple-A. FTW

    So fake leave a dislike

  • Howlie5695 Polar

    You know it39s fake because he wouldn39t just leave his phone on the ground

  • - vizkro777 -

    whats the song on the backgroundbtw nice vid

  • fooloos

    Was it just me or did you see one of the twin Towers in the background at 338 through 341

  • SV2 double aces

    still better than any video I ever made

  • Robbie Bilodeau

    At 029 he just leaves his phon

  • Rachael Herrera

    thats ot a police it not real boooooooooooooo

  • Victor Barcenas

    I39m doing parkour I39m a kid you now

  • Lucdiy

    He says no and then gets down wtf

  • super cookie

    He fukin put his gd phone down

  • Ethan Katers

    That doesn39t make sense he said no and he did it anyways

  • Splizze


  • Micheal Tufts

    most homo sexual thing i have ever seen

  • CommanderDobson



    this ruins parkour for me

  • Harry Stewart

    Good but u left ur phone

  • Sergey Israyelyan

    It39s not a real chase because the cop is trying to do all the things that the kid is doing

  • Anonymous Hacker

    idiots people say it39s fake read description

  • Jeff G

    click bait much it says quotReal Life Chasequot but its staged

  • SlyMeans A12x

    Hahahhahaha ThatIsFunny YouSuckBro

  • T0bPlayz

    why did he left his phone

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    He just left his phone