PARKOUR VS. POLICE Real Life Chase!! смотреть видео бесплатно

Parkour Vs Police Real Life Chase, police chased me the epic parkour and freerunning escape. in this video we did a parkour skit of running from the police not security in the year 2016 we tried to make it relate to real life in any way we can parkour is a art for and feel free to check out our epic flipping videos.we trying to make a video about parkour we did the very best we could so subscribe for more videos like this in real life .



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  • Dash Freedom

    Do you do high weight low reps or low weight high reps

  • Dash Freedom

    Evan how do you lift weights and do calisthenics but stay lean

  • Peter Phillips

    This video was dope man

  • Isaiah Barnes

    Yo I Love This Video That New Kid Is Pretty Cringy Wait Thats Me XD

  • Joevani Hernandez

    This is trash i searched real Chase


    Sorry but it39s fake man

  • BrianPlayzGamezz

    who leaves there phone there

  • Hektor Athan

    he sucks at parkour but He knows how to flip gooooood

  • Juliano Ilidio


  • The Archer

    Still can39t find a non clickbait parkour vid

  • Slime Banana

    Who else thinks the paper on his shirt is probably a sign saying he39s homeless

  • Developer X

    this is for some reason really funy

  • Jack Gonzales-thomas

    I hope everyone know its fake he even left his phone lmao

  • Mister Nadji

    did he forgot his phone there at the begining

  • Speedo500sp

    this video is not funny

  • deziety paradox

    Bro how did you make that skit look so real jk he left his phone bro the detail

  • chevy_datboi

    Your fucking retarded cunt

  • Kai Deo

    quot On 121 123 Is a clue to fake Because he won39t stop if it39s real FP And on 138 143 Too Because he won39t do that if he39s catching him FP Also in 148 150 203 204 And on 402 418 Because I know he knows that the one who holds the Cellphone Or what39s that FP That SheHe39s there NOW BIG FP INFINITY TIMES NOT REALLY INFINITY TIMES TROLL But cool video D I appreciate it D

  • Oscar 202

    What an idiotic fool just leave ure phone there

  • Pøtatø Ü Ö

    that moment when you want to pratice parkour but you are lazy

  • Sergio Murillo

    that guy probably went to Allen high

  • Cristine Alegrejo Sison

    these guys are crazy

  • Dean Stringer

    That was the shites thing I39ve ever seen

  • Censorless

    Notice how most of the videos that say Real Life Chase aren39t actually real

  • Lincon lads

    That sucked it was really cheacey but the parcore was cool

  • Koinu 4

    i want to see your abs

  • Dalessandro Aportela

    At 029 he put his phone down and just started running

  • boi cheesecake

    wow nice that39s quottotally realquot

  • Cheeki Breeki

    0035 he forgot the phone

  • Clorox Bleach

    My dad works at surprise pd

  • its kristoff wiskich

    Lol he39s like quotplease get downquot and then Evan is like quothow about noquot but gets down anyone

  • llHermitll

    whats the song on the backgroundbtw nice vid

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    Roses r red violets are blue i have been clickbated so have u

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    quotSurprise muthafathaquot I39m so done

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    Was it just me or did you see one of the twin Towers in the background at 338 through 341

  • SV2 double aces

    still better than any video I ever made

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    Do You Do All Your Training At Home Or At The Gym And How Old Are You

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    At 029 he just leaves his phon

  • Lucasgaming

    He says no and then gets down wtf

  • Rachael Herrera

    thats ot a police it not real boooooooooooooo

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    He fukin put his gd phone down