Regret смотреть видео бесплатно

  • enzioful

    Need more Twink Sean stories

  • Porterhaus

    Was it the beer or the RF2 that did that to you

  • Bob Woggle

    The whole situation could have been avoided if only you hadn39t played Red Faction 2 That was the problem here not the beer

  • Gun

    We need more stories like this

  • Shukterhouse Jive

    oh yeah Bro Team he39s on my MSN all the time

  • Yardie Noh

    That quotI got him on my MSNquot line was the best I cant stop laughing

  • KriticalKat

    This is the shit collage doesn39t teach you don39t play RF2

  • Marcos Wicket

    I don39t get the MSN part whats wrong with that

  • rageatm4life

    thats truly a cool story bro

  • Doom84

    Broteam got so drunk he got high

  • The Fumbo Muffin

    if red faction 2 is terrible then this must be a huge improvement because i loved this one the one after it wasn39t as good though

  • Clockwork Otters

    Well in my Philosophy of Religion class the prof made a sex joke the first dayquotIf it39s true that Virgin Mary was impregnated by divine power that means she truly knew what it meant to have God inside of her No wonder she was adverted to sex after that it would just be disappointingquot

  • LyovMyshkin

    I was that girl next to you and you triggered me

  • Miflett

    Don39t do drigs kuds

  • Cankerous Booch

    I know exactly what you39re talking about The fucking sweats man

  • TheCombineOverlord

    bro team confirmed alcoholic

  • faunos51

    are you even trying anymore

  • TheBravery767

    Having insomnia and having gone through a heavy drinking stage I can totally relate You feel like you always kind of swaying and your kinda like trying to sleep but not even intentionally and if you try to focus on some shit you39ll never be able to stay away to long anyways

  • Rikard Lund

    I can39t tell you how much I enjoy your stories

  • Jun Peppers

    One time I drank my head off and tried to go home drunk then I forgot I had piano class that day and I had to play piano drunk My teacher said I played better than usual

  • dr mantis toboggan

    I miss old Bro Teams voice The unintelligible Batman gruff voice And also religion prophet jokes Blah that39s stale I guess someone needed to feel relevant eh Inb4 butt hurt bro team fans

  • SongBird

    How would someone go about getting on Bro Teams level

  • thermjuice

    This is the greatest storytelling of all time Step aside Morgan Freeman

  • xonpe

    fuck im so fucked up on beer now

  • Several Babies

    one of my favorite stories

  • AutoClown


  • LurkInTheDark

    the lesson is to never play red faction 2

  • gececiyim89

    Now I know why I enjoy your videos this much because we are nearly the same person Like that novel from Orhan Pamuk instead of being in middle ages we are in the internet

  • YourFavoriteDerp

    I will make a greentext from this

  • octopusapult

    I fucking love you bro team I don39t even know why I have no idea why I love these stories I have no idea why I watch your streams Least of all I have no idea why I watched the entire Money Craft series But dammit I love you

  • metallicafan352

    I39m taking a Philosophy of Religion class this quarter I39m gonna start drinking

  • Jerome Ley

    your room mate had a boyfriend gay

  • ONI Spartan

    His fucking stories are so good I just wish he didn39t spend all his time playing fuckin video games so we could get more stories

  • elijahlupe

    This is still one of my favorite BroTeam videos

  • dr mantis toboggan

    Is Bro Team located in Philly The story sounds familiar

  • 623dewdrop

    So is BroTeam going to make more videos at some point or is every video from now on just going to be edited out of a stream Because the last quotrealquot broteam video was Beyond Two Souls 3 months ago

  • Kevin B.

    quotRed Faction 2 is a fucking terrible gamequot

  • Tak Tician

    quotSo absorbed in is own asshole he didn39t even noticequot bahahaha

  • spellbinderlord

    Come on you drunk less sad more funny

  • nd4spd

    I think the sweats is your body trying to get rid of the booze

  • soad11dude

    This is friggin gold You should do more If you dont Ill have to out quotcanadianquot you in a game of hockey

  • MissJenny

    Well that was depressing

  • Tony Ski

    It39s like listening to Albuquerque

  • Innateight

    ha just got done taking a philosophy of religion class Was a great class

  • Jeff Yochem

    Ah I remember this stream First time I watched a stream in class Good times

  • Ben Szczypka

    This was the best thing ever

  • Andrei Nae

    best story EVER LOL I LOVE YOU BROTE lt3

  • Michael Caboose

    Aw man that was intense

  • Eddy nonsense

    Bro team you should do story time

  • QMan1234red

    bro it sounds like you were stoned off your ass

  • butts butts2

    this might be my favorite video so far


    quotI just pretended I wasn39t alive anymorequotBeen there before That39s when you know you39ve fucked up so hard that you39ll never forget it

  • Sea Worthy

    Sounds Like DT39s Bro They Suck

  • Luzur

    you lost a great love that day bro

  • Average Human

    What a lovely college story BroTeam So any way how was your college sex life