PS4 - The Witcher 3 Cinematic Trailer смотреть видео бесплатно

Official cinematic trailer for The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt called "A night to remember".
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PS4 - The Witcher 3 Cinematic Trailer. Release date : May 19, 2015 on PS4 ! Subscribe now to get the best PlayStation 3 (PS3), PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Playstation Games trailers and gameplay videos !
Дата: 2017-05-30 04:19:42

  • MiezeMatze666

    A movie in this quality i would prefere 1000x more than a bad real hollywood movie we will get sooner or later

  • WorisonTV

    What39s the music name please 021

  • Jade Vazarin

    i wonder why am I attracted to ciri39s body dunno whats wrong with me I might need a doctor

  • Docteur Peinture

    so beautiful maybe one day we can show it in theater

  • Ryan Mitchell

    game of the generation

  • Lambert The Prick


  • Menstruation Frustration

    violence against women triggered

  • Alex K.

    Geralt is one of the most charismatic heroes in videogame history

  • M4kehh

    I wonder how long it will take until video games have this kind of visuals

  • Melan Choly

    if only the actual game39s combat was at least as fast as the cinematic39s

  • Ayki Chan

    WOW the graphics are beautiful

  • Jimmy Harry

    Basically my ex on her period

  • Erkiel Puaro

    Тема сисек не раскрыта

  • Immortal Assassin

    What is the hook for he dropped down

  • Pala Nathan

    Movie yes Gamelet me talk to my guidance counselor

  • MrEmpty Wallet

    my female friend reject to watch this video cuz its Thumbnail

  • Thomas Linssen

    why is there even ps4 in the title this isn39t even a ps4 exclusive it39even sais xbox and pc at the end of the trailer

  • OceanNova 77

    So what kind of monster is she

  • Wesley Leleux

    EEEEYYY IE I E O 0IKIGGGG OIE K IITT httpsvkcomwall42283407614366083

  • Bram Jakobs

    why didn39t that awesome city ever come in the game 412

  • Nomlas Salmon

    Wonder what her back story was and how she became what she turned out to be

  • Magicalmisternugget

    lots of people are saying that there should be a witcher movie which I totally agree with except someone like Anita sarkisian will probably make a video saying how the movie is an offence to women saying that all women are monsters or something along those lines or buzzfeed will make a rant video on it sadly it39s women like Anita though who ruin feminism andthatmakes me furious

  • dbg3006

    Watching this trailer just over a year ago was what finally convinced me to buy this game 262 hours of playing later I just finished Blood and Wine in NG My path is complete


    What39s the song called in the end

  • georgios pro

    stupid game blah blah blah

  • Viviana Perez Figueroa

    Damn Hollywood is just so far away to be THIS epic

  • Chaotic FiveK

    omg i just started playing this game n I got all this to come excited muchly

  • Brooke WithTheHair

    i am one of the fortunate ones who actually played the game before seeing the trailer its funny i always saw it on ign39s snapchat before it came out but i never really paid attention to it if only id known

  • Default 99

    Anyone know why he has 2 swords

  • MrSnapy1

    Witcher 3 is one of if not the greatest RPG ever madeWhile others are good they are more action adventure games in an open world like SkyrimThe bar was set high when this game was made we are lucky to have been spoiled

  • K3st

    what is this boss called in the game i don39t remember fighting anything like this i don39t have the expansions btw

  • Cairo Murphy

    I had this playing through my surround sound Fuckin amazing

  • Samuel Effman

    I have to ask is this trailer indicative of the actual gameplaysetting The gameplay trailers have all seemed very different from the vibe I get from this one

  • Prophet cry

    Question of nowhere Will we ever be seeing this type of visual in any game DXMD is one of the most hungry PC title out there now amp look what do we have

  • thrashingpanic

    251 She looks a bit like Kylie Minogue

  • Na Cl

    Holy fucking shit that was awesome So glad I found this

  • Nazri Buang

    I heard that when they wanted to design Geralt they wanted to get Richard Gere39s face but he did not like to grow a beard After that they wanted to get Sean Connery but he was not interested

  • kishan kushwaha

    yes india subtitles hindi audio hindi ps4 game plzzz sony all game hindi god of war 5 Resident Evil 7

  • Eva Gomes

    Im pro witches so not playing this game Id love a game that would have witches as main characters not quite like Bayonetta

  • Yeng Yang

    Everything about this game is perfect Best game that had I played in years

  • ethrez

    Is there a quest to actually kill Orianna in the DLC

  • Cape and Cowl Animations

    Holy fuck this looks scary

  • ShOtGuNOfRivia

    Wait IS THAT ORIANA From the DLC That39s deffo Touisant in the background

  • För Bövelen

    What39s the instrumental music playing in the background in the fight scene called

  • Marcelo Pina

    Hollywood directors should start doing movies like these video games I personaly enjoyed Beowolf and it pretty much looked like a video game I mean just imagine for a second that this The Witcher 3 trailer was actually a movie scene right

  • SS Blue Vegeta

    Anyone know the name of the song that was being sung and if there is a posting of the full song on youtube

  • Atamagahen08

    I like the trailer and all but it39s always confused me a bit In the game Orianna is a higher vampire not a Bruxa as shown hereIt could be marketing and allor maybe she has a twin Wouldn39t be the first time I39ve seen at least two characters look alike especially in this gameAll in all though awesome game with DLC done right

  • Mappo Boom

    Atleast Garolt got some ass

  • dante martinez

    la verdad que la calidad grfica del juego es muy inferior al trailer se podra decir que un afano un robo

  • BashFish

    Lol he drank Black Blood and meditated

  • ssbrosking36

    That39s kind of my fetish

  • KayleeAnn

    Still not as good as the life of black tiger

  • Mr'Koalas

    Oh god this is not a game its real life