Deus Ex Mankind Divided Trailer - Deus Ex Human Revolution Sequel смотреть видео бесплатно

Deus Ex Mankind Divided trailer, announcing the Deus Ex Human Revolution sequel. DXMD takes place in 2029 after the Aug Incident, in which millions died worldwide when cybernetically augmented people lost control over their minds and bodies. No release date, but Deus Ex Mankind Divided is "coming soon" for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


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Дата: 2017-08-22 23:20:33

  • Cerii

    Our world needs its own Adam Jensen

  • Wade Wilson

    Holy Hell I love this series I kinda wish they39d make a movie about this and touched on the political issues like the game it39d be dope as hell But who39d play Adam

  • Adam Murray

    Jensen definitely didn39t get his nonlethal Pacifist achievement in this trailer

  • Lemur Dawid

    I never asked for thisThanks

  • BP Lup

    The sequel I never asked for but always needed

  • Rainbowhawk1993

    HHHHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY FFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCKWhat I literally said Legacy of the Void and Mass Effect 4 along with this will make 2016 the best year in gaming If they all release next year

  • Mike White

    Hell yes My eyes orgasmed

  • UsurperKingZant

    DEHR is the best single player game I39ve ever played I can not contain my hype for this sequel

  • Teagon Barry

    i love how this franchise is always addressing controversial topics I also love how in this fictional future people actually stand up and fight for their civil rights granted by the US constitution if you listen to the guy on the radio in the first game after you get back to china he gets really in depth about the fear tactics the US Government uses to trick people into giving up their rights Like obama and his attempts at a third term or more importantly his attempts on the second amendment quotCoughquot quotcoughquot if EVERYONE owns guns you will always undoubtedly be safer than without them PERIOD if you think guns kill people instead of KNOWING that people kill people Then your the perfect mindless little sheep those left wing totalitarian Nazi lovers want i wouldnt say i belong to a political party but atleast the right wing isnt CONSTANTLY trying to steal my god givin rights The point im making here is that my boys from Lynyrd Skynyrd said it best Guns quotyou must not know much about them if you think we are better off without themquot look at all the cop shootings lately its barely a race issue and more of those corrupt POS getting what they deserve for exploiting and harassing the very citizens they vowed to quotSERVE AND PROTECTquot now isnt that ironic Cops are evil because by US LAW thanks to Obama you MUST be unintelligent and good at following orders otherwise they wont let you be a cop and you backwards thinking left wing idiots think its a great fucking idea to give these power hungry bedwetters assault weapons and riot gear while ALSO taking the citizens weapons The only reason this was ever a controversy is because the left wing is good at manipulating stupid people while only worrying about peoples feelings while the right wing focus39s on real issues with pragmatic solutions to benifit all partys equallyobviously everything the left wing despises its like debate club in school the right wing representative focuses on the problem at hand with viable solutions to solve itand 23rds of his dumbass classmates cant comprehend what hes saying then the left wing guy brings in cookies and tells all the dipshits how smart they are if they vote for them LOL Democracies dont work when the majority of the population sides with the best illusion or when the beliefs that this country was founded on are abandoned because some idiot said they are quotobsoletequot obama did that and it nearly workedbut what everyone seems to ignore is that it was only a test run to see how close they could get it will happen again in 20 years when the baby boomers are dead and the left wing teachers brainwash our small children to despise there heritage and firearmswell only your heritage if your white the Declaration of Independence clearly states that it is the right of the people to abolish and reform the corrupt putrid government as we see fit because this is a nation of the people for the people by the people and i fear we will see the end of the America our forefathers dreamed of before the end of this century Unless Jensen steps up but then again if you want to make enemiestry to change something

  • Jason Nolet

    Damn this a good trailer Are they talking about mankind divided or what

  • Quinn Cowden

    Wait the original game had 3 endings Which ending is this followingIt has the antiilluminati stuff from one ending but the destroyed ship from another

  • Demagogue

    quotI39m a soldier born to standIn this waking Hell I amWitnessing more than I can computequot

  • En Zo

    That was seriously breathtaking I had to pause the video cause I hyperventilated And I39m not even a fan of Deus Ex but shit got me real

  • AnglianPB

    The new version of quotIcarusquot sounds amazingCan39t believe it39s been 4 years since the last one

  • Teagon Barry

    WISE UP DUMMIES if you watched the trailer for the first game you would know that not one thing from the trailer was actually in the game do you really expect any different now that this series has so much more notoriety ill be picking this game up in a year on the dollar rack at GS OR maybe just Free with Gold LOL paying full price is for suckers

  • asadd2

    yeahThis looks really damn good Great job gt

  • Khadijah Isaac

    This looks AMAZING I39m getting it for my bday

  • Lucas Caelum

    You will see Game Over instantly if you do as same as the trailer rushing into the enemy crowd

  • Dan Rusty

    I love this trailer 1010

  • Finn Casaña

    From quot I never asked for thisquotTo quot Sometimes you just have to let go and embrace what you39ve becomequot quot I wont let it happen again quotStill the BAD ASS Adam Jensen we39ve all come and loved LET THE HYPE TRAIN BEGIN

  • Spurdo Dan

    God damn all that angelic symbolism

  • FreakTv

    Let me fight like that and see my feet and you got yourselves a biyer

  • spartan876

    Looks like marchenko was supposed to take the place of both the divali and himself and you were supposed to fight him in the theatre This was definitely shortened

  • AdventKnyght

    fuck the game make a movie

  • sean hufty

    Guys I have seen two videos of this game with real gameplay and I think we we39ll be being guns with unlimited ammo seen two gameplay videos that showed it is this true

  • Rena Unnie

    He never asked for this But god I do

  • The Fresh Prince of Philly

    SO FUCKING HYPEHR was one of the most underrated games of the last generation IMO I know that this will be betterSo eidos i know you never asked for this but im giving you my money without speculation

  • TehMorbidAtheist

    259 goosebumps EVERY fucking time I watch it

  • Makara

    Ok I can39t really express my feelings right now it would definitely contain capsThis Is Grand The story looks really interesting the gameplay improvements look impressive faster and it39s overall just really good Only thing bothering me how shiny then new body is Not my style

  • miracleflame

    You know Human Revolution was actually a sequel to DeusEx right Calling Mankind Divided a sequel is the same as calling The Battle of the Five Armies sequel to An Unexpected Journey

  • Nathan Breezykey

    116315Well thats some obvious symbolism

  • Rorik Savant

    Adam Jensen OP pls nerf 116

  • Pine Cone bros

    I know why Adam is like this because all the upgrades we have him

  • David Gould

    Fucking hell how long has this series been around I39ve been working on making a game to eventually present and my idea looks oh so close to this one

  • matt pace

    will it be open world

  • Quilliam Attari

    Why does Deus Ex or the main guy fight the guy at 240 or the rebel guy or whatever isn39t that what he stands for Against the corporations etc Thanks

  • ZenPhilosopher123

    044 who is the woman doing the voice She sounds so familiar

  • TheRupertLitterbin

    He never asked for this by the way

  • EastingAndNorthing

    Great Gotta love nicely rendered trailers that look nothing like the final product

  • Melle Klein

    127 wait illuminati is in this game

  • jayasimha reddy

    Waitdoes he have white hair

  • MrZekeBlowstein

    This looks even more black and white morals and cheesy stupidity of HR but dumbed down even more

  • Jeffery Sparks

    I have a huge feeling that the guy in the hoody will be the real enemy like the opposite of Adam

  • AngryBullbog

    From the trailer it looks more action than tactical i hope the game isn39t the same

  • Adam McMillan

    How can it be a sequel to HR given that HR is a prequel to the original DansGame

  • razgriz821

    i thought he died in the end of the last game

  • agidyne967

    quotarnt the samequot Does that mean i can freely kill people now And i wonder if we39ll be able to port our old character from the other game I have a fully decked out super cyborg ready for action XD

  • sethraptor

    is there a gameplay trailer

  • PRINNIE360

    love this trailer I can39t wait to play it

  • TheCulturalBomb

    Why is Eliza still broadcasting

  • Dawood Ali

    Mafia 3 and Deus Ex Mankind Divided will be big hit of 2K16

  • Huzaifah Zaharudin

    so he help a wrong person n that person put bomb in a bus

  • The Fiddler

    mgs 4 or DE huma revolution

  • Sarah Winchester

    is that the second part of the game please tell me so i can buy it

  • bobthekiller goldfish

    Amazing CGI but why no gameplay That worries me

  • Brian Chiu

    Human DividedThis Should be called Deus ExSpartan Prototype

  • Randall Starr

    It39s like the word quotawesomequot is an insult we need new ones Best video game trailer ever

  • RetroEjit

    Doesn39t a sequel make the first games endings redundant

  • lol factor never makin vids

    the xbox one will explode one the next deus ex THE FUCKING GRAPHICS ARE SO SEXY

  • D20asmr

    getting serious metal gear solid vibes with the story especialy the invisible council that totoaly wont turn out to be ai cough patriots cough and the bad guy constantly calling you brother and having a weird arm cough liquid cough still excited tho

  • intergalactic92

    Well I can see why Andy has watched this 700 times now That was awesome

  • cakesphere


  • TheArnold46

    YEAH BABY Deus Ex is coming back

  • guynumber20

    deus is illuminati half life 3 confirmed