Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Cinematic Trailer смотреть видео бесплатно

An epic new trailer for the exciting game Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Over five minutes of cinematic footage from Eidos Montreal's sequel.

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Дата: 2017-01-24 00:03:26

  • Traior246

    Who39s watching this in 2029

  • MindaugasLegend

    quotIts not end of the world but you can see it from herequot

  • swish007

    quotcorporations have more power than the governmentquot uh that39s not science fiction

  • Magneira

    Best trailer of a game in like ever

  • bulkforce5

    gtwhite people still in Detroit in 2027now that39s what I call science FICTION

  • Madtroll

    This is why I am studying biomedical engineering not kidding majoring prosthetics and rehabilitation

  • Morpheus Necrosis

    Just completed it for the first time after 73hrs game play still living up to today39s standards what an awesome game the OST is just something else

  • Dakota Farmer

    I actually just beat this gameholy hell this game was INTENSE AND AMAZING

  • CryoKeen

    This has to be the best video game trailer ever

  • Badass Elite

    This game is eerily accurate when it comes to real world events

  • Purefoldnz

    One of the few games that not only lived up to its cinematic trailer but exceeded it The only other game I can think of is The Witcher 3

  • MisiekThe1212

    still better than mankind divided

  • Shaggy Rogers

    this is gonna be our future soon

  • David Tarnawski

    Not enough gold filter

  • Sveino1000

    So this game is predicting nwo martial law etc

  • EasyLee

    What does h3 mean

  • Freak Bag

    A future only 11 years from now I wonder how the world will look then

  • I Killed A Genie For This Cat

    Looks like someone flew to close to the sun

  • Albi Losha

    the moment at 145 is more than cinematic it39s poetic it39s perfectionAlways sends chills down my spineReally really outstanding job thereI39d love to see a Deus Ex movie

  • Valt

    One of the best games ever

  • Reptileman110

    So why do they hate bionics so much

  • Eddy Charles

    quotSometimes you just have to let go and embrace what you39ve becomequot

  • Sir BigWater

    quotThe year is 2027 Everything looks yellow probably pollution or game filter that looks coolquot

  • Soccercrazyigboman

    These people Adam they39re like ghosts

  • Maksim Ryabyh

    Господи ты боже мой этот трейлер божественен даже по меркам 2017 года

  • Apollo-N

    I just finished Mankind Divided and Deus Ex is easy in my top3 game franchise What a story it was lt3 and I love the quotIts not the end of the world but you can see it from herequot line it sums up Deus Ex perfectly

  • Bread Loaf

    3939I don39t even know whose side I39m on3939 Sounds more fitting in Mankind Divided

  • DomiTastyVideos

    Songs used in the trailer005 No Boundaries by King Hookiss147 Michael McCann Icarus

  • Pretzel Stick

    This should be set in 50 years to be somewhat believable

  • Oliver DS Morgan

    wow I am glad I got this for ps3

  • TroublingMink59

    Sarifs had 3 VOs now

  • Moangus PIckard

    Keanu Reeves for Adam Jensenjust like matrix but instead of green tint make it gold and black D

  • Lee

    when I saw the the trailer for the first few seconds I was like quotwait is this the new Assassins Creed coming outquot

  • keripik kentang

    what is the meaning of the last message h

  • alv2016

    amazing trailer stil on 2016

  • Jorge De La Torre

    Whose watching this in 2027

  • Kai Flood

    Why is Adam shown as Icarus

  • Bartkus Productions

    Hands down the best game trailer ever made

  • Master5414

    making divided not cinematic trailer looks better lol

  • Damon Willis

    After 6 years this couldn39t be more beautiful

  • vrai ou faux

    curieux qu39on y fume encore et que l39on boive du Whysky

  • xXShaxterXx

    How come in HR Adam39s legs are normal but in MD his legs are augmented

  • Nickelodeon81

    The glory of man would henceforth stretch on into the vanishing point of history

  • Abhinav AbdulKrishnaSingh

    Watching this since Mankind Divided is out

  • Enlightened LoneWalker

    IF you want make enemiestry to change somethingso true

  • The Law

    My guess Mankind Divided he gets the power to fly over does it burns out his augs and crashes into the sea

  • Syrus Virus

    Can somebody explain to me what was going on in the beginning

  • Vantagegreen1

    The trailer was an uplifting renaissance theme which would have been something new great and different The actual game was pessimistic

  • SupremeMystique

    are these actual scenes from the game

  • MrUzzynator

    Although this trailer kind of misrepresents the game and certain story elements it39s still great and sets up the theme of the game well

  • Navid Momeni

    still one the best trailer that i have ever seen

  • unitor699

    this looks better then mankind divided

  • Vantagegreen1

    So sad the game didn39t lived up to this great trailer The storyline to the trailer was FANTASTIC The storyline to the game was so disappointing

  • Daniel Cannata

    Trailer is misleading butimpresaively not a whole lot

  • Inam Akbar

    I really wanna play this game before mankind divided Can anyone confirm that the version available on xbox one is the director39s cut cuz it doesn39t say so in the title

  • CringeWarning V2

    Only trailer that I think can compete with this is the assassins creed revelations trailer

  • Hattorix PL

    I love Deus ExHuman Revolution for me game for the year

  • Hoang Nhat Tran

    this game just look like metal gear rising crysis

  • Kevin Sheppard

    Still gives me goosebumps


    Do you think this games story is an accurate prediction of society in 2027

  • Lexis Zed

    Now it is 2016 but this trailer still looks damn awesome

  • Nike Jr

    Обажаю эту игру раз 6 прошёл