Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Cinematic Trailer смотреть видео бесплатно

An epic new trailer for the exciting game Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Over five minutes of cinematic footage from Eidos Montreal's sequel.

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Дата: 2017-04-25 02:02:35

  • Madtroll

    This is why I am studying biomedical engineering not kidding majoring prosthetics and rehabilitation

  • Traior246

    Who39s watching this in 2029

  • swish007

    quotcorporations have more power than the governmentquot uh that39s not science fiction

  • Badass Sangheili

    This game is eerily accurate when it comes to real world events

  • Magneira

    Best trailer of a game in like ever

  • Purefoldnz

    One of the few games that not only lived up to its cinematic trailer but exceeded it The only other game I can think of is The Witcher 3

  • Morpheus Necrosis

    Just completed it for the first time after 73hrs game play still living up to today39s standards what an awesome game the OST is just something else

  • CryoKeen

    This has to be the best video game trailer ever

  • Sveino1000

    So this game is predicting nwo martial law etc

  • Dakota Farmer

    I actually just beat this gameholy hell this game was INTENSE AND AMAZING

  • Fuzunga

    Still the best trailer of all time

  • saeedo1998

    i cant believe this came out in 2010

  • Shaggy Rogers

    this is gonna be our future soon

  • 7elinan

    A future only 11 years from now I wonder how the world will look then

  • VanMedia

    If onlythe game was as good as the trailer

  • Apollo-N

    I just finished Mankind Divided and Deus Ex is easy in my top3 game franchise What a story it was lt3 and I love the quotIts not the end of the world but you can see it from herequot line it sums up Deus Ex perfectly

  • Eddy Charles

    504 What does that mean

  • Lil Miss Jay

    That feel when a cinematic trailer actually DOES reflect the gameplay

  • Reptileman110

    So why do they hate bionics so much

  • i dote

    gets super biotic arms and a chance to become normal again after a devastating accident and then he says quot I never asked for thisquot

  • David Tarnawski

    Not enough gold filter

  • I Killed A Genie For This Cat

    Looks like someone flew to close to the sun

  • Soccercrazyigboman

    These people Adam they39re like ghosts

  • Murad Hasanov

    Hands down one of the best trailers in videogame history

  • MisiekThe1212

    still better than mankind divided

  • Bread Loaf

    3939I don39t even know whose side I39m on3939 Sounds more fitting in Mankind Divided

  • Maksim Ryabyh

    Господи ты боже мой этот трейлер божественен даже по меркам 2017 года

  • Nikita Marynich

    The last phrase quot It39s not the end of the world but you can see it from here quot gives me goosebumps What a trailer Its a shame that such a great game was a little bit overhyped due to one of the best trailers that gaming has ever seen

  • Albi Losha

    the moment at 145 is more than cinematic it39s poetic it39s perfectionAlways sends chills down my spineReally really outstanding job thereI39d love to see a Deus Ex movie

  • Shane Norton

    Best trailer of any sort of media of all time

  • Zac Lo

    Let39s face it 2027 isn39t going to be anything like this

  • MartianManHunter2258

    quotCorporations have more power the governmentquot Couldn39t be more true today Too bad the game was off by 10 years

  • Elay D

    I39ll be back here again 10 years from now

  • DomiTastyVideos

    Songs used in the trailer005 No Boundaries by King Hookiss147 Michael McCann Icarus

  • Aditya Hasan

    6 years till after the release didnt get old yet

  • Bartkus Productions

    Sometimes i just come here to watch this trailer Likea trailer can39t get any more badass than this period

  • Valt

    One of the best games ever

  • demonatemu

    208 quottechnological advancementquotgt perfect robutts

  • commander death

    Epic game completed it today on backwards compatible purchased the game for 150 also bought mankind divided Human revolution is one the best games I39ve ever played awesome story good visual world it39s completely awesome one of my new favourite franchise I missed this game back on 360 was probably playing something else at the time and it slipped the net but I39m so glad I got it on Xbox one backwards compatible 1010 Now I39ve got the new to complete mankind divided can39t wait

  • Weranda Zeller


  • Moangus PIckard

    Keanu Reeves for Adam Jensenjust like matrix but instead of green tint make it gold and black D

  • Ahmad Aslam

    After long long long time i was playing this game But Story will really our life world

  • Xenobiotic

    7 years and still no movie

  • EasyLee

    What does h3 mean

  • plainlake

    10 years to make this reality guys

  • Blissy G

    255 All that technological and scientific advancement and seemingly still no cure for male pattern baldness Things aren39t looking good for the forsaken ones amongst us Fml

  • Mason

    Трансгуманизм в кубе

  • Pretzel Stick

    This should be set in 50 years to be somewhat believable

  • damaniac82

    Overwatch39s Sombra spotted at 0418 D Yes i39m aware this is from 2010 but couldn39t resist to add this comment

  • Lee

    when I saw the the trailer for the first few seconds I was like quotwait is this the new Assassins Creed coming outquot

  • Oliver Morgan

    wow I am glad I got this for ps3

  • Kai Flood

    Why is Adam shown as Icarus

  • Bartkus Productions

    Hands down the best game trailer ever made

  • vrai ou faux

    curieux qu39on y fume encore et que l39on boive du Whysky

  • Vantagegreen1

    The trailer was an uplifting renaissance theme which would have been something new great and different The actual game was pessimistic

  • Nickelodeon81

    The glory of man would henceforth stretch on into the vanishing point of history

  • xXShaxterXx

    How come in HR Adam39s legs are normal but in MD his legs are augmented

  • alv2016

    amazing trailer stil on 2016

  • Damon Willis

    After 6 years this couldn39t be more beautiful

  • Vantagegreen1

    So sad the game didn39t lived up to this great trailer The storyline to the trailer was FANTASTIC The storyline to the game was so disappointing

  • Modak Ond

    Can somebody explain to me what was going on in the beginning