Tattoo Time Lapse - Steve Soto смотреть видео бесплатно

Sullen TV and Stencil Stuff present 'Tattoo Timelapse' with Steve Soto!

Music by: Matt Casket,,,,,,,,,
Дата: 2017-08-22 23:21:44

  • Young Saint Laurent

    Dammn this beat so fuckin cold I can see lil uzi vert travis scott Quavo and Thugga rip up this beat with Desiigner and Off Set doing ad libs

  • SullenTV

    Sullen TV and Stencil Stuff present 39Tattoo Timelapse39 with Steve SotoGoodfellas Tattoo stevesoto tattootimelapse sullentv sullen sullenclothing sullenartcollective tattoo tattoos tattooed art artist ink inked tattooartist tattooart tattooideas artdriven realism realistic machine clothing h2ocean eternal needle black grey blackandgrey color portrait painful pleasures opus waterloo stencil laink nyink miamiink inkmasters inkmaster tattoonightmares tattoorescue bestink tattootitans

  • Terrence Bozeman

    Damn love this I was looking forward to getting a tattoo like this

  • Brenda Says

    So intricate that39ll be a nice back piece Nice work Mr Soto

  • ItsGregTho

    I need him to do my tattoo

  • Tyler Le

    Really amazing art but FYI in asian cultures Chinese the statue is basically for guarding the house property

  • rahmanda hakim

    Insane where39s your studio located dude

  • gemini92406 r

    been a fan of sullen and the artists for many years Steve Soto is by far one of the greatest Always wanted to get work from him where would I find him and how far out is he booked getting black and Grey by him is on my bucket list

  • W Andrews

    Amazing work Steve Great lines

  • MrRaGGooK1llA

    Where the other one Don39t those come in pairs

  • Suicide Texas

    in 5 hours wow very fast it would take me all night to a piece like that

  • Steve Toma

    5hrs Damn this guy killed it That39s a really short amount of time to produce such a big piece of quality work Amazing work

  • Roberto Torres

    Dammmmmmmm smooth work wow

  • -Sir WESLEE-

    Was that a photo or original piece he drew

  • Ivan Castillo

    their product placement is suttle but obvious

  • Casey Fuler

    Nice work WHat kind of rotary machine is that

  • drew todd

    have a dick tattoo on my dick hoes get the double D

  • 1Faith1Fate

    Always so satisfying seeing a tattoo being made

  • Tyler powell

    I39m sure Steve is tired of the same ol shit but really wanted to see him busy some OG shit not a fu dog still huge fan of Steve and if I can ever hit the lotery he will be my first choice


    Nice How long to do this tattoo

  • Mauricio rivas rivas

    wonderful tattoo

  • Through The Looking Glass

    I want Steve to do a portrait on my hand I assume the best way to set up an appointment is to call the shop

  • AlfaPower

    300 hahahaha no pain spray LOLOL she dont deserve her tattoo

  • Roderick Mack

    That39s what39s up

  • AG WebMaster - A sua agência

    ja tem site preciso de um site de tatuage para colocar em meu portfolio vamos fazer essa parceria

  • pi, canela

    muito lokaaa um trampo assim aqui no brasil mais ou menos 2 mil

  • Roberto Torres

    keep coming back to this one

  • Mandy Garcia

    This is my best friend who sat like a champ it39s beautiful sugar tits

  • Claudia Morales

    what disposable is that I also have a bishop and was interested in the cartridge system but don39t like dealing with autoclaves rather use disposable and throw away after

  • Jaden Đặng

    5 hours what a tough guy

  • Richard Angus

    yup that39s the shit steve soto

  • jobson dantas

    CURTI TATTOO curti ai httpswwwfacebookcomdinhopowertattoo

  • buddystix

    WOW that is so cool looks great

  • jose1041996

    can anyone tell me what style of tattoo is this

  • Sebastián Atehortúa

    what does he use at 300

  • Lisa Kellett

    Great job Steve Soto Sullen TV amp Stencil Stuff