Rose tattoo - time lapse смотреть видео бесплатно

A rose on the hand,the tattoo took around two and a half hours with no breaks.I used 7RL and 0.25 13M as needles.
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Дата: 2017-05-27 16:38:52

  • Juan montañez

    The depth of the needle in these ereas of the body that the skin is very thin or in other areas of how much is the depth of the needle or what trick is there to know the depth of the needle in the body and how much of the bottom For a woman and how much for a man because the skin of a woman is not equal to a man39s wing If you can help me I39ll thank you very much

  • Jaycie Seland

    Amazing how just the shadows were able to make it realistic

  • Andro game br

    meu sonho fazer essa tatuagem a na mo

  • Ash Dawson

    I39ve got a rose on my hand and it was very painful but well worth the 2 hours it took to do it

  • Doroteo Sifuentes

    una en la puta mano pa Que v Que pendejada

  • Wesley Ribeiro

    nossa mano vou jogar uma dessa fico linda

  • Joseph 96

    is it okay if a guy gets a rose tattoo

  • Francisco Adriano Jesus Da

    Trampo foda vei

  • Roxy Mala

    isn39t that rose a google image or its his design

  • Muerte Y Dolor

    I want tatto in my hand but I39ve my veins very visibles There39s something problem with that

  • Angel-Lara Official

    I hope you look at the beautiful tattoo that I have the kiss of death and denle like AttBlueside cancun

  • Lisa Palmer

    amazing really loved it

  • TheKATTofficial

    looks rubbish pretty shitty one

  • Xaverius Jason

    the tattoo isn39t very good for me

  • Shantoye Henry

    This is sharp af great job

  • hector bolaños

    what is the name music

  • mohamed laamouri

    i want tatto like that but i don39t know how much cost

  • João 134

    eae florin eu queria saber se essa tattoo doi e tambm o preo

  • Sofia Santiago

    like quien a bla espaol

  • Michael Kelso

    That is a shitty rose I39ve seen better

  • Aurora

    that tattoo is beautiful When I39m old enough I39m totally going to get it

  • Sandra Schmutz


  • Tudo de Bom tdb

    fiz essa tatoo fko top

  • Alfie Willis


  • Hudson Gabriel

    pow muito louco a Tatoo boua mano

  • Jesse Moran

    I just got a rose tattoo yesterday and I love it it39s so clean and beautiful

  • Maksim Ravchuk

    You can sketch this tattoo

  • Villiencious

    I like how this was shot from the artists POV


    How much would that tattoo cost

  • Alejandro Ugarte

    Tengo que admitir que hizo un buen trabajo el tatuado esta vez pero el maraka que se hizo una rosa en lla mano jijijijjjsjsjsjjs pedaso de gayyyyyno tenes cara

  • wonz18

    Song Name JPB High

  • Eligo Ramirez

    thats where my dad got the tattos ah

  • Tragic

    i want to get the same one when i39m older but i just want to know do they hurt

  • Oscar Chijate

    I will get this one day

  • slick 69

    NICE And this comes from a person that has over 10 tattoos i L0ve Ink My work is Actually pretty Good I got A Rose myself

  • Katarina Dumbrovisk

    meu sonho uma tatto dessa

  • Monzerrat Gomez

    I really love that tattoo

  • j. antonio francisco

    quanto duas tatoo

  • Chief Lhordee

    Gettinf tattoo in between the fingers is panful asF bruh

  • Zeta - Shin

    es un asco el tatuaje deoss aprende a tatuar

  • bob nugent

    It might be a cool tat if he didn39t add those leaves at the top

  • Avondre Sims


  • Luis de la rosa

    mmm the imagen is realims but you job its very diferent

  • Tatiana Contreres

    043 what kind of pen was that

  • Paul Canovas

    beautiful i love the shading it makes the whole tatoo pop out

  • Shy Dragoness

    Love it Although I really loved how it looked without shading

  • Sabrina Ruskauff

    where are you located you do beautiful work

  • Queen is Op

    i like my tatt you dontk

  • Veetz Rose

    I don39t understand why someone would get this in this location when they don39t already have a sleeve It just looks off

  • Gobi

    Salut Faci absolut orice fel de tatuaj

  • Melly M.

    This Tattoo is amazingThanks for the Video