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25 most Amazing 3D tattoos ever
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in this video we are going to explore some of the greatest and most amazing 3d tattoos ever created.

25. do you feel like going out with this girl. she looks like her leg is made out of wood. i hope the other leg is the same.
24. this tattoo makes me want to grab this guy arm and stick my finger thought the holes. brilliant
23. alien attack from sinned your body. we will some more of these. fantastic tat, taking off your clothes could be a shock for the guy who undresses you.
22. one more black hole sucking my eyes into the abyss. i cannot take my eyes from this one.
21. the lion moth is so realistic, it scares the crap out of me. i wonder how does this one look like from the front, and not from the side.
20. ancient stone symbols, with dark motifs, rituals, and hidden messages. so hidden, you need a history teacher to decipher. secret cults theory one on one. pretty awesome though
19. i get the portraiture thing on the skin, but i think it takes some really passion for denzel to put him on the skin permanently. who would you tattoo on your body? i would do troy sivan.
18. innocent butterfly for a romantic chick. nice. she is on facebook if you pay attention
17. it is hardly for me to believe you can put a tattoo on your tong. i wonder how much it would hurt and what it would taste like. and perhaps, can you taste anything after?
16.you gotta have balls to have than on your face.it think this one is paint not a tat. question...would you kiss those lips?
15. innocent creepy girls on the back of your hand. pretty cool
14 5 hands covering the devil. is this some sort of good against evil struggle? just let the evil go free. can you notice how low this guy nipples are?
13. that is right. fantastic reflection on the guy's back of head. awesomeness raised to art
12. another chick trying to impress....and she succeeded. i think i saw her before.
11. another chick trying to shock when getting undressed. what would you feel like that eye staring at you all the time?
10. fantastic metal armour on the arm, it reminds me of medieval worriers protectors of the cross.
9. zombie skin coming off. let me tell you something people. if you want to be cool, just do one blunt tattoo, do not add more, as it is confusing.
8. this is probably intended to either scare vampires off, or the boyfriend. what do you think?
7. ancient sculpture coming together in on single work of art. well done man. do i see a six pack? that one is more difficult than the tat.
6. spiderman suit under the skin. pretty cool if you ask me.
5. ancient greek sculpture of Zeus, taken probably from a greek building or some sort.
4. this is to scare people coming from the back. pretty cool way to trap the devil inside.
3. is this the guy from Starwars, lord Sith or something. i am not so sure. can anyone help?
2. this is coming from the movie 3 hundred. King Leonidas, played by gerard butler. this is SPARTA...i feel wet from spit
1. number one today, innocent huge eye, with innocent cute girl. you know how i know this is a real motto and not body paint? i can see the plastic on the skin, which is a sign of fresh tattoo.

i hope you enjoyed our video on 25 of the most amazing tattoos ever
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