Deus Ex Mankind Divided Cinematic Trailer смотреть видео бесплатно

  • Fierce Saris

    quotHe never asked for this powerquotSeriously

  • PS4ZONE.RU - Igrovoe

    We never asked for this Music Not Authentic

  • _NoWakingUp_GANG_

    Why are people hating on the song used in this trailer I think it fits very well with that trailer

  • mauszx

    This song doesn39t even match the feel of the game

  • AndroidM4ngo

    Battlefield Hardline musicuhh

  • tra xanh

    is this battlefield hardline trailer music

  • FoShoMang

    All this hype I hope it doesn39t turn out to be like Crysis 3

  • Tyrone

    This song ruined the whole trailer

  • MegaEpicman25

    I think the beat kinda fits with the tone of the trailer

  • uxserdvghbjl

    People he has too muc power later in the game and there39s balancing issues But think of it as a philosophical thing and how this technology affects humans This is a story game Think of Icarus while playing the game

  • EonHSD

    Oh gaaawdI have to finish Hyper Light Drifter buy No Man39s Sky and play this all in one single month fuck

  • Halliwud P.

    I39m really concerned about this game39s performance It looks like it wold have some fps drops Hope I39m wrong

  • warren byrne

    I like the song kind of I only think and Logically think strong by Daft punk is more appropriate for this type of game

  • DeathmetalIndian

    nope still not letting them get away with that preorder bullshit this song sucks there39s probably gonna be a 9gb day one patch nope

  • Logan Gius

    IMO the song sounds perfect for this game

  • Ideki

    What39s that song

  • Diabetes Know your risk.

    Battlefield hard line buzzing

  • NotReallyMatt

    This is Some Badass Shit

  • Général Holas

    la cinmatique n39 rien voire avec la merde qui va tomber sur le nez la vache depuis E3 vous tes vraiment obliger de faire sa

  • Paulo Eduardo

    Not the best choice of music I do hope that the final trailer do come with the same type of music that this game is known for

  • Natie Alban

    The songs called jungle lyrics

  • John Burnett

    What39s up with all the I never asked for this memes

  • Arturo Banda

    what is the song called

  • ManiacX1999

    Why the complaints over the music It fits just fine

  • TheEnderManGamers

    The song makes me want to drown in bleech

  • Tastefulavenger

    quotI never asked for thisquot adam jensen 2011

  • Justin Martin

    trailer for mainstream gamer advertising not the fans

  • A D

    Great game crappy music for Deus Ex

  • drupiROM

    I really dislike the song

  • Hrimthur666

    God that shitty music really doesnt fit at all to the gameHowever this is a dayonepurchase for me I loved and still love Human Revolution this will hopefully be a comparable experience Looking forward

  • Trumpet of Jericho

    That music choice is horrifying

  • ryo joshua

    did they just said quot day of sex quot

  • The Douglaz

    Why is everyone getting butthurt over this song it39s a great song and to me it matches it perfectly to the feel of the game

  • Jacob Frye

    dis trailer is fukin corny quothe never ask for this powerquot wtf and this song don39t go with this game

  • Jackie Logan

    I39ll be expecting more from this game

  • Manu Away

    anyone can tell me the name of the song

  • Andres Gerardo

    como se llama la cancin

  • respect PK

    C quoi le titre de la music

  • Qwerty Bastard

    Eww GTFOH with that music