HUMAN REVOLUTION - DEUS EX - SHORT FILM смотреть видео бесплатно

Directed by Moe Charif.

Behind The Scenes:

Based on the video game Deus Ex Human Revolution, the film dives into the world of Adam Jensen, a Sarif industries' security consultant that gets augmented after an incident that almost took his life away. Although the film doesn't follow the narrative of the game exactly, it remains true to the theme while focusing on the relationship between Adam Jensen, and his ex girlfriend Megan Reed, a scientist hand picked by Serif Industries to head Cybernetic Augmentations. Megan is taken by the Illuminati and is asked to assist them in turning on a mysterious device but she refuses to cooperate. Jensen has been looking for Megan since she was kidnapped and has finally pinpointed her location. Adam faces a complication that he did not account for; Yelena Federova, an Augmented assassin is at the facility where Megan is being held. The film also taps, even if briefly, into Adam's mind and the struggle he must face on daily basis.

Adam Jensen: Moe Charif - @moecharif
Megan Reed: Liannet Borrego - @liannetborrego
Yelena Fedorova: Shayna Nicole E'orio
Page: Antoni Corone
Written and Directed by Moe Charif
Produced by: Moe Charif and Giovanni Mancini
Director of Photography: Angel Barroeta
Visual Effects: Mauro Rondan
Stylist: JR Martinez - Costume Design: JR Martinez | Gordon Tarpley
Stunt Choreographer/2nd UnitDirector: Juan C. Bofill

Full Cast and Crew credits:
Дата: 2017-08-24 00:30:56

  • KarmaTootie

    Black guy dies first lol but seriously this was fantastic Can39t believe this was a fan effort the special effects were just wow


    BRAZZERS PRESENTSSame style though

  • Glampkoo

    lol aimbot and wallhack what a loser

  • Kim Sanderhoff

    I39m kind of glad the evil girl survived She was cool

  • Zorro del Demonio

    Rihana should have played Fedorova xD

  • Malik Terry

    What39s with all the leather why is it in any movie about the future everyone wears leather

  • Autumn Aurora

    Cyborg lady is hot God damn

  • Dana Scroggins

    pro tip if She39s wearing heels the fight you39re in for a doozy

  • case armitage

    Cant believ Megan got died

  • Hans Von Witzland

    Damn we should have had a mini series

  • Ak47

    Fantastic More must be done Love the series


    I can39t take it seriously Megan is too much of a phatglutton

  • Jim Street

    They should make a live action Deus Ex series for Netflix

  • Morkymoose

    That actor has a terrible Adam Jensen voice Sounds nothing like him

  • Arch Enemy

    39Pritchard im seeing yellow again3939I thought you asked for thatquot39No I never asked for thisquotHAHAHAHAHA that killed me

  • Rijwan Sh

    what the name of movie post here movie Linkin Hindi dubbed

  • Manuel DaSilva

    Hi does anyone know how I cna reach Mauro Rondan for VFX work

  • ExarPalantas

    You will soon have your gods You will make them with your own hands

  • Oozora Tsubasa

    federova is bonnie rotten in badass version

  • Garantia COBIA

    The girl in black should be in my bedroom

  • SORiN

    wow that was stupid

  • Earthanasia

    I think Megan39s chest is augmented

  • John Butch

    Good movie but Megan was actually in on everything with Bob Paige the whole time

  • Steven R

    Good thing Megan had time to do her make up before being tied up and tortured

  • xin0

    are you sure this is Deus Ex not SyndicateP

  • Primr

    Hope you guys liked Human Revolution Check out some behind the scenes here HUMAN REVOLUTION Directed by MOE CHARIF Behind the Scenes

  • Very good

    Hey this was actually pretty good Most of these shortfilms are awful

  • qwanom

    That39s a terrible makeup

  • Kandela Brown

    What39s with the stupid makeup

  • Nashoba Kenway

    Why isnt this a full length motion picture film

  • Jan N.

    so much killing NotMyAdamJensen

  • i dote

    they just had to strip her and duct tape her like really


    i haven39t played the game so i can39t say anything about how authentic the characters are to the game but damn this was good like holy shit it was good WOW

  • ZioCesco89


  • Eggnificent

    Not quite Megan Reed39s persona as she willingly joined TYM but as a standalone piece this was great

  • DiscoClam

    I swear these 15 minute fan films based on game franchises are almost always better than everything Hollywood has tried to do

  • Ale Db

    quotRest in peace MeganquotquotYeah RIPquot

  • Wrath45

    Yoo I can39t believe this was 2 years ago man this looks good there needs to be more wow great job He looks39s just like Jensen I39D so watch this as a movie or series

  • HKMediaChicago

    Goddamn the ladies are just fine

  • WeaponizedPanda

    Wow This looks just great Awesome job guys

  • Enter the Bully

    Absolutely fantastic I want more

  • Johnny Lobster

    On my life your actors aint shit

  • Rusty Bryant

    Considering this is fan made its good

  • pt1115

    Spectacular And Yelena is perfect

  • solrave123

    quotRobocop isn39t comingquotto which Megan would respond quotWho the fuck is robocopquot because as far as she knows when she39s kidnapped Adam Jensen is dead and certainly doesn39t have any augmentsDid they even play the game

  • Gonzo8174

    517 min Crysis meets Wolverine D

  • Ball Evangelista

    I loved the video I39m Brazilian and I love God x a great producer would stay in the kitchen near you congratulations for the great work if this full movie was released it would be box office champion in the world I would even watch it a couple of times congratulations

  • A Hybrid

    That39s a lot of Boob for Megan

  • Bandos7

    HiFantastic short movie Its really awesome team I like it so much Thanks

  • karimkopra

    madison ivy is megan reed this game keep surprising me D

  • Woogoo336

    That adam had more of a Gordon Freeman look lol

  • haus20

    Moe Charif sound like David Sarif lol Very cool Video Awesome