Tower of Guns -- Launch Trailer | PS4, PS3 смотреть видео бесплатно

Tower of Guns is an old-school first person shooter, coming to PS4 and PS3 on April 7th. Tower of Guns is a pure FPS experience, with old school gameplay, stylish graphics, tons of weapons, mods, abilities, and perks and huge bosses to fight.
Дата: 2017-08-24 00:24:38

  • Sonic Gaming

    the outside did not make it in the final game sad

  • Random Ron

    Inb4 the indie game hate parade

  • Corey Sharrow

    This game is addicting and hard at times I love how it reminds me of quake and unreal The best part is that one guy made this game

  • Mychael Muller

    devia ser proibido vender jogo a sim affs

  • Dawn Weeks

    lies this game is terrible

  • Poncho

    Jeez I can39t remember the last time I played an oldschool FPS This is gonna be great

  • HaterPotater

    Doesn39t look that bad actually

  • Justin Froese

    Reminds me of Ziggurat on steroids with a Borderlands skin Looks like it could be fun

  • The Trust

    Do we need to wait till april 7th for our monthly games

  • Marc Norton

    Every friggin39 channel has April Fools stuff instead of realoh this IS a real game You39re serious Goddamn ugh

  • MrWhiteProductions

    crappier version of borderlands

  • Librask

    Doom Isaac Michael bay

  • Kevin Dreslin

    Looks like Borderlands without any of the story

  • Em0SceneStabr

    If only the game had some kind of splitscreen or online multiplayer gtgt

  • Damion Lawson

    Looks like a funmindless crank some tunes and zone out game

  • Macker2298

    looks fun i39ll give it a go on the 8th

  • Madrid_1969

    Quakeunreal tournamentbordelands

  • Juan Amaya

    I love procedural generated gameees and an FPS for a change I love it

  • RogueDesistari

    Looks like it could have been even more awesome with coop even then it looks awesome

  • Golden Graham

    literallly just viewed this video to use the new sandstorm button at the bottom right corner

  • spongebelt

    Idk why Sony couldn39t just say Close enough Here are your games now Sony has to be so proper Lol

  • Noni Mulyana

    just shoot everything that moves

  • Kieran Lancaster

    I thought it looked alright but now it39s put me off Seems a bit ragey and I39m not sure if I should get it with ps plus or not Vita games seem alright though

  • Real-Time Pwnage

    Just waiting for the ps store to update so I can make a few let39s play of this D

  • Nico G

    Free to play 1999 spare life 1 FOR THE PRICE OF 3

  • Matthew Mac

    Modern age Duke Nukem without the aliens

  • Xxx Xxx


  • ReezyReHD

    Is it fair to say that the music makes this video good

  • Tyler- Drwatsonlll

    kind of excited to see how a roguelike fps is gonna work out

  • Dylan Dog

    I39m installing it now so her goes nothing

  • Shawn Mahoney

    Haha borderlands on acid Thats a good one

  • Richard Maquinales

    Reminds me of the last flag ship on mario 3 cant wait

  • mr. Mazen

    i want this on my ps1 plz remaster it

  • AlchemistxBankai

    If only it was multiplayer The only time I play games now is with friends

  • Captain Obvious

    Too bad Xbox Live Gold April lineup is better

  • drabnail777

    Well there only seems to be about 3 guns

  • Marcel Bauer

    worse borderlands and better painkiller in one

  • tbogost

    Old school style looks fun Does anyone know if this game has local or online coop

  • chelseagrin24

    This actually looks pretty good

  • GrizzlySpitterz

    This is next gen at its best

  • G Yalcin

    This looks like Borderlands and Serious Sam combined

  • geo man

    Quake mixed with borderlands NOICE

  • EBlueProductions

    This game was made by one man developer btw

  • TechWorldHD

    RetroPs2 style like it

  • Chris G

    Please make this coop

  • Chris Wignall

    i feel like this game is insanely hard maybe i just suck or something

  • MarioX1818

    guys what the name of the song when you click the add music button

  • neoplasm888

    Reminds me of Quake looks good

  • Ninjatogo

    Pretty short game Managed to finish it in under an hour on quotRoll the Dicequot mode

  • Paul maldonado

    Reminds me of serious sam

  • Greg Myers

    Looking forward to derping my way through this free ps4 title

  • Matthew0606X1999

    I have this game on Ps4 and I really like it It39s a throwback to the 90s shooters and it just has a certain charm to it

  • The Autism Detector

    Doesn39t have the word 39Call39 110000000 IGN

  • Shaxxadelic

    Eh Looks cool though

  • Ragnaruq

    worst psplus game so far

  • Lexware

    I know how they got the footage at the beginning of the video of the entrance of the tower If you fall off of the Battlements with the quotlift ticketquot perk you will finish the stage and will be sent to the Village Joe will be confused as usual and will explain how this messes up the game This is because of the fact that you have to start from the bottom but with more badges higher health an early gun mod and more importantly a higher difficulty Another side affect is the occurrence of the quotTogoArenaquot appearing even in Normal or Dice Roll mode I can39t exactly remember what it was called This is because of the game39s programing stating that the TogoArena appears after every seven floors I hope that helped or at least made a cool trick to show your friends