Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - Augmented Mural смотреть видео бесплатно

Jim Vision, renowned London street artist, has revealed his latest creation at the Old Custard Factory in Birmingham where the 65 ft tall Adam Jensen towers over the streets sporting the trademark Deus Ex Icarus Wings.

Дата: 2017-07-20 17:47:25

  • Reis Goktug

    just one more 1 day can39t wait man

  • shubham saxena

    I am so hyped Yes few hours left lol

  • Andrew St

    I just realized the lights are meant to represent his wings such as in the last game Pretty cool stuff

  • KATintheBLACK

    That is amazingI39m so hyped

  • calvin921023

    The finishing touch with those lights was pretty neat Definitely eyecatching

  • Kim Jhin

    Splendidly done Get on the hype train guys it39s just next day

  • Aled Thomas

    I want to go to sleep so then I can wake up tomorrow and pick up my collector39s edition but I39m not tired damn it

  • MrFiremagnet

    Adam Jensen died for your sins

  • CimInc

    Game is preloaded just waiting for steam to let me play

  • Jamie Mannell

    Great stuff This should be awesoooome

  • HS|HighScore

    Maybe next project Deus Ex 1 Remake VR Edition

  • Venom Snake

    55 hours remainingI CAN39T FUCKING WAIT

  • Elena Carr

    Can39t wait for this Seems like a lifetime waiting for the latest deus ex happy to see the awesome reviews

  • zeus anoxia

    Deus Ex why do EU steam players have to wait an extra 18 hours for the game to be unlocked

  • Nadia G.


  • Nicholas Squires

    The dislike was from an Illuminati

  • Augure Zera

    How is this augmented It39s an ugly mural with LED Fuck you for this disgusting false advertisement cancelling my order

  • Tyler Yates

    Still another 24 hours for UK at least that39s what Steam says

  • Gabo the MiniGaben

    14 hours to go14 until I can torture myself with I39ve never asked for this difficulty

  • Lukyz

    Why won39t you make something like this in Prague when game take place in it

  • Lee Vincent

    Had to look up what Mural meant lol

  • xenkawaii

    this building is located right between 2 pot stores zen edgbaston and hedz up lmao

  • Andriej69

    If you guys spent all money on this instead of polishing the game I39ll be fucking pissed

  • JDauntless The Protagonist

    The fight for freedom starts tomorrow

  • Alir X

    In Russia already 23d aug But steam says 22 hours left Damn

  • RaptorJesús

    Oh yea Just 1 more hour and i can Play it



  • Vitaliy Kakovko

    Хвaтит тaк жить Нaдо бoгoться

  • TorturedSoul76

    that was cool not all I need is the game

  • vanroz24

    I won39t let it happend again

  • Anel Zadic

    Deus Ex music so hype

  • Rina R. N.

    AmazingI was hoping for something like the Raiden mural in Leeds a few years ago then here it is

  • Cookies90

    Very good i really like it

  • The Wolf

    one day more and my 5 month old pain shall vanish


    ive waited 3 years for this

  • skybolt775

    I want those glasses the artist uses

  • Pendleton 115

    Wow that39s amazing

  • GraffSpotting Graffiti Urbex

    We were so lucky to be involved in the making of this It39s a shame we have only one video up more coming soon promise

  • Jaysclan

    i39m playing it right now and It39s awesome

  • Clucking Chicken

    Not enough yellow paint

  • MattPhoenix1997

    006 Please say those glasses are real And if so shut and take my money

  • navas015

    i was hyped pre ordered this junes 15th 2015 now after watching this i want to go all augmented and shit to steal a copy right now xd

  • ShadowNic94

    Absolutely Amazing Beautiful work Jim So very hyped for tomorrow1 question 006 Is that something he did in editing or are there really goggles that do that Either way it looks so good

  • It's Ted

    This is SO COOL I can39t wait for tomorrow

  • LazärheaD

    I wanna play so bad Everyone says it39s really good

  • Lord Daedalus

    I39m going to buy that building now