Deus Ex The Missing Link Speedrun in 15:25 смотреть видео бесплатно

Deus Ex The Missing Link speedrun in 15:25 (FullHD). PLEASE NOTE: this run is really outdated by now and can be performed much quicker.

Done in 10 segments, difficulty is "Give me Deus Ex" (hard).

Segment 1, from the first animation skip to the boat deck.
-Done in 1:18
-I install the cloak aug and the leg aug and upgrade both of them.

Segment 2, from the deck to the C.I.C.
-Done in 0:29
-"Someone is running".

Segment 3, from the C.I.C to the Loading Bay 2.
-Done in 1:21
-This is the first segment where I use the typhoon glitch. It can be done faster and the segment may be reduced by 3sec. The security scans are very slow, so I'm going to skip as many as possible.

Segment 4, from the Loading Bay 2 to the Rendez-vous point.
-Done in 0:52
-This one was a bit tricky. I have to jump from the loading bay door as early as possible, without taking any fall damage. I need the health for that jump from the containers. Although the auto-turret sees me, I still get my ghost bonus.
-UPDATE: I just realized that the rendez-vous can be skipped. Danggit.

Segment 5, from the Rendez-vous point to the 2nd security scan
-Done in 1:33
-I buy 5 typhoon ammos and all the energy bars from Quinn.
-This is the only segment where I had to save the progress. All of the other segments are auto-saved (checkpoints).

Segment 6, from the 2nd security scan to the Morgue.
-Done in 1:40
-I use the typhoon glitch twice, to skip both security scans.

Segment 7, from the Morgue to the top of the Secret elevator.
-Done in 2:00
-I use the double typhoon glitch to go to the other side of the elevator door.
-I jump through the elevator shaft and activate Icarus at the last second to avoid the animation.
-I have all the time I want to pick up those items, because I have to wait for the transmission to end.

Segment 8, from the top of the Secret elevator to the Detention camp.
-Done in 1:29
-This one was a nightmare. So many re-runs. I'll just say that the hitboxes in this game are far from accurate.
-Another typhoon glitch to bypass the security scan.

Segment 9, from the Detention camp to the Loading Bay 3.
-Done in 3:05
-Major mistake here. I don't need the rebreather aug. I was going to use it for the boss fight, but then I didn't. Oh well, there goes 1sec.
-That last security scan cannot be skipped, or the boss fight won't be triggered.

Segment 10, from the Loading Bay 3 to the last skipped animation.
-Done in 1:37
-Burke dies in 23sec.

This run can be improved, and sub-15min is possible.
-- The End --
Дата: 2017-03-29 04:19:20

  • Rotkäppchen

    whenever you use the glitch with the typhoon could you also use the quotStep back drop boxquot way or is there an actual difference

  • Buterbrodnyy Korol'

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  • Udy Takou

    15 минут человек с руками 15 часов илья

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    У меня нормально получилось спридран хороший мэд хуй

  • Snyde

    Awesome run dude Really clever thinking

  • Bingus Dingus

    LOL he threw a box at a door and it just floated in midair for a second

  • GuerillaManifesto

    I think the typhoon clip was patched when you do the elevator skip to get to kavanaugh I can39t do it and I39ve tried many many times

  • Paran01ac

    Thank you for DEHR and TML Will we see announce of the next DE game on E3 P

  • nikomo

    Those are the most insecure security checks that I39ve seen so far

  • enigmaxaero

    Typhoon your way to victory JensenHaven39t been this entertained since HL2DQ Congrats

  • No Luls Deep Meme

    The icarus upgrade was excellent

  • Thomas Z

    If you can just jump over the stupid loading scan things than why the hell are they even in the game They are so annoying

  • ThePrimith

    I know it39s a good speed run when I start laughing my ass off at the ways you exploit the game or even break it in half

  • Antoine Thisdale

    Speedrun of the main game please be gentle

  • dethmaul

    lol at the crate getting jammed diagonally in the doorway And I39m always impressed when people find a way to clip through a whole levelMy speedrun of the first LEVEL of Deus Ex 1 took 6 damn minutes Nice

  • Amoirealinge

    Hi I39m happy to hear you liked my speedrun I had a great time trying to figure out how the engine works and finding all of those shortcuts Thank you for your awesome work on DXHR and stay tuned for a speedrun of the main game hopefully

  • Shade0591

    Thank you for making a great sequel to my favorite game of all time Also thanks for the fridges

  • DngnRdr

    How about a legit no glitch exploits speedrun time What39s your best for that

  • Antoine Thisdale

    Dude You have completely destroyed over 6 months of painstaking work blood and sweat Very impressive to see you go through TML so quickly I39m really happy you enjoyed our game so much Thank you for sharing this

  • James Murphy

    If this is how fast Adam does everything no wonder his chick broke up with him

  • Nettacki

    The Deus Ex FB page approves

  • neotailz

    quotSomeone39s runniquot stunned

  • Tony Mateo

    that was impressive

  • stalkerruz

    And one beer at the end

  • dragonlord68

    That was pretty damn impressive Amazing even Great timing with the Icarus upgrade and I loved the part where you rolled the fire extinguisher under the lasers

  • Amoirealinge

    The game doesn39t want you to use the typhoon if you are standing close to a wall So it will move your character before the typhoon animation starts But if there is an object in front of you the game cannot do that After the typhoon animation is done it will place you in the nearest quotsafequot spot which happens to be the ceiling of the security scan

  • Amoirealinge

    I don39t have those dlcs but I39d guess that they are in one of the quotbigfile000quot or patch0000 binaries that you can find in the steamapp folder I39d start by comparing those with someone else39s to see whether there is a difference

  • T David ne possède plus de

    None of this long time and rage appears in the video Evidence you39ve done it very well Congratulations bratan

  • TheExpatpom

    What39s with the Typhoons in the scanning chambersloading screen covers Looks like you39re using some kind of glitch to get past them faster

  • TopTierAction

    I want to redo my Human Revolution speedrun but I don39t know how to take out the explosive and tactical DLC to get a lower time Great run btw

  • Amoirealinge

    That39d have been hilarious

  • auric180

    I thought it will activate some kind of dialog with the guy who said he would have a drink with him

  • auric180

    What39s the beer for

  • auric180

    This proves augmentations are dangerous to civilisation security

  • auric180

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  • Patrick21297

    Wow good run Came from rdeusex

  • Amoirealinge

    I39m kindof hoping someone else would do it Planning a speedrun takes a lot of time and I have to admit there was also a lot of rage involved on this one