11 Minutes of New Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Gameplay - Gamescom 2016 смотреть видео бесплатно

Check out a bunch of new gameplay from Square's sequel to Deus Ex.

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Дата: 2017-08-22 23:28:05

  • Sreyash Gudavalli

    quotMaking divided too much typoquot 7810ign

  • aquaticpimp

    I39m so amped to play this game

  • Spar10Leonidas

    I have seen at least three or four different playthroughs of this section I don39t think that this qualifies as quotnew gameplayquot

  • robert rice

    Can39t wait for Making Monkey39s Divided

  • Fay kol

    Oh IGN you39re a special kind of stupid aren39t you

  • Yahya Jamshed

    Lets hope the pc version is goodSo hyped but tense about pc

  • Muhammad Umer

    there is a severe problem with the lip sincing

  • wesler218

    seriously the only thing keeping me from buying this is the bad scene transitions when entering a takedown

  • Hathur

    Yikes measured 18 fps during the whole landing animation

  • MetalHead Pikachu

    The frame rate dropped harder than the twin towers

  • oOoHCGoOo

    Wow the sounds on those guns are incredible

  • 倪传历

    The graphics are not the best but who really cares honestly I was a little turned off by HR39s underwhelming visual but ended up adoring that game There was rarely a game could rival Human Revolution39s intricacy when it comes to level design and there39s no reason to expect anything less from this one if not more Bring it on I can39t wait to play it

  • Randy Nelion

    I hope this is good It looks so promising I don39t know what to get it for tho

  • MTGPlayer10

    I have a feeling that all of these little collectibles metal scrap credit chips etc is going to get me discoveredkilled a lot I39m a sucker for getting the hiddenhard to reach stuff in games

  • YeshuaisShekinah

    BS editpalooza if you can39t game then stop with thes filthy casual videos and get apro

  • Brasco

    Is this game good to get for PC or console

  • MACKEM_uk

    is there a dedicated button to remove the sunglasses

  • Michael Chapman

    just make it3rdPERSON ALREADY FFS

  • ZingsVideos

    Hours away I39m so excited I just peed a little

  • Artorias

    This is not a new gameplay All was shown before

  • TheAngryCanary

    I39m not gonna lie some sweet game mechanics right there

  • Andrew Jordan

    This is what the new one looks like Eww

  • jonathan smith

    Deus ex Mankind Divorced Not divided

  • khamza111

    Oh god they really screwed up the actual quotczechquot aspect of this gameBuka blokCell blockSeriously Not to mention the everpresent russian accents

  • antonne walker

    is this the pc version i can tell it stutters a little D

  • smokebomb.exe


  • Simon Dimes

    this is deus ex on steroids

  • kk28262484

    New to this series When I saw the AlphaBetaOmega on the alignment analysis panel I was like 39 WTF is ABO universe doing here39 XD

  • Xtremenator2

    What are some better game news channels to follow I only come here for IGN because its all I really know

  • Tommy Berger

    Couple small things the voice acting isn39t the best and the lip syncing is off drastically

  • Charles Harwood

    Why tf would these dumb people get robotic limb replacements in the first place I can understand if they lost one of them and needed it but if it39s to make you better then I would suggest that if this does happen in the future that people can only get robotic prosthetic if they need them not just for fun

  • Lazurkri

    this isn39t actual legit gameplay its purely trying to jack up the hype don39t believe me Look at how damn smooth every movement is which is 100 not what really happens when someone is playing

  • spoot

    I hope whoever is doing the mouth movements doesn39t have much else on their schedule it needs tweaking It39s getting there but at the moment it feels unnatural

  • aleaallee

    omfg the weapon customization i39m definitely buying this piece of art

  • TheBlackbirdii

    what version is this have bad framerates

  • Mike Man

    Now people the misspell is a sign from the universe that IGN is the worst gaming group or whatever it is I MEAN HOW CAN YOU MISSPELL SOMETHING THATS BIG ON THE DAMN TITLE ITS DEUS EX MANKIND DIVIDING I MEAN LIKELIKE HOW MikeManexe has stopped working

  • AjB Gaming

    why the black screen before the executions or take downs completely breaks the immersion makes it feel like the player isn39t actually doing the act but watching a cut scene

  • Krontok

    Seriously though how hard is it to get the title of your video correct This happens WAY to often on this channel

  • aperturesciencegames

    Man this Game looks good not in a quotmmm I love your chromatic aberration girlquot boorish kind of way not that stuff isn39t important but that it looks like a lot of thought went into making everything look distinct and interesting

  • sergey trud

    Честно говоряв визуальном планеигра не изменилась ни капелькиТехнология копия прошлой частиНо мне пофиг

  • kemuael

    211 she has lovely Eyes and i like her Glasses411 she has lovely eye as well and i like her Accent

  • Daath Gnosis

    So this is the new world order future and nobody even comments on it talk about idiots

  • Dweebenheim

    I really like the updates on the character animation quality In the last game a lot of them were very strange looking and eventually became recycled many many times making it goofy But the character interactions and animations look very fluid and realistic I39m also glad they ditched the piss filters and piss colored interfaces I preordered the game upon announcement and this is the first gameplay I39m watching I39m so excited for this now

  • Mr. Mojo Risin'

    I don39t think this is going to hold up to the Deus Ex name HR and especially the original Many design decisions just seem ridiculously idiotic I don39t want free skill points by playing your GO game because that means the game becomes unbalanced And who the hell wants that other dumb gamemode They don39t seem to know what Deus Ex is

  • TheEquilibrum007

    Is it me but the fps looks a bit laggy especially when shooting

  • sag1432

    i heard this game would have a third person gameplay to anybody know if thats true

  • Crag B

    ign talked me into spending my money on no man39s sky instead I could have had this Terrible U lot new

  • thedatatreader

    Autocorrect strikes again

  • Big gay Al

    Wouldn39t call year old gameplay new

  • Hunter Jarrett

    Man this game looks like trash

  • SH4D0WXR33CONt1

    Either going to be the best or most disappointing game of the second half of 2016

  • Denzel Romero

    The takedown animations are so boring Not hyped at all

  • Bl1ndGun

    I39ve seen better lip syncing in English Dubbed Kung Fu movies Ill take a pass on this game

  • Antonio Cobb

    Is it me or my phone was going slow could the video couldn39t do 60 fps That39s a bad sign already

  • mAcroFaze

    626 one thing that always removes immersion slightly is when characters don39t react to things Guy gets a blade shot right through him and the other guy tied to the chair doesn39t bat an eyelid in regards to what the hell39s just happenedRegardless I39m PUMPED for this game

  • Mickey Santos

    i just dont understand why did not make it a full time 3rd person shooter if most of the actions is 3rd PS

  • The Flaming Pike

    The game looks dated It looks like it was made 3 or 4 years ago and I39m being kind here I bought Human Revolution on day 1 and I enjoyed it but at the end I felt like the game lacked many elements Seems like this one is going to be similar Too similar

  • JacMaciag

    Prague sounds very russian in the future


    Year 2029 I39d say it39s more like 2229

  • Jonathan0sterman

    Jesus Christ with the 30 second ads let us skip

  • Rauni RR

    That facial animation is shitty af the voices clearly doesn39t fit the personas

  • PS4Addiction

    This game is not worth 45 pounds I wish it had online

  • Mohannad Al-Shareef

    I love these few mins gameplay vidoes often prevents me from making a stupid purchase D

  • Châu Quỳnh Phạm

    Keanu Reeves would be perfect for a Deus Ex movie

  • unifieddynasty

    quotYou must submit to an identification scanquotOh alright simmer down there Borat

  • Tanveer Cheema

    movements when they are speaking look choppy

  • Donutchap

    Lip sync looks terrible

  • thcollegestudent

    I don39t think just pure shooting videos really show us what Deus Ex has to offer